Letters to the Editor


Andrew Scheer deserves to be our next Prime Minister

Andrew Scheer delivered what was undoubtedly his most important Speech as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada to a crowd of 3000 very enthusiastic delegates in Halifax on Friday and they have every reason to be enthusiastic. He showed himself to be bright, articulate, genuine and humble, all excellent qualities for any aspiring leader. For fifty-five minutes he was able to keep the interest of the crowd with a well thought out speech covering key issues of concern to Canadians such as the infamous carbon tax, immigration, the endless degradation of our rich Canadian heritage and tax relief for the working Canadian. At the same time we got a little better insight into the man himself, his roots and his vision for the country. It was a brilliant, well focused address.

He was able to clearly contrast himself from Justin Trudeau as someone better able to relate to the daily pressures of the ordinary working Canadian by sharing his humble roots growing up in a large family. This is not a man with an “entitlement” mentality. Justin Trudeau has done nothing to distinguish himself from the diminished view most Canadians have of the Senate and their “entitlement” mentality. The Dawson report revealed that Trudeau broke federal ethics law in at lest four different ways in his famous holiday at the Aga Khan’s Bahamian retreat.
The recent election of Doug Ford in Ontario, expected election this Spring of Jason Kenny in Alberta, Conservative governments already in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, successful Conservative by-elections in Quebec and expected gains in Atlantic Canada have to be giving Liberals a few sleepless nights. In 2019 Canadians will have the opportunity to remove a Liberal government that has chosen a highly ideological path at the expense of ordinary Canadians and our economy. Look no further than the total rejection of the Kathleen Wynne Liberals in Ontario The “real change” JustinTrudeau promised never happened.

By Guest Column -- Gerald Hall- Sunday, August 26, 2018

When is a Fable Not a Fable?

Many children’s fables equate in a metaphoric way; applied to every day personal, public and political happenings.

The mainstream media is “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” translating into fake news. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has become the big bad wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”, hoping to trap the President in his witch hunt, to devour him without justification.

Two of the “Three Little Pigs” reflect millennial life styles, ending up living in the third one’s cellar, because they don’t believe all work and no play makes jack. They don’t have a pot to go in but never cease to demand.

See how many of Aesop’s Fables in attachment below, you can apply by how you perceive some events of the day.

Aesop’s Fables - Online Collection

By George Giftos - Friday, August 10, 2018

Quit Paris Treaty.

Tony Abbott is right – Australia should quit the Paris Climate Treaty.

China, India, Russia, Brazil, South Africa and Indonesia will ignore Paris. USA has already quit and Japan even withdrew from the Kyoto Treaty. Germany will fail to meet its obligations and Poland will not try very hard. France relies heavily on nuclear power and naturally supports imposing Paris handicaps on competitors.

Australia has huge coal, gas, oil and uranium resources. To export these, while we hobble our industries with windmill power, is insane.

By Viv Forbes - Thursday, July 5, 2018

Discourse around minor children who either accompany parents who enter our country illegally

The discourse around minor children who either accompany parents who enter our country illegally, or worse, are sent here unaccompanied,  has gotten out of hand. Democrats are playing the sympathy card while totally ignoring some important facts. They are not here legally. There is a prescribed procedure for asylum seekers. The decisions that caused them to be where they are was made by their parents.

What is happening to our south is tragic. No question. But as European countries have learned the hard way, we can’t take everyone in. One way to eliminate the problem is to prevent their entry in the first place. Once the smugglers and cartels get that message the problem would be solved, much like issuing speeding tickets in troublesome areas, it is proven to deter speeding. But as long as we don’t have a clear policy and enforce it, the problem will continue.

Please, Congress, do the hard work. Please citizens, be open to compromise. We have avoided fixing this for too long and the results of that procrastination is tearing us apart.

By Guest Column -- Malcolm Williams- Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Political correctness and double standards will be the fall of America

When I tuned in on today’s Washington press briefing, I thought Sarah Saunders fell into a shark tank during a feeding frenzy. A reporter from Playboy Magazine, Brian Karem, following the usual bias of CNN’s Jim Acosta, went ballistic over her response of following the law involving the separation of children from the adults accompanying them at the border, who are illegal intruders.

