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Beyond Brown the Second Round

Jan 25, 2010 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

In the recent Massachusetts election Republican Scott Brown confounded the purveyors of conventional wisdom and caused a magnitude 10 earthquake in the political world by liberating the Kennedy Senate Fiefdom from the grip of the Democrat machine.  To the 24 hour talking-heads this changes everything since the Democrats can no longer cut-off debate in the Senate though they can still stifle debate in the House and hold the Executive Department in their iron fist.  But did the Party of Power really experience anything besides a bump in the road?

Half Their Brain Tied Behind Their Back

Jan 18, 2010 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Every day to the amazement and delight of more than 20 million people across the fruited plain, Rush Limbaugh performs his host duties flawlessly with half his brain tied behind his back. Anyone who has ever spent an objective hour listening to his program knows that Rush has a brain the size of a planet.  The Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media assure we now have a president who is always the brightest guy in the room instead of one who didn’t have enough brains to tie his shoes.

Wanted Community Organizers No Experience Needed

Jan 11, 2010 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Talk about a man-caused disaster have you looked at the recovery lately?  The Republicans under the Bush dynasty and the Clinton interlewd paved the way for the current debacle of fiscal debauchery.  The only thing growing is the government.  Have the Liberals staged a second revolution?  Khrushchev predicted the Soviet Union would bury us and since they’re now on the trash heap of history is the Liberal Politburo of leftwing academics, corrupt politicians and their lamestream propaganda machine digging the grave instead?

Pop Goes the Culture

Jan 4, 2010 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Culture to a human is like water to a fish.  We move around in it constantly but we don’t notice it very much.  Though unnoticed water can have profound effects on fish.  Too cold and they freeze.  Too hot and they boil.  Not enough oxygen and they suffocate.  Too polluted and they choke to death.  In a similar fashion the culture in which we move shapes us in many subtle ways.  If it’s refined the world we perceive and the world we deal with is refined.  If it’s crude the world is crude.  If it’s toxic t the world is toxic.

What To Do Now That Its Been Done

Dec 28, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

You can’t beat good political drama. The Nuremberg rallies with all those glistening uniforms and snappy torch light marches. The May Day Parades with the Soviet gerontocracy standing on Lenin’s tomb smiling at the grandchildren of the people they tortured riding on their shiny tanks and missile launchers.

Culture Kampf and the Kamikaze Congress

Dec 21, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

There is a culture war raging in America. It has wreaked havoc in our national psyche since the Summer of Love elevated the ersatz individualism and limousine liberalism of the Boomers from childhood fantasy to national fever-dream. This is a historically traceable event with vast implications for the future. He who controls the past shapes the present and creates the future.  If history doesn’t help us live in the here and now what good is it?

You Say You Want a Revolution

Dec 14, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Our revolution changed the world.  Our Declaration of Independence proclaims self-evident truths.  That all men are created equal, they’re endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These words shook a world held in the vise-grip of hereditary privilege inspiring people around the globe.  Our Constitution established a representative republic with a limited government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Walin and Flailin on Palin

Nov 30, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Sarah Palin made the mistake of being a self-made woman who actually accomplished things in her own right instead of riding her husband’s coattails.

Please, Mr. Custer, We Don’t Want To Go!

Nov 23, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

When the neo-cons,  a group of liberal democrats realized Margret Thatcher was right in saying, “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money” they decided liberalism is as Michael Savage contends a mental disorder.  In the 1970s and 80s they abandoned the Good Ship Democrat proclaiming themselves Born-Again Republicans.  Generally they still carry the baggage of their former psychosis when it comes to social issues but when it comes to foreign affairs and military matters they sound like Errol Flynn playing George Custer in They Died With Their Boots On, “Don’t wait for orders from headquarters. Mount up everybody and ride to the sound of the guns.”

It’s Never Too Early to be Too Late

Nov 16, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

If no one has told you this yet let me be the first, as you get older time goes faster.  If you’re under thirty you’re thinking, “This old coot has finally gone off his rocker!

Who Changed the Change?

Nov 9, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

The Framers moved beyond a loose Confederation of States creating the greatest experiment in freedom the world has ever known.  They birthed a nation conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal unleashing the creative power and energy of humanity in a way never before known and never since equaled. They launched a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Without Hope You’re Hopeless

Nov 2, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Marching out of Yorktown to surrender the British Army played the song “The World Turned Upside Down.”  As I drive to Mega Lo Mart to make my latest deposit of monopoly money in a Chinese savings account all I can do is mumble the final tag-line of the Wicked Witch of the West, “What a world? What a world?”

Opaque Transparency or Smoke and Mirrors

Oct 26, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Remember the promise of transparency that helped win the Presidency?  All bills passing Congress would be posted for 5 days before signed.  Seems the rules have changed.  Apparently the pledge only applied to NON-emergency bills and everything is an emergency in the New Republic.

If it Wasn’t so Sad it Would be Funny

Oct 12, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Lately the news reminds me of Monty Python.  I keep waiting for President Obama to appoint a Czar of Silly Walks or Reverend Wright to resurface and declare piously, “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”  If the situation wasn’t so serious I couldn’t take it seriously.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Oct 5, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Believing in volunteerism and trying to help make my local community a place where neighbors know each other, a place where people gather to share common experiences and where good clean fun is part of life.  Recently I devoted many hours to what I will call my local MegaFest.

Is This the News or a Comedy Tour?

Sep 21, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Everyone routinely called them the Mainstream Media.  Rush now calls them the State Controlled Media.  I’ve called them the Mainstream Media, the Poodle Press, and the Lap-Dog Media.  Whatever you’ve called them the time’s come to call them irrelevant.  Out with the old and in with the new.

The BIG Speech - Did He Do It?

Sep 14, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

A mass email carried a message from President Obama after his address to Congress. He asked people to contact their representatives urging them to support his healthcare plan. Since the Democrats have the votes in both houses to pass any legislation they agree upon why does he need our help to convince anyone of anything? Was he speaking to the nation or was he trying to rally his Democrat troops to toe the line and pass his bill?

Follow the Leaders Rush, Glenn and Sarah

Sep 6, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

As usual it was Rush Limbaugh leading the way.  He was the first political commentator with enough insight and courage to say what so many others were thinking, “I hope he fails.”  If you listen to his program you know that this was immediately and repeatedly expanded to explain that he was referring to the President’s policies.

What’s in a Number?

Aug 31, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Stating the obvious passes for folk wisdom in remote tribal areas such as the Southside of Chicago and since we now live in the Chicago-on- the-Potomac perhaps we should start to take some of this obvious wisdom into account.  Take statistics, here is a science that’s used to make judgments and to justify actions.  And what’s statistics just numbers and what’s in a number?  And as the Chicagoism goes, “Figures don’t lie but liars figure.”  How does this help us understand our new Omerica?

The Key

Aug 16, 2009 — Dr. Robert R. Owens

Once an entitlement program is started it never stops. It never shrinks. It never stands still. It always grows. According to the Mainstream Media it’s merely rightwing spin to say Obamacare is meant to become a single-payer one-size fits all public option.