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Go-it-alone cowboy Obama looks to strike Syria without even Britain’s help?

Aug 30, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

Remember the president who recklessly rushed headlong into military excursions around the globe without the help of any allies? Neither do I, but I remember liberals saying that about George W. Bush in spite of the fact that his action in Iraq had more than 30 coalition partners. It was a given, of course, that Bush’s Iraq coalition would include Britain, because Britain always supports us and always joins us. For all the liberal blather about how Bush supposedly “alienated our allies,” no president could be so inept on the foreign policy front that the Brits would fail to go with us.

Left’s excuse for Scott snub: He didn’t jump at our form letter so we figured forget it

Aug 30, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

This site blew up last night, as did quite a few others, with the news that organizers of the March on Washington 50th Anniversary commemoration did not invite America’s only black U.S. senator to speak. How you could ignore Sen. Tim Scott at a commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream Speech” is hard to fathom until you recognize that the event was organized by partisan Democrats and Scott is a Tea Party Republican.

Real numbers tell the real story: ObamaCare killing full-time work in America

Aug 29, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

Boehner: We got such great results picking a debt ceiling fight in 2011, let’s do the exact same thi

Aug 28, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

House Speaker John Boehner seems to think he’s taking a tough stand by announcing, as if it’s 2011 all over again, that House Republicans will not vote to raise the debt ceiling - which the federal government will likely hit in October - unless Democrats agree to major spending cuts.

Rare.us: Sharpton takes the edit pen to MLK’s ‘dream’ speech

Aug 27, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

From our friends at Rare.us, what would it look like if Al Sharpton took the edit pen to Dr. Martin Luther King’s iconic “I Have A Dream” speech? Probably very much like this. Here’s a taste:

WaPo columnist: This hulabaloo about Miley Cyrus really shows how racist we all are

Aug 27, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

Silly me. To the extent that I thought about it at all, which wasn’t much, I thought people were buzzing because someone who was an innocent family-friendly Disney Channel star just a few years ago is now prancing around on stage, simulating sex acts with some dude and wearing almost nothing. But I obviously forgot to check with Washington Post columnist Clinton Yates, who would have set me straight.

Obama claims conservatives ‘tell me privately’ they’re scared of Limbaugh and Tea Party

Aug 26, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

It’s in this interview clip from CNN:

Ted Cruz on CNN: Time for Republicans to ‘stand up and win the argument’ (video)

Aug 26, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

We talked a lot about this last week, and it was good to see Ted Cruz standing firm on it, and not letting Candy Crowley trip him up with thinly veiled Democrat talking points such as, “It’s already law. Why don’t you just get on board and try it?” What a question. When you have major problems in the country like job losses, soaring health premiums and bloated federal implementation costs - and you can trace it all back to one law the federal government put in place - what is the job of the U.S. senator if not to get rid of that law?

Stop lying, media: Ted Cruz and Rand Paul do not ‘advocate a government shutdown’

Aug 23, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

I covered this topic in detail last week and you can see my expanded thoughts on it here, but just in a basic sense someone needs to call the media out for the way they’re talking about this whole “government shutdown” business, especially as it relates to Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Nidal Hasan convicted on 13 counts of murder in Fort Hood shootings

Aug 23, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

And so it did. The only real question, to the extent that there was one, involved premeditation. But even that wasn’t much of a question. The jury deliberated seven hours over two days to reach a unanimous verdict - which, it’s important to note, is not required in a court martial. In this case, it’s hard to see how the outcome could have been anything else. More from CNN:

Let’s face it: If Hillary is elected, Bill will be the president

Aug 23, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

One of the things I hate about our politics-obsessed news culture is that we’re already talking about 2016 in 2013, just as we were already talking about 2012 in 2009, and so on. I hate it more than ever this time around because we’re talking so much about Hillary Clinton.

Bradley Manning announces he (she?) wants to live as a woman named Chelsea

Aug 22, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

Once I stopped laughing, it occurred to me that Manning might be crazy like a fox. When you’re in as much trouble as he, er . . . she, is, it sure can’t hurt to have some advocacy group ready to champion your cause. Why not announce that you want to be a T? The LGBT crowd will immediately become your fan club, and might even raise money to pay your legal expenses.

Of course, once you publicly announce your intentions, you might actually have to do it. No more place in the Blue Jays’ starting rotation for, um, Chelsea. CBS News:

It’s open season on Ted Cruz

Aug 20, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

It appears conservatives have finally sent someone to Washington who is doing what it was hoped he would do, and the proof that Ted Cruz is the real thing comes unmistakably in the form of the constant barrage of nonsense currently being aimed at him.

I thought pro-aborts didn’t want back-alley, coat-hanger abortions

Aug 20, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

There’s no way to make abortion safe for the baby, of course, but it’s been a major talking point of pro-aborts ever since Roe v. Wade in 1973 - that if abortion isn’t legal that you will merely drive women to unsafe, back-alley, coat-hanger abortions. In other words, real Gosnell-type stuff.

Apparently Ted Cruz can lead both the United States and Canada

Aug 19, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

Rob’s already covered the apparent consensus that Sen. Ted Cruz is, in fact, constitutionally eligible to run for president, and Cruz himself had a little fun with the conspiracy wackos and the media (wait, there’s a difference?) today by releasing his birth certificate.

Ed Schultz: Only ‘phony Christians’ oppose ObamaCare

Aug 19, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

You probably don’t want to watch the entire 17 minutes because you can only take so much of a guy yelling at you, especially when he skillfully works in every Democrat talking point from the past several years (even working in the “war on women” line), but from a guy who I guess self-identifies as a born-again Christian, he really needs to get a handle on that whole spirit of anger problem:

It’s on! GOP bans NBC, CNN from hosting debates

Aug 16, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

The Republican National Committee has followed through on its threat to cut out NBC and CNN from the hosting of presidential debates if the networks will not cancel their plans to beatify Hillary Clinton in a made-for-TV movie and a fawning documentary, respectively.

Uh oh: Snowden documents show NSA broke privacy rules ‘thousands of times’

Aug 16, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

Regardless of what you think of the leaker, the leaked documents speak for themselves. It’s one thing to make the case that something is necessary for the purposes of national security, and that’s an argument we can have, but if there are rules in place and they are routinely ignored, how can anyone be confident their rights are being protected?

Terrified by ‘government shutdown,’ Republicans surrender on ObamaCare and everything else

Aug 15, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

This has infuriated me since the Republicans took control of the House in 2011, and it infuriates me still, but at least the dynamic that’s causing it to happen is becoming more clear.

Fiasco: Another key component of ObamaCare is delayed a year

Aug 13, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

Ordinarily, when this many things are going wrong, you would just admit that the whole thing is flawed and start laying the groundwork to scrap it and replace it with something else. But this is Obama’s “signature legislation” and his “greatest policy achievement,” so the fact that it’s a complete disaster doesn’t even begin to prompt a change. Just because it imperils an already fragile economy doesn’t justify giving Republicans a talking point.