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We now live under the tyranny of 546 monarchs and ‘monarchettes’ within our Federal government and their gutless accomplices who lurk in the shadows of society

A Lightning Bolt of Insight Regarding Obama and the Media!

By —— Bio and Archives--January 16, 2013

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Amazing things happen when you pray to the Holy Spirit for vision and clarity.  If you are old enough to remember enjoying playing with a kaleidoscope, you know how a slight twist of a wrist can dramatically alter the view.  After reading several emails from CFP friends and hearing several comments on talk radio, I enjoyed a lightning bolt of insight regarding Obama and the media.

Conservatives and patriots continuously lament the perception that the Goebbels media are lap dogs for Obama, and the Communists within our government.