By George Giftos - Sunday, June 17, 2018

I guess I’m one of those mindless, Trump loving conservatives

I guess I’m one of those mindless, Trump loving conservatives who needs it spelled out for me because I’m truly not getting it. What is wrong with renegotiating or cancelling deals that aren’t in our country’s best interest? And what is wrong with seeking peace on the Korean Peninsula? Times have changed, a fact that liberals point out regularly on things like the relevance of our Constitution or confederate statues or immigration policies. There are some things one would think we could agree on, eliminating or containing the threat of nuclear war ought to be such an issue. It has got to be difficult to build trust when the other sides sees such distrust

within our own borders. Like him or hate him, our President is a great negotiator. I wish the media would go silent on the Korean issue and let the 2 men try to work thing out.

By Guest Column -- Lyman Williams- Thursday, June 14, 2018

Unable to find it in their hearts to give President Trump any credit whatsoever

Unable to find it in their hearts to give President Trump any credit whatsoever, the Trump haters are obsessing about the one thing that they think wasn’t covered adequately in the negotiation with North Korea, that being their human rights violations which are many and horrendous. The first point is that those detractors weren’t there.

But more importantly, an open and freer No. Korea will automatically prevent much of those violations while at the same time making the entire world safer. Building trust and causing the change of decades old practices requires trust, respect, and hard work. Isn’t it worth trying. Isn’t this bigger than partisan politics. So, please, focus on what our President is doing not on what you think he is not.

As John Lennon wrote in 1969, “Give peace a chance”.

By Guest Column -- Michael Chandler- Thursday, June 14, 2018

Bernie Sanders was robbed of a fair shot at the nomination in the 2016 Presidential race

There isn’t much doubt that Bernie Sanders was robbed of a fair shot at the nomination in the 2016 Presidential race. Had the system worked without Democratic Party manipulation, it is a good bet Sanders could have been the nominee. Many people recognized a flaw in the system early on-Sanders was not a Democrat, he was an Independent. But, for years, in order to put his vote in their column in the Senate, Dems had embraced Sanders, allowing him to caucus with them. This led to allowing him into the tent during the primaries. The results made the party rethink its position. Now they have passed a rules change that says a Democratic candidate must affirm that they are a member of the party, will accept the party nomination and run and serve as a member of the party. The rule change makes sense. Voters need to know which party a candidate aligns with or they need to know that they truly are independent. This all with either tighten the messaging from both parties or it will lead to an actual third party with all the party perks of the 2 existing parties. Time will tell if the Sanders supporters can be that organized
and can garner financial support.

By Guest Column -- Fred Kirby- Sunday, June 10, 2018

The United States spends, on average $13,000 per year on student education

The United States spends, on average $13,000 per year on student education and according to Rasmussen, a rising number of Americans feel that we don’t spend enough. What that is based on is unclear but probably it is based on our standing in the world, graduation rates, and standardized tests. It may be true that the $13,000 isn’t doing enough. That is because the money doesn’t go to the most important aspect of education, the teacher. If you assume a class size of 20 students, which is likely far below the average classroom size, $260,000 ought to be enough to pay the teacher well and cover a proportionate share of facility and support personnel. If it is not enough, there is a management problem not an education problem.

By Guest Column -- Jean Arcamone- Saturday, June 9, 2018

Letter to the editor Ontario hydro users could not have afforded another Liberal government

Premier Kathleen Wynne wanted to remain in power at all cost’s and the provincial debt didn’t matter to her one would think it was was more ego related when Wynne announced her pre-election plan and fair hydro plan, by 2020-2021 our provincial debt was expected to hit $370 billion we already pay over a billion a month in interest .

Premier Wynne stated our hydro rates would’ve been tied to inflation for four to five years, but a secret Liberal document leaked showed our hydro rates would’ve increased to seven per cent for five years, through years six to 10; then 12 per cent annually afterwards which the liberal’s denied.

By Guest Column -- Ross Ayotte- Saturday, June 9, 2018

Does America need a new political party?

The true Republican Party was embodied in the founders. Since then, typical of evolution, it has been devolution, the Party has devolved into what we see it today, full of decay, evil and dishonesty.

What we need now is a new political party and we might just as well call it The Founders’ Party. Forget the Left’s mantra of “out with the old, in with the new” since this is the motto of the Communist Party. In fact, forget both parties as being of and for the people as long as they continue to abandon the philosophy of the founders.

