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Coal key to National Security Strategy

Dec 27, 2017 — Tom Harris

Coal key to National Security Strategy

It is very appropriate that President Donald Trump virtually ignored climate change in his National Security Strategy (NSS). Recent climate change has been unremarkable and clearly does not constitute a national security threat in comparison with concerns such as terrorism and inadequate border controls.

What does constitute a threat, however, is a lack of affordable, reliable energy to power the nation and export into world markets. So, as a citizen of Canada, a nation dependent on a prosperous U.S. for our defence and much of our economy, I am very pleased to see that Trump emphasized energy security and, indeed energy dominance, in the NSS.

Energy Secretary Right on Climate Change

Jun 29, 2017 — Tom Harris

Energy Secretary Rick Perry did a remarkable thing last week: he expressed skepticism about the causes of climate change in a TV interview and, even after widespread condemnation from environmentalists and the press, he did it again a few days later before a major Senate committee.

After telling a CNBC host on June 19 that he did not believe that carbon dioxide (CO2) is the primary “control knob” for climate, Perry said:

“this idea that science [of climate change] is just absolutely settled and if you don’t believe it’s settled then you’re somehow another Neanderthal, that is so inappropriate from my perspective. I think if you’re going to be a wise, intellectually-engaged person, being a skeptic about some of these issues is quite alright.”

Killing Paris Agreement is not enough

May 12, 2017 — Tom Harris

If President Donald Trump merely pulls the United States out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, it will be like cutting the head off a dandelion. It will look good for a while until equally bad agreements quickly grow back when a Democrat occupies the White House again. Trump needs to dig up the roots of Paris—the 1992 U.N. climate treaty—if he is to keep his campaign promise to “stop all payments of the United States tax dollars to UN global warming programs.”

Trump can, and should, get the US out of the Paris Agreement, of course. Besides the scientifically unfounded objective of “holding the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels,” as if we had a global thermostat, the agreement lets so-called developing countries largely off the hook despite the fact that non-OECD countries are now the greatest source of energy related emissions. Consider the agreement’s emission targets for the US versus China, currently the world’s largest emitter, for example:

Trudeau, Trump deliver Earth Day present

Apr 28, 2017 — Tom Harris

During a week of contentious trade issues between Canada and the United States, it was gratifying to see that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump actually did agree on one point—climate change was not even worth mentioning in their official Earth Day statements.

In his official statement, U.S. President Donald Trump said nothing at all about climate change, global warming or greenhouse gases. Instead, his April 22 remarks focused on real, well-understood issues, such as “keeping our air and water clean,... preserving our forests, lakes, and open spaces, and… protecting endangered species.”

Killing Clean Power Plan crucial step in ending climate deception

Apr 14, 2017 — Tom Harris

President Donald Trump is right to kill the hugely expensive Clean Power Plan (CPP). After all, it only controls carbon dioxide (CO2), which is simply plant food. The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change cites over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies showing that rising atmospheric CO2 enhances productivity of forests and grasslands. Commercial greenhouses run at up to about four times the outside level of CO2 to boost plant growth.

Increasing CO2 poses no direct hazard to human health either. Concentrations in submarines can reach 25 times normal atmospheric levels with no harmful effects on the crew.

Yet the CPP misleads readers by referring to CO2 as “carbon pollution.” Canadian environment minister Catherine McKenna does exactly the same.

Pruitt right to call for climate debate

Feb 6, 2017 — Tom Harris

Democratic members of the United States Senate Environment and Public Works Committee boycotted the February 1 vote on President Donald Trump’s pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency largely because of the nominee’s position on climate change. For example, Committee member Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) explained that he opposed Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s candidacy because he “denies the sum of empirical science and the urgency to act on climate change.”

November 2016 may be the start of global cooling

Dec 4, 2016 — Tom Harris

Climate change pollsters boost climate scare

Nov 7, 2016 — Tom Harris

Imagine that a national public opinion poll were conducted asking:

“Do you support allowing criminal aliens into Canada?”

Imagine also that the results of this survey were cited as an indicator of the receptiveness of Canadians to immigrants.

DiCaprio climate catastrophe film boosts Clinton campaign

Oct 28, 2016 — Tom Harris

In an apparent attempt to bolster support for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio is releasing a new climate change movie just days before the election. To be broadcast in 45 languages in 171 countries, Before the Flood will debut at 9 pm EDT this Sunday on the National Geographic Channel. It will also be available for free on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, and Hulu.

Judging from the trailers and other pre-release promotions, the public needs to brace itself for an avalanche of global warming propaganda. Like DiCaprio’s short film Carbon, released in the weeks prior to the United Nations’ Climate Summit 2014, Before the Flood is based on the highly debatable hypothesis that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from human activities are causing catastrophic climate change. Coal, oil, and natural gas, the world’s least expensive and most abundant energy sources, must therefore be turned off as soon as possible, DiCaprio says.

The actor seems unware that the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) lists thousands of scientific papers that either debunk or cast serious doubt on the climate scare. A quick look at the observational data reveals facts highly inconvenient to DiCaprio’s crusade. For example,

Hillary Clinton and Al Gore are wrong to suggest that global warming causes more extreme weather.

