America is falling due to a lack of genuine education, teaching kids history, logic, and common sense. But the collapse of religion affects every other trend

Liberal Dream of Universal Law is Marxist Tyranny Dressed up as Woke Freedom

By Kelly O'Connell

“No one is obliged to take part in a spiritual crisis of society; Contra, everyone is obliged to avoid this folly & live a life of order.” ~ Eric Voegelin

Woke Misery: Why does life today seem so oppressive? For one, our woke conversation ‘rules’ constantly threaten all communications with censorship. No leftist idea may be contradicted. For if the leftists in power are defied, both the violator and her rebel ideas must be publicly rebuked as her status in life is attacked with public calumny as careers and social lives are totally undermined. Therefore, all rejection of leftist public positions are a moral outrage and intellectual failure, condemned by all decent humans. 


The attacks initiated by the CCP are subtle at times, multifaceted and nefarious
Daggers of Hate in American Eyes:
We are left with little trust that the interests of the American people are being considered
Why Do We Give Christmas Gifts?
They are just happy to be alive, to enjoy a good meal with their families, to have food, electricity and heat, and to be able to go to church on Christmas Eve. Those are priceless gifts.

End the ruination of healthcare
Come out of the darkness and into the Light!
Because we have rejected God?
Because the world economy is seeing the inevitable outcome of its Ponzi scheme?
Globalist movement marching the world toward a new feudal society where billionaires can be safe from competition?
Put Republicans and Democrats together, and what have you got? “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!”
All that matters is that Obama kept his third term in office on November 8, and that the Democrats still hold a chokehold on all things American!

Trump Administration Accomplishments
Unprecedented Economic Boom
WEF SMART cities initiative
The infrastructure is being set up under the guise of safety and convenience
Fire breaks out in West Virginia food processing plant
Pilgrim’s Pride chicken processing plant
‘Buying’ off the rack in Los Angeles
Just flying off the shelves
We Can’t See What We Can’t Name
Survival in Tough Times: Haven’t we seen something like this before? Was it 2020? Many stories from that year showed the same result. What did it look like before? Isn’t there a name for it now?
Historical Narratives and Should We Change Them to Fit our Modern Culture?
We should not alter the past to appease those who are offended by historical facts that they deem unacceptable in our cultures today
Sen. Johnson: "The bottom line here is the vaccine does not prevent infection, does not prevent transmission, so why would we make anybody take it? It is insane!"
Rachel Levine Calls on Doctors to Push Puberty Blockers and Sex Reassignment Surgery for Children
Normalization of transgenderism in our nation’s children
Kari Lake talks about the corruption in Arizona’s elections
The conflict of interest is everywhere and it is beyond disturbing
Should God Apologize to Sodom?
Is there any hope left? Of course there is, but it’s coming from some pretty unexpected places
Catholic bishop knows just how to respond when Hillary Clinton compares America to Afghanistan, Iran over abortion rights
Bishop J. Strickland : Please, please don’t listen to this evil woman. Her lies and immorality need to be silenced for the good of humanity.
With over 30,000 North Carolina residents left without power, leftists circulate conspiracy theory that conservative vandals are to blame
MSNBC security analyst: It was probably those ‘anti-drag show’ terrorists who shot up electrical substations
This is just another example of the huge blind spot this administration has for the feelings, cares and concerns of Americans just trying to live their lives day to day
We Are Just State Slaves: The Source of The Wealth That Congress Spends Like Drunken Sailors
United States government has become so corrupt that it resembles the Mafia more than it does a government
We the Great Unwashed and the Washington Beltway Bubble
Know God, know America. No God, no America

NYT needs to end silence on Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine 
Thomas Friedman and Kathleen Kingsbury – some answers and an op-ed please
David Singer
Brazil Military Kills “Red Command” Cartel Leaders, Prepares Take Over
Sources on the ground now confirm that the Army is mobilizing and has eliminated key leaders of the Communist-allied drug cartels in Rio
News on the Net
Trudeau giving Quebec a special deal on carbon tax
“Trudeau’s special deal for Quebec shows the carbon tax was always about politics, not the environment"
Canadian Taxpayers Federation
Klaus Schwab: “Change is not just happening, it is shaped by us”
Create a crisis: Pandemics… War… and now Climate Crisis
News on the Net
Klaus Schwab: “Change is not just happening, it is shaped by us”
Create a crisis: Pandemics… War… and now Climate Crisis
Chinese government is turning the QR code COVID passport into a modern electronic tagging to prevent residents from going outside
By a click of a button the Chinese government remotely switched all these people's COVID passport to code yellow or red to stop them from leaving Guangzhou city
Walking Home—your Covid Passports have been switched off by the Chinese Government
With yellow QR code, they can't take any transports (bus,train,plane)
Chinese police in hazmat suits going from door-to-door to visit the families , who dared to scream out windows in lockdown
Aren't you happy now with the latest Smartphone with all those 'wonderful' Apps.... er.... tracking devices

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