The Constitution has given us a great country as long as it is followed. When it is ignored or distorted or rewritten by activist judges, we don’t have a country or, at least, not the country envisioned by the founders.

The “Woe is Me” idea can be changed to “Woe is US.”

By Bob Lunsford - Saturday, June 9, 2018

G7 Summit

The G7 Summit makes me stop and wonder as the French and Canadian leaders express their anger at President Trump.

What I wonder is this: If things were reversed does anyone think those gentlemen would not be screaming to high heaven?

The root of their current complaint is that their hands will be removed from the cookie jar. Healthy agreements have both sides getting what they want. Finally we have a leader who puts America and American business first. There will be pain as things adjust. Some of our products will go up, some will go down. Some businesses will suffer more as the scales get balanced. Most Americans believe that taxpayers can no longer bear the weight of subsidizing the rest of the world. For many centuries men have traded goods. In every transaction both sides received something they needed or wanted. When that ceases to be true, the deal must be renegotiated. It as simple as that.

By Guest Column -- And- Friday, June 8, 2018

Liberals will drag out the immigration issue with another round of heart wrenching stories

If there isn’t enough current news to gin up public indignation, the liberals will drag out the immigration issue with another round of heart wrenching stories.

But they, nor anyone else, will answer a few simple questions. One, if indeed, we “need” to take in more folks why shouldn’t we revise our policy and our quotas?

Doing so would take the illegality of their entry off the table. Two, What is wrong with securing our borders? Shouldn’t we at least try to control the opiod epidemic sweeping our country and killing our people? Three, shouldn’t we know who is here, legally and not legally for purposes of distributing benefits and bestowing privileges which are for American citizens? And finally, how much longer are you willing to kick this can down the road rather than have the hard negotiations to fix a system that has been broken for decades? If not now, when? If not us, who?

By Guest Column -- Wilma Howe- Friday, June 8, 2018

Renata Ford legal action against Doug Ford

I see that Renata Ford, wife of the late Mayor Rob Ford, filed a lawsuit against Doug Ford and his brother Randy yesterday through her solicitor Aird & Berlis LLP (*). This is the equivalent of a #MeToo drive-by shooting, with only three days left before voting day. I wonder how the Law Society of Upper Canada would react to a complaint of unethical behaviour in this matter? Deliberately interfering in an election in this way affects millions of people, not just Doug Ford and his brother. This is absolutely outrageous, and I hope that action can and will be taken against the Aird & Berlis law firm.

The Star

By Jeff Goodall - Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June 7th election

On June 7th we will cast our votes in the most important decision the Ontario electorate has ever had to make. A vote for Andrea Horwath’s socialists will inevitably result in an NDP-Liberal coalition government, and I have no doubt that the vastly more experienced Wynne will manipulate and control Horwath like a hand-puppet. Anything short of a majority win for the Doug Ford Conservatives will assuredly result in more - much more - of what we are trying to get away from. This is it, folks; let’s not mess it up!

By Jeff Goodall - Friday, June 1, 2018

Putting the Nationalization of Kinder Morgan Pipeline in Perspective

Alberta debt under NDP going up almost $10,000.00 per minute.  $600,000.00 per hour or $14,000,000.00 PER DAY. 

They are deliberately bankrupting the province, just as Wynne/McGuinty did to Morontario.

Kinder Morgan would have built the pipeline for approximately $4 Billion.  Now government has taken over Kinder Morgan for $4.5 Billion of OUR money, and Notley plans to stick some $2 Billion into it.  Now it will take at least double time and more than triple the cost.  Think at least $12 billion or MORE and likely more than ten years to complete, if ever.  Kinder Morgan - no cost to taxpayers and no useless government employees. 

Government?  Forever escalating cost to taxpayers, and NO return to taxpayers.  Forever crony employment at massive cost to taxpayers.  Like it yet?

Alberta Debt Clock

By News on the Net - Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Purveyors of Fake Diplomacy

The Schumer, Pelosi. never Trump combine is seething with anguish, that instead of a crisis or nuclear war, President Trump’s strategy spurred dialogue between Little Rocket Man and his administration. Inducing him to refrain from nuclear and missile testing while engaged in dialogue, and the releasing of three American hostages.

