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The Hamatsa and the Mystery of the Severed Feet

Oct 16, 2018 — William Kay

The Hamatsa and the Mystery of the Severed Feet
In all likelihood the RCMP, aided by Seattle and Vancouver detectives, are conducting massive investigations into a serial killer cult responsible for at least 16 homicides in British Columbia and Washington. These homicides relate to 19 severed feet found across the Puget Sound-Georgia Straight area between August 20, 2007 and May 6, 2018.

As per protocol, police are not acknowledging this investigation for fear suspects will take precautions. This diktat of denial manifests in absurd pronouncements by the BC Coroners Service relayed in equally absurd, obviously planted, reportage.

Dodging a Terrorist Attack: More on the Carfentanil Connection

Aug 2, 2018 — William Kay

Caveat on the Carfentanil Connection
The article “Did we just dodge 9/11 2.0?” responded to revelations appearing in a July 27, 2018 CBC News report. Below is the sentence from that report describing the haul taken from the Danforth shooter’s brother’s home:

“Durham Region Police later obtained a search warrant and found 33 firearms, ammunition and more than 40 kilograms of the potentially lethal drug carfentanil.”

Typically, when journalists refer to multiple kilograms of a narcotic, say five kilos of heroin at the airport, they are referring to a narcotic in its pure form unless otherwise specified.
The Guardian article on the same seizure seems to confirm the purity of the substance in this sentence:

Did we just dodge 9/11 2.0?

Jul 28, 2018 — William Kay

Did we just dodge 9/11 2.0?
On July 22, 2018 Faisal Hussein, a Canadian-born 29-year-old male of Pakistani heritage and Muslim faith, opened fire with a handgun on citizens along Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, killing two and wounding 13. After an exchange of gunfire with police Faisal Hussein turned his gun on himself.

Faisal was known to police. He had posted favourable comments on jihadi websites and had recently visited Afghanistan.

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Was The Danforth Shooter a Member of a Toronto-based Radical Islamic Terrorist Cell?

Pikangikum Rez: Exemplar of Canada’s Environmentalist Gulag

Aug 13, 2017 — William Kay

The fur trade transformed the Canadian aboriginal’s way of life. The trade, mainly in beaver pelts, began in the 1500s, peaked in the 1800s, and then declined until today when it supplements the incomes of a few thousand people. Trapping and trading consumed aboriginal communities. They traded pelts for tools, cookware, firearms and blankets – technologies that re-made their culture.

The fur trade changed where natives lived; and where they could live. It facilitated the adoption of European language and religion. Trade-induced contact with Europeans spawned peoples of mixed ancestory. By 1830 aboriginal culture bore little resemblance to any pre-contact way of life.

Alberta’s Child Advocate Plays the Tattered Residential School Card

Jul 24, 2017 — William Kay

The Government of Alberta’s Child Advocate, Del Graff, is all over the news again. Del and his 65 underlings at the Office of Child and Youth Advocate (OCYA) recently reported on three Aboriginal children who died shortly after being returned to their parents following time in government care.

Del’s main beef is that the Government isn’t heeding recommendations spelled out in his 2016 report: Voices of Change: Aboriginal Child Welfare in Alberta.

The report is read-worthy. After a brief intro it launches into a denunciation of the long since discontinued residential school system; to wit:

War on Coal

Oct 9, 2012 — William Kay

This posting comes on the heels of the September 21, 2012 passage, by the US House of Representatives, of a Bill entitled: Stop the War on Coal Act. While unlikely to soon become law, this Bill signals an overdue awakening to the threat presented by the War on Coal and hopefully heralds a robust counter-offensive.

Environmentalism in Federal Government Operations in Alberta

Aug 20, 2010 — William Kay

William Walter Kay, Ecofascism.com
The Environmental Movement in Alberta Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII | Conclusion

Environmentalism is a “semi-institutionalized social movement”,  meaning it is embedded into the state and uses state resources to grow. Imagine commandos boarding an enemy vessel by stealth then securing the vessel’s deck and engine room but not yet the captain’s bridge. Environmentalists are all over the federal ship of state but have yet to commandeer the vessel.