I wish to help dissolve the injurious fog of doubt and skepticism that has surrounded WWP since it came under fire in 2016. It is, and always has been, an admirable organization dedicated to helping America’s wounded heroes

Healing Wounded Warrior Project

By Jim ONeill

Healing Wounded Warrior Project

“Great Job, Poor Optics” would be a good descriptive title for an article on the fall from grace of the veteran’s charity “Wounded Warrior Project” (WWP).  By which I mean that WWP as run by its former Chief Executive Officer Steve Nardizzi and Chief Operations Officer Al Giordano, was wonderfully successful at helping many vets, but Nardizzi’s management style, while undeniably successful, left WWP open to charges of playing fast and loose with donor’s money.

CFP Editor Judi McLeod

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    The White House Christmas Party for the Press Will Have to be Held at Hillary’s House this year

    By Judi McLeod

    The White House Christmas Party for the Press Will Have to be Held at Hillary’s House this year
    President Donald Trump has made the press the latest “VICTIM”  by cancelling their “decades-old”  White House ‘holiday’ party.  At least according to a Fox News “EXCLUSIVE”.

    Not only is the White House soiree for the press not really a ‘holiday’ party but a ‘Christmas’ party, in the non-Fake News world, the cancellation is a brand new twist on the Christmas Grinch, all because the Grinch may have swiped Christmas, but on behalf of the tired-of-media-carping public at large, President Trump has swiped it right back.

    Do it! Or Die!

    By Fredy Lowe

    Do it! Or Die!
    Well, that’s a happy thought for you, as we get full swing into the spirit of the holidays, where it’s also okay again to say “Merry Christmas”.

    Border Wall Trump’s Manhood according to Pelosi

    By Judi McLeod

    Border Wall Trump's Manhood according to Pelosi
    President Donald Trump is not Nancy Pelosi’s type of guy. Whine Cellar King Chuck Schumer and those brave boys grown tall hiding behind the voluminous skirts of the #MeToo Movement coyly identifying as ‘feminists’ are.

    Lawsuit Against Santa Barbara School District Over ‘Unconscious Bias’ Curriculum

    By Katy Grimes

    Curriculum is about ideology, not education

    Los Angeles attorney Eric Early, working with a group of Santa Barbara parents and teachers over anti-Caucasian, anti-male, anti-Christian and ‘Unconscious Bias’ curriculum, filed a complaint Monday evening in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on behalf of Fair Education Santa Barbara against the Santa Barbara Unified School District and JUST Communities Central Coast.

    Deep State Darling Comey Comes Out of the Closet

    By Dennis Jamison

    Deep State Darling Comey Comes Out of the Closet
    The firing of James Comey was a shock to many and may have been to him, or his apparent ego, but it is now apparent that the first Deep State casualty of the “Swamp Wars” may have been justified.

    Radical Solutions for Radical Times

    By Rick Hayes

    Radical Solutions for Radical Times
    Who would think it wise to allow foreigners the right to make all of the financial decisions for citizens in The United States as well as share in any of the profits? The answer for most people would be a resounding “Nobody”!

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