This combine fears a successful conclusion will have the same effect, by pulling out of the disastrous Iranian Nuclear Accord that did little to keep the region nuclear free and the world safe.

Retaining the accord is to protect the investments for its subscribers, plus Barack Obama’s and John Kerry’s legacy.

President Trump’s administration is like cherry blossoms blooming in Washington after all the weeds sown by Obama have been up-rooted; sending Michelle back packing to not feeling really proud of her country again.

The President’s successful start has also dispersed vitriolic rhetoric from Hillary Clinton’s vineyard of sour grapes.

By George Giftos - Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I’ll give Kanye credit for bravery and setting an example to young people

I never liked Kanye West or his music. I found the words vulgar and rap just isn’t my thing. But I’ll give the man credit for bravery and setting an example to young people, especially black youth. In his recent nod to President Trump and in his thoughts about black people having a herd mentality rather than being independent thinkers, Kanye took some risk. But, he spoke the truth and has possibly opened the door a crack for meaningful dialog that could result in real change. Some say it was hype to launch a new album. I say it doesn’t matter if it achieves results. I hope that people like me will embrace the attempt to shed light on one of this countries biggest and longest problems. It isn’t necessary to agree with the messenger all the time. It is necessary to admit when they are right.

By Guest Column -- Margaret Grover- Monday, May 7, 2018

John Kerry is way out of line meeting Iranian officials to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal

Unless he was asked by President Trump to do so, John Kerry is way out of line meeting Iranian officials to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal.

He seems to know that too because he is negotiating in secret. Imagine if all past Secretaries of State were running around trying to manipulate
our foreign policy and influencing potential deals, there would be even more chaos than already exists. When it comes to international diplomacy, only the current administration should be in charge.

Furthermore, is Kerry motivated by what is best for the United States or by preserving his own legacy? Remember he played a large part in crafting the deal.

By Guest Column Malcolm Williams- Monday, May 7, 2018

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship program for low income students

‘60 Minutes’ aired a segment this past Sunday on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation scholarship program for low income students.
The laudable goal of the program is to get low income kids into college where they will earn a degree and with it the ability to earn more money and lift their families out of poverty. Some 20,000 students have benefited from the program and most used the opportunity wisely. Colleges are helping with the program by giving preferential admission to kids simply because of their economic status. Why wouldn’t they? A Gates scholarship is money in the bank for a college as well as a guaranty of a high rate of completion.

As is usually the case, middle class families and students are the ones who suffer. To qualify for the program, family income must be below $65,000. Where is the advantage for a family with 2 blue collar workers who brings home $80,000 and pays all their own bills? Shouldn’t it be weighted to include the social service benefits the poorer family receives? How many kids lost a rightfully earned acceptance in order to accommodate the poor kids? If I was a family earning over $65,000,  with a bright student, I’d think about lowering my income. A 4 year college degree costs much more than what some families bring in above the $65,000 threshold.

What happens to total economic picture of the country if 20,000 poor kids get a degree and 20,000 others do not?

I have no problem with programs that lift the poor out of poverty. I do have a problem when it is at the expense of hardworking middle America.

By Guest Column -- Arnold Avery- Wednesday, May 2, 2018

For a man that’s doing everything wrong, President Trump is accomplishing a lot

I worked this one over in hope you will use it. It’s one I’d like to get out because the subject because the subject matter is so vital.

It is difficult for some people to comprehend and accept the fact we no longer have a president that behaved like the 98 lb. weakling, in the Oval Office, who allowed bullies to kick sand into America’s face without consequences.

By George Giftos - Sunday, April 29, 2018

If you are considering buying a home…

If you are considering buying a home, you should plan about 35% of your pretax income for total housing cost: mortgage, insurance and taxes.

That is the model that most lenders use. So the proposal by HUD Sec. Ben Carson to raise the minimum payment for subsidized housing from 30% to 35% of adjusted income seems in line with accepted norms. He also proposes raising the minimum rent, that charged to the poorest families, from $50 to $150. That also doesn’t seem unreasonable. These changes follow the Trump plan of lifting people from welfare to work.

He is also looking to simplify the burden on housing authorities for outdated calculation methods and onerous regulations. Dr. Carson said, “Today we begin the necessary conversation about how we can provide meaningful, dignified assistance to those we serve without hurting them at the same time.”

