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Hugo Chavez Bagman for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

Mar 4, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Lifting up the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) rock finds a python with the face of Hugo Chavez.

Self-touted as the go-to guy for the release of Colombian hostages, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez gets his FARC clout from being its bagman.

  “I don’t think this comes as any surprise to the Colombian people who never trusted Chavez, or as any surprise to the worried loved ones of hostages still held in captivity,” Bogotá Free Planet (BFP) publisher Ernesto Pardo told Canada Free Press (CFP) this morning.

We Don’t Hate CodePink just the war

Mar 1, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Gael Murphy, of Washington, D.C.  (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) checked in to Canada Free Press (CFP) yesterday to correct the errors of my ways on one Medea Benjamin.

  The letter was in response to my Thursday cover story, When in danger, call for the U.S. Marines, That’s what Codepink’s Medea Benjamin did.

“Medea Benjamin doesn’t hate the Marines.  She doesn’t want them to go to Iraq to risk their lives in an illegal, immoral, corrupt and endless occupation,” Murphy wrote in her email.

“Ask the Pentagon Inspector General.  The violent and disastrous Iraq policy is not the soldier.  The Bush Administration should declare an emd (sic) to the US military occupation immediately, withdraw all the troops and contractors in a safe and orderly manner as swiftly as possible, urge the international community to broker political dialogue among factions, promote and help fund peace-keeping troops, pay reparations for having destroyed Iraq, and killed, injured and displaced millions of Iraqis.”

When in danger, call for the US Marines.  That’s what CodePink’s Medea Benjamin did

Feb 28, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin, who can turn the air blue when shouting chants against American Marines called out for the Marines in front of Marine Recruiting offices in Berkeley yesterday.

Eamon Kelley, the young Marine who is featured in Move America Forward’s TV commercial that ran on Fox News earlier this week, could hardly believe his own ears when Benjamin called on the Marines for help.

Sen. John McCain next on the Clinton hit list?

Feb 27, 2008 — Judi McLeod

image  Is “Mr. Dress-up” Obama Barack just another one of Hillary’s props in a well-orchestrated bid for the Democratic Party presidential candidate?

  “Bum Wrap”, Barack “Muslim” Photo Smear was yesterday’s headline in the New York Post.

  Even though the white turban and robes worn by Barack in the photo were written off as the garb of a Somali elder, they would have spooked those who worry he is a closet Muslim.


  According to a Drudge Report Flash “stressed Clinton staffers circulated a photo over the weekend of a “dressed” Barack Obama.”

Welcome to the North American Army

Feb 25, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Will historians one day record that “It happened on Valentine’s Day” when chronicling the timetable of the North American Union (NAU)?

  With no warning, a significant military agreement was signed by the chief Armed Forces commanders of both the U.S.A. and Canada on Feb. 14.  The agreement allows the armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a domestic civil emergency.

And as Jerome R. Corsi writes of the range of domestic civil emergencies, in WorldNetDaily, “even one that does not involve a cross-border crisis.”

Canada’s chief abortionist not on 2008 Order of Canada List

Feb 22, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Politically correct in reverse may have claimed its first victim in Canada.

  Abortionist Henry Morgentaler is not on the Order of Canada List for 2008, LifeSiteNews.com reports.

  “Earlier this month, LifeSiteNews.com reported that some Canadian abortion activists were stepping up efforts to have Dr. Morgentaler awarded Canada’s highest civilian honour, the Order of Canada, for his years of advocacy for legalizing abortion and for the thousands of abortions that he personally has performed.”

Shilling for global warming in the dark

Feb 20, 2008 — Judi McLeod

A long time ago, Toronto school board Trustee David Moll lamented, “The NDP will do everything for the working man—except be one!”

For readers outside Canada, the NDP is the New Democrat Party, of which former Toronto Councillor, the anti-war Jack Layton is the leader.

The NDP, of course, cares no more about the working stiff than anyone else, but it sounds good come election time.

Obama’s post-Castro Cuban playground

Feb 19, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Just in time for American presidential elections, Fidel Castro, who says he won’t accept another term when Cuban Parliament meets on Sunday, is resigning.

The die is now cast for Communist Cuba, just 90 miles off the coast of Florida, to move much closer to U.S. soil.

The Democrats take a very rosy view of Cuba and it is the Democrats who control the race for president.

Lies Mother Nature never told us

Feb 15, 2008 — Judi McLeod

  A recently “leaked” UN report charging that C02 emissions from the shipping industry is three times higher than previously thought, proves the inconvenient lies emanating from the world’s largest bureaucracy when it comes to global warming.

  Last time the UN fingered the most significant greenhouse gas culprit it was the cows and sheep in the pasture.

  Ludicrous lies on global warming (aka climate change) from the UN are reaching an all time high.

The North American Union, Mexico style

Feb 14, 2008 — Judi McLeod

image American and Canadian patriots scouring the Internet for the latest on the North American Union (NAU) may be missing a huge resource.

  Politicians and the mainstream media still brand as conspiracy theorists those who suspect a European Union style NAU is destined for Canada, the United States and Mexico.

