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Eddie Pedersen is a 58 year old California Resident. Lifetime Conservative Republican. Hobbies are Hunting Fishing and Bicycling

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The Ins and Outs of Wisconsin’s Republican Primary - One Day Away

Apr 4, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

The last ten days of Wisconsin’s republican primary has seen its ups and downs, plus veering away from gaffes or previous positions.  We witnessed Donald Trump’s drop to a ten point deficit on Saturday last, followed by a rebounding in the polls.  These ups and downs are the result of Trump’s weathering round the edges from what can only be described as the most brutal political and media onslaught of a candidate we’ve ever seen, combined with Scott Walker’s endorsement of Ted Cruz, and, being caught by the old Democrat hypothetical trick abortion question.  Donald Trump’s hypothetical abortion gaffe is as good as any place to start So what about Chris Mathews and his pre planned trick question assault on the GOP front runner Donald Trump?  This incident needs analyzing because more of these Democrat drive-by troll questions are sure to come.  How do they work and what are they designed to do?

It must be Trump-Cruz or America & the World Lose

Mar 29, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

Lately we hear a lot of political discussions about Ted Cruz and John Kasich wooing Donald Trump’s republican convention delegates.  Those of little faith are wondering whether it will even matter if 2016 republican front runner Donald Trump gathers the necessary 1,237 delegates before the convention, or not. Will Ted Cruz’s 10 new Louisiana Cruz delegates vote for the frontrunner, Donald Trump, adhering to patriotic pre-existing standards?  Or will the 10 delegates just skip traditional formalities and swing to second place finisher Ted Cruz on the 1st ballot? The political bear traps that lie ahead for Donald Trump at the 2016 Republican Party Convention are formidable.  Going into the republican convention Donald Trump is in good shape as the front runner-populist candidate.

Liberal Bolsheviks - Socialists - Reconquistas attack Flag Waving American Patriots at Trump Event

Mar 12, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

Joseph Stalin said that the ultimate goal of Socialism is Communism.  The left’s anarchist attacks before during and after Donald Trump’s Chicago campaign event reflect the ultimate goals of Russia’s Bolshevik and Communist party, the goals of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the will of Mexico’s ruling class elite. The methods that were used in Chicago yesterday closely mirror both Adolph Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch and Vladimir Lenin’s riots at Gorky Park.  Television cameras were treated to a new generation of agitators and a few old terrorist faces from the past.  But the methods used in Chicago were exceedingly similar if not the same as Russia’s communist revolution and rise of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  The goals, while not evident to the average onlooker, are excruciatingly similar to the goals of Vladimir Lenin, Adolph Hitler, Fidel Castro, and of course Mexico’s ruling class elite’s goals reflected by Chicago’s reconquista anarchists as well.

The Flotsam and Jetsam of Super Tuesday 2016

Mar 1, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

Lately we see 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump accused of not condemning a known racial bigot fast enough.  This is being used as an attempt to connect Donald Trump (a New York Businessman) to the nefarious and horrible KluKlux Klan.  It’s the old using the trick question’s pause to indict trick.  One that has been jumped upon by everybody on all sides of the current American political scene.  Let us give a quick look before we discard this warrantless scam into the dustbin.  First off, we look at how the questions were being asked. They were not being asked about the Klan directly, they were asked about one person, David Duke.  When the name came up even we had a hard time remembering who the heck David Duke was.  Our first thought was that he might be television star Patty Duke’s brother.

This time Trump

Feb 21, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

Donald Trump, a man of patriotic action,  just took South Carolina’s republican Presidential primary (a tough state to win big) by 10 points, and heads to Nevada. If Trump wins there, it sets him up well for the upcoming March 1st Super Tuesday primary states.  If Trump sweeps on Super Tuesday, then it is over.  He will go on to clinch the republican nomination.

Hillary Clinton has tons of problems with voters.  Her monstrous negatives are made worse by her rival Bernie Sanders revealing them.  According to numerous TV pundit-panelists, Hillary’s negatives soar while Trump’s negatives have dramatically dropped in the last 60 days. But remember Donald Trump’s negatives can be brought back with a vengeance by ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, etc. etc.  Just because you don’t see them now, doesn’t mean they can’t come back in the general contest.  America’s 2016 Presidential contest occurs during a political cycle in which Democrat voter participation is down by staggering percentages, while Republican participation is soaring.

Is Donald Trump the inevitable GOP Nominee?

Feb 11, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

Is 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump the inevitable republican nominee, seems to be the question of the day.  And frankly we are not entirely sure yet but from taking an earlier look at the GOP primary calendar, it sure seems that way.  His biggest challenge so far will occur at the March 1st primary in which there are fifteen states up for grabs, the contenders field has narrowed significantly yet most candidates are still vying for that much coveted 2016 GOP nomination, the ticket to the White House.  And as Donald Trump heads to South Carolina and Nevada campaign trails, we see The Donald looking smart with strong double digit or thereabouts leads in both states.