Oct 14, 2016 — Tom Harris

Re:  Hillary blaming Donald Trump for the weather: ‘Thar She Blows’

Hillary Clinton and Al Gore are wrong to suggest that global warming causes more extreme weather.

In 2012 the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change asserted that a relationship between global warming and wildfires, rainfall, storms, hurricanes, and other extreme weather events has not been demonstrated.

In 2013 the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change explained, “in no case has a convincing relationship been established between warming over the past 100 years and increases in any of these extreme events.”

Judges must understand: climate rules are irrational

Sep 30, 2016 — Tom Harris

On Tuesday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit heard arguments in the litigation over President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). If implemented, CPP regulations will require states to develop and bring into force plans to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from existing power plants.

Arguments against the CPP focussed primarily on its questionable legality. However, the ten judges considering the case should also keep in mind that the rules are pointless. No matter what one believes about the causes of climate change, the CPP will have no measurable impact on climate.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy has repeatedly admitted this before Congressional hearings. McCarthy maintains that the CPP is still worthwhile because, to quote from her September 18, 2013 testimony before the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power, it “is part of an overall strategy that is positioning the U.S. for leadership in an international discussion, because climate change requires a global effort.”

GOP must follow Trump’s lead on climate change

Aug 23, 2016 — Tom Harris

According to a new survey led by researchers at the University of Michigan, more Americans than ever, about one in five, say they are not sure whether climate change is occurring. Paradoxically, the survey also shows that those who are convinced that there is no solid evidence of global warming is at its lowest level (15%) in the nine-year history of the poll.

Most interesting however, is the fact that the proportion of Republicans who are uncertain about climate change has doubled in the past twelve months, rising from 13% last year to 26% today.

The gods must be laughing

Jun 11, 2016 — Tom Harris

In February, the draconian California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016, Senate Bill 1161, was introduced by Democratic senators Ben Allen, Hannah-Beth Jackson and Mark Leno. Unbelievably, it passed both the state Senate’s environmental and judiciary committees. It was not until June 2 that the remainder of the Senate came to their senses and Sen. James Monning took the bill off the Senate floor. It can be reconsidered at a later date.

Overlooked in the controversy is the fact that truth is not possible in science. Scientific hypotheses, and even scientific theories, are not knowledge, let alone truth; they can be, and often are, wrong.

Putting the fox in charge of the henhouse

May 25, 2016 — Tom Harris

The climate activist group,, released a video on May 18 which starts:

“The Canadian government has announced it will work with provinces, territories, First Nations, and people across the country to develop a national climate strategy by the end of 2016 to determine how Canada will tackle climate change in the upcoming years.”

That sounds fine, as long as the “people across Canada” includes experts who actually understand the field, namely, scientists, economists, and engineers, regardless of whether they side with political correctness on the issue or not

Climate change surveys still useless

Apr 8, 2016 — Tom Harris

Public opinion polls are regularly cited by politicians and activists to support government action on climate change. Yet these surveys rarely make meaningful contributions to the public policy debate since they ask about issues that do not matter, while ignoring issues that do matter.

Happily, most polling companies have matured to the point that they no longer ask respondents whether they think ‘climate change is real’ or whether they believe there is a scientific debate about the causes of climate change. Public understanding of the inevitability of climate change on a dynamic planet and the massive uncertainty about future climate states has rendered such questions pointless.

Budget thick in green propaganda

Mar 23, 2016 — Tom Harris

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines doublespeak as “language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth.”

With the release of their first federal budget on Tuesday, the Trudeau government demonstrated that they are past masters at climate change doublespeak. This is worrisome because of their intense focus on the issue. The phrase “climate change” appears 43 times in the Budget, more than twice as often as “defence.” “Poverty” appears 13 times and, strangely, “terrorism” appears only three times.

Marching with the enemy

Jul 6, 2015 — Tom Harris

Imagine pro-tobacco groups wanted to participate in fund raising marches for cancer research. ‘We want to help defeat cancer too,’ the tobacco advocates announce.

Canada skips important climate conference

Jun 22, 2015 — Tom Harris

Over the past 20 years, the Government of Canada has spent millions of dollars sending representatives to United Nations climate change conferences. While the rest of us are told to walk, bicycle, and take the bus more to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions, hundreds of civil servants have enjoyed tax payer funded flights to exotic locations across the globe to take part in U.N. negotiations to ‘save the climate.’

The PCs must stop promoting the climate scare

Apr 14, 2015 — Tom Harris

Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives and many of our industry leaders are unwittingly among Premier Wynne’s greatest allies in her imposition of ‘carbon pricing.’ While their complaints about massive costs and job losses are correct, they undermine their own position and help that of Wynne by accepting, even promoting, the foundation of the Liberals’ plans: the premise that we can control Earth’s climate merely by adjusting our CO2 emissions.

Premiers should ignore climate demonstrators

Apr 10, 2015 — Tom Harris

On Saturday, April 11, what promises to be the largest climate change demonstration in Canadian history will descend on Quebec City. The “Act on climate” march, organized by the David Suzuki Foundation, Greenpeace and other activist groups, shows how the environmental movement has let climate campaigners take centre stage. This is unfortunate.