  A Canada Free Press (CFP) reader reminds us “Mexico has its own Security and Prosperity (SPP) websites.  Mexico’s SPP websites are called (ASPAN)  (Spanish).”

Code Pink lays bare soft underbelly for easiest attack for those who mean America harm

Feb 13, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Question on the day after Berkeley Police stood by and watched “Peace Freaks” attack Patriots in Hotel California: If Code Pink can take over Berkeley why can’t Al Qaeda?

“Berkeley erupted in violence Tuesday morning when the Communist, terrorist-supporting anti-war group crossed into Martin Luther King Park and assaulted pro-troop individuals.  (www.MichelleMalkin.com).  “Riot police stood by, but did not stop the assaults.  Police agencies did not respond to calls for help.”

Code Pink suspended public safety in an American city if only for a day.

“Con Air” an idea whose time has finally come to send illegal aliens back

Feb 12, 2008 — Judi McLeod

To American border control authorities and America Patriots:  the Vancouver Board of Trade had an idea that could solve your illegal alien problem—using flier miles from millions of average Americans to fly illegals back to Mexico.

Welcome to “Con Air—Entire air planes full of aliens on the way back home!

It’s Hollywood come to life.

Berkeley Mayor stars in CodePink video bragging about working against Marines

Feb 9, 2008 — Judi McLeod

What do you say about a city mayor who gets himself on the Drudge Report with an apology after publicly insulting America’s courageous troops? A mayor who, in the dank dark world of left wing politics is, front and center on the CodePink website, shamefully actively participating in their protest of the Marine Recruiting Centre?

Yahoo for the rural Yahoos!

Feb 8, 2008 — Judi McLeod

MPP Randy HillierSalt-of-the-Earth Randy Hillier did something for me that no one else ever could.  Eternal country boy Hillier cut like the proverbial knife through my deep-seated cynicism for politicians of all political stripes who I sincerely believe are, for the most part, a big waste of time. 

My admiration for Hillier predates his election as an MPP for Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington to out of touch Queen’s Park.

Out in the boonies where Hillier hails from, the lowing of cattle is much preferable to the ramblings of big city-politicians.

Hillier’s unexpected-to-the-other-side arrival to provincial politics was the only sign of hope in the last election.

Final chapter in contaminated pet food scandal leaves unsolved mysteries

Feb 8, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Justice purportedly caught up with some of the greedy companies responsible for the death of so many family pets last year.

But even the closing chapter of the contaminated pet food scandal could be filed under the unsolved mystery category.

“Two Chinese businesses and a U.S. company were indicted Wednesday in the tainted pet food incidents that killed dozens of animals last year and raised worries about products made in China.” (http://www.Breitbart.com).

Putting Canadian produce back into the food chain

Feb 7, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Ongoing problems related to tainted foods coming from China underline the need for Canada to make its own food supply one a top priority.

Few are as aware that “Canada needs to become self-sufficient once again”, as David Honey, President of the Niagara Landowners Association.

  Canada is blessed with the richest agricultural land in the world, with enough farmland to feed our entire country, plus several others at the same time.

Send Code Pink Water Boy Jack Layton on one-way ticket to Afghanistan

Feb 2, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Trying to brand his party as the sole anti-war option, Canadian New Democrat Party (NDP) leader Jack Layton took steady aim, pulled the trigger, and shot himself in both left feet on Thursday. 

The Taliban cannot be defeated, so let’s leave is Layton’s latest lament is his ongoing mantra to bring Canadian troops back home. 

Layton, whose timing on publicity is mostly precision perfect, blew it this time.

But how was Layton to know that just one day later, the infamous Abu Laith al-Libi, one of al-Qaeda’s top commanders in Afghanistan, would be killed?

  If this weren’t embarrassing enough, Smiling’ Jack fouled up on what must-have-been his swallow-the-history-of Afghanistan-in-just-one-sitting cramming lesson.

Canada and China join up on advanced nuclear reactor technology

Feb 1, 2008 — Judi McLeod

One of the side benefits of the “monster deal” that made former President Bill Clinton’s Canadian buddy Frank Giustra one of the world’s largest uranium producers in a transaction ultimately worth tens of millions of dollars, is that Communist China indirectly benefits.

With Clinton’s help, Giustra is now the proud owner of highly coveted deposits of Kazakhstan uranium that could fuel nuclear reactors.

For his role in the deal, Clinton’s charitable foundation received a $31.3 million donation and a public pledge from Frank Giustra to give the William J. Clinton Foundation an additional $100 million.

Toronto best place for spy satellite to land

Jan 31, 2008 — Judi McLeod

Worried that a large spy satellite expected to fall to earth in late February or early March could hit North America, the U.S. military is developing contingency plans to deal with the possibility.

Parsing the truth at the Pentagon

Jan 29, 2008 — Judi McLeod

imageThe last word on the mysterious Hesham Islam belongs to boss man number two at the Pentagon, Gordon England—literally.

If you’re curious about the meteoric rise of Hesham Islam, all that is left on the Defense Department website is Gordon England describing Islam as his “personal close confidante”.