Europe on the Brink – Kingdoms of Decay

Feb 10, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

While Denmark’s women, and the residents of Aalborg DK enjoying the World’s #1 rated well being and happiness, the story is different up north in Sweden and Norway.  Up there things have grown increasingly dire. Especially for Sweden.

In Sweden, Norwegian SSP law enforcement official Benedicte Bjørnland tells all who are wise enough to listen, that western European states who fail to require all non indigenous populations to obey and/or act   in accordance with all laws, social acumen and proper sane customs, (within Nordic reason),  that their dereliction of duty might result in wide spread European chaos.  Hence, failure to implement European societal norms could be the cause of uncontrollable unified events of violent immigrant mass hysteria and thus, might usher in a far right political rebirth.  In Sweden, they are completely over run with all manner of refugees and immigrants, some of whom have replaced Sweden’s indigenous population as the primary source of Sweden’s now rampant crime waves.  Many of Europe’s pundits point out that if the refugees, the illegal aliens and illegal alien criminal gangs cause enough harm.

A Preliminary Guide to the Obama Legacy

Feb 4, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

We all remember President elect Obama’s victory celebration, the Greek columns, the inspiring speech telling us all he would transform America and the World.  Millions of Americans who witnessed his victory speech had no idea what was in store for them in the years that followed the November elections of 2008.  They voted America’s most liberal United States Senator into office because he was an affable African American.  They knew next to nothing about the man.

Andrew Joseph Alemao and the cult of Bernie Sanders

Feb 1, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

Ever wonder what separates a cult from an acceptable sane religion?  Or the Bolshevik revolution from the American Revolution?  Progressives from Conservatives?  Are you seeing a trend maybe a clue?  We thought so.  This historical similarity and or trend is why we are compelled to speak out, to inform you; America is heading down a seriously dangerous path right now.  We see many factions within America’s population wishing upon a socialist star.  Many are merely lost souls like Andrew Alemao who threw tomatoes at Donald Trump, all being absorbed into Bernie Sanders Socialist revolution.  Much like vulnerable kids being drawn into a California or west coast cult.  Only later to be societal outcasts when the cult’s demented leader crashes the system and the county sheriffs show up with guns drawn and those scarily looking dogs with the pointy ears.  When it is a communist nation, the wreckage and ruin is more than horrific, as evidenced by the deaths of the Kulaks or millions of Chinese at the hands of national Communist cultists.  Skipping to today’s America we see similar forces at work as evidenced by Bernie Sanders and the followers of his Socialist Cult.

Donald Trump – And America’s 3 Tiers of Republican Candidates

Jan 30, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

Did you know that presently there are three tiers of republican candidates?  On the third tier there are outstanding candidates like Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Carly Fiorina.  In the middle or second tier there are the greats like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

National Review Online vs. Donald John Trump

Jan 23, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

The recent National Review Online anti Trump article dump was a unique phenomena specifically aimed at Donald Trump for the Iowa contest. The N.R.O. or National Review Online is a long standing conservative venue with a good reputation. Even Thomas Sowell voiced his displeasure with Trump, so this had a respectable yet underhanded nature about it. And we wouldn’t be surprised if Trump knew about it all along and did not feel compelled to do more than remark that the N.R.O. is suffering low readers or something akin to.

Who cares. But he did care because Fox News had hosts and guests attacking Trump based on the N.R.O. articles. The specter of pure hate on TV was unsettling to say the least, and we suspect after the brutal segments polled badly, some cessation of nastiness at F.N.C. will be coming down the chain of command. This isn’t to say that some of Trump’s critics, or critics of the 2016 race in general shouldn’t be allowed to voice their displeasure. But the unbridled hate was more than we will accept as true conservative patriots.

Denmark’s social system & Bernie Sanders’s catastrophic vision for America

Jan 22, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

Lately we see articles about how mean the Danes are, for threatening to seize foreign refugees’ wealth.  This compels one to ask, are the Danes going too far, or are they protecting something for a reason, or reasons, good reasons?  Reasons like providing a society with the means to treat women the way they should be treated.  And it looks like the Danes are getting it done too, Denmark has just been rated #1 as the best country for women in the world.

Mankind – Death and taxes in Obama’s “new” America

Jan 19, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

In Obama’s “new” America we witness Islamic terror driving millions of Middle Eastern peoples into a European country inhabited by a race that in a blink of history’s eye annihilated their last non indigenous population.

In Obama’s “new” America, those who dare to point out that the last unchecked middle eastern migration into Europe was a recipe for genocide and worse and that the dynamics of the past still apply to today’s world; the warning parties are now being brutalized by self serving critics.  Yet the critics are exalted while the wary realists – historians and politicians are cast as devils. Why?  Because European progressives, America’s democrats and progressive left knows it is election season in the United States of America and they do not want to see patriotic American excellence restored.  And as long as they keep the media’s left wing blade leveled at Donald Trump’s and other critics’ political throats, they retain their European – American status quo – power.

California – Where did our Freedoms and Liberties Go?