This should be a concept that people on both sides of the aisle can embrace. For far too long, we have held down our poorest citizens and in doing so, did great damage to the black community.

By Guest Column -- Shirley Reynolds- Friday, April 27, 2018

Neither of these candidates is Native American. Warren is flat out deceitful and Ayyaduria is playin

I wish I could say, “Only in Massachusetts” but I’m not sure that is as true as it once was. There you have it: Elizabeth Warren is again, running for the United States Senate. One of the things on which she hangs her hat, is her unverifiable Native American roots. Oh, it gets better. Warren is being challenged by Shiva Ayyaduria who is using his Indian heritage as a campaign slogan, calling himself the real Indian candidate.

It seems that Ayyaduria doesn’t understand the difference between Native American and Indian. Or, more likely, he thinks the voters don’t know the difference.

Neither of these candidates is Native American. Warren is flat out deceitful and Ayyaduria is playing with perceptions. It will be fun to watch how this game of Indians and Indians plays out.

By Guest Column -- Fred Kirby- Friday, April 27, 2018

We have every reason to be very proud of our First Lady

It is such a ray of sunshine to see a White House State Dinner being held with grace and class. In her quiet way, Melania Trump has rid the occasion of Hollywood heavy hitters and put it back where it belongs, as an event for foreign dignitaries and for building relationships. And she has stepped up to take the reins in planning the event. I have no doubt that the First Lady knows more about protocol and etiquette than any firm or person she could hire. By her involvement in the planning, she is demonstrating the importance of the event and its messaging.

We have every reason to be very proud of our First Lady.

By Guest Column -- Jean Arcamone- Thursday, April 26, 2018

A princely name

I hear that Arthur is one of the possible names for the new Prince. I am sure ‘Arthur Daley’ the prince of entrepreneurs would be pleased to hear this.

By Guest Column -- Dennis Fitzgerald- Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Celebrate all births

The safe birth of a healthy baby is a cause for celebration everywhere. There are about 350,000 babies born worldwide and about 2000 in England each and every day although only one made the front page of most papers around the world and was a leading item on the news on April 23.

It is time to celebrate all people and to remember it is not who you were born that makes you worthwhile but what you make of your life and the opportunities you take up. The Royal family has done much with Prince Philip’s ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ awards and Prince Harry’s work with disabled soldiers with the Invictus games. It is time to value not just the individual but all births.


By Guest Column -- Dennis Fitzgerald- Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stop waffling on about guns

It is interesting that the latest sad mass murder occurred at a ‘Waffle’ shop given that the US Government is waffling on about gun control.

It’s not the citizen’s right to bear guns that is the problem although the people’s right to be safe should be the paramount concern. Some people by their prior actions, character or mental health should be precluded from access to guns.



By Guest Column -- Dennis Fitzgerald- Monday, April 23, 2018

Throwing a political hand-grenade

Kim Jong Un has stated on Saturday that ‘…we no longer need any nuclear tests…’ but it’s a political promise so I would trust him as far as I could throw a nuclear bomb.

By Guest Column - Sunday, April 22, 2018

Phone a friend? - no, hang up on Facebook!

I did what Facebook said and downloaded all my data and what did I find - everything. It had about 200 numbers, including the washing machine repairer. It had every email address I seem to have used on the phone and every phone call including the recipient, date and duration.

Why would anybody want to know how long I spoke to the washing machine repairer? It’s time for Facebook to provide some answers rather than 457 pages of data.

By Guest Column -- Dennis Fitzgerald- Friday, April 20, 2018

Bring back Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

There are many people who prefer the old ways over the current with George Bush Sr. wanting life to be ‘more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons’ and if we look to the past with the tv show ‘The F.B.I.’ staring Efrem Zimbalist Jr. we see that the F.B.I. were the ‘good guys’ (the 60s were sexist and racist on tv) and nobody doubted their character or actions.

Now we see a President describing the past F.B.I. Director, James Comey, as a slime ball and saying that he lied under Oath. Although the world of TV often includes fictional components - including the 1998 WrestleMania hosted by Donald Trump - nearly all people in the real world see the F.B.I. and its leadership as honest and unbiased. There have been mistakes and corrupt people but rarely in the leadership.

We still need to believe in the F.B.I. and the people who protect us.

By Guest Column -- Dennis Fitzgerald- Thursday, April 19, 2018