Jan 8, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

The surfers riding the recent California storm waves look similar to 35 years ago,  but the guy at the break waters edge holding a mobile device struck us as funny.  One couldn’t help but think that if the same guy was standing there at that break water 35 years ago, he would be holding up a can of Budweiser instead of a cell phone.  So we chuckled at the passage of time and sauntered off to the local liberal hoity toity market to get some grub and one couldn’t even get a plastic bag for your groceries, which brings up an interesting point.

Most of California’s coastal areas look more or less the same as they were 30 or 40 years ago, except for the few extra lanes on the coastal highway and waaaaay too many people here in this lemming compressed space.  Can you say 2.9 million illegal aliens?  But all of the crowding and illegal alien demographics in California aside,  what is frighteningly scary about this once great state, is how California’s governments both large and small are over reaching into nearly every aspect of our private and public lives, from   you can not have that plastic bag for your groceries; to you can not hike or operate your recreational machines in the mountains; and all the really fun and freedom loving things you want to peacefully partake of but can’t.

What does America want?

Jan 4, 2016 — Eddie Pedersen

America wants to be able to go to sleep, dream good dreams, then awake to an even better American reality.  America wants to know that it is still the leader of the free world, and that it still stands for freedom, liberty and prosperity for all.  America wants fiscal responsibility, increased national security, its liberties restored and prosperity for all.  Unfortunately America does not sleep well, knowing world terrorism is out of control;  that 95 million Americans are out of the workplace; that the US - Mexico border is not secure.  Americans know that   we have a presidential administration and a Democrat Party at war with America’s liberties that are still fervently attacking them.  Thus, America wants to elect someone capable of saving America and making it even better than ever before.

Here come the Holidays - GOP Presidential Race getting Exciting

Dec 7, 2015 — Eddie Pedersen

As America’s 2016 Presidential election heads into the holidays, it appears to be dragging itself along with some sort of dank deadpan unwanted Hillary inevitability to it.

Civilization Could Actually Lose This War

Dec 1, 2015 — Eddie Pedersen

We live in a time of greatly increased hardships and danger, which are the results of bad choices made by America’s citizens over the course of the last two Presidential elections.  Bad electoral choices gave us President Obama and his foreign policy failures.  Some of them have been catastrophic, so   catastrophic in fact that America’s danger levels have risen into the ball park range of being more than halfway to where our Nation was back when Hitler was gaining strength, right around the Munich Putsch.  So too the world’s Islamic terrorists have created a similar danger, but instead of attempting to take control of the German chancellery like Adolph Hitler, earth’s macro terrorists have already taken control of large sections of the middle east and made significant terrorist inroads in other nations.  And the terrorists have become strong.  Yet, what is startling is Is that instead of recoiling and demanding overwhelming anti terror action like wise,  sane seemingly well informed American citizens should be doing, they are not taking the war on ISIS and terrorism seriously enough.  This kind of thinking imperils everyone.  Because like it or not, through America’s inactions, we could actually lose this war, and not just for ourselves, but for all of civilization.

Donald Trump is Right – Illegal Immigration is a Mega Issue

Oct 10, 2015 — Eddie Pedersen

With the recent news of thousands of illegal aliens being released, it is incumbent that responsible patriots warn those who live in sanctuary cities or states.  Presidential candidate Donald Trump did his level best to warn America.  Just when the big media gods were ready to drive a spike through Donald Trump for putting truth to power, an illegal alien murdered Kathy Steinle in San Francisco a sanctuary city, but because the weapon used was a stolen, federally owned firearm the media couldn’t effectively run from the story.

President Obama - President Putin – A World Divided Against Itself Can Not Stand

Sep 25, 2015 — Eddie Pedersen

Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin will meet Monday during the United Nations General Assembly in New York.  Both Presidents see Syria’s disasters differently.  Yet they both have the opportunity of a lifetime before them.

With the onset of the United Nations General Assembly in New York the world is witness to the counter productive collision of principles, personalities, priorities and objectives that exists between America’s President Barack Obama and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.  What escapes us is why these two world leaders can not agree to engage in formation of a superpower coalition.  The formation of such a coalition would mark the reversal of President Obama’s unproductive and unpopular Syrian failures, and the rescue of America’s disastrous foreign policy in Syria.

America’s Populist Movement + Donald John Trump = Freedom & Liberty

Sep 16, 2015 — Eddie Pedersen

How many of us have taken the time to fully consider just exactly who 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is,  but more importantly what the Trump phenomena really is all about?  We in the United States and Canada have recently seen populist movements in other parts of the world, there was Le Pen in France and many more that represent an ongoing series of European Populist waves.  Now the world’s populist surge is finally hitting America via the phenomenal tsunami of support for presidential candidate Donald John Trump.  For the first time in a long time America is seeing a populist movement with roots that extend all the way back to the birth of the United States of America as we all bear witness to Donald Trump’s campaign and the incredible waves of support that seem to neverendingly propel his campaign onwards with good tidings and momentum.  Hence this is a real populist phenomena, and it is really happening here in America and Canada.  It is heavily rooted in the phenomena of mass discontent.  Thusly we see these two equations:  Mass discontent = Populist phenomena.  Trump + Populist movement = Freedom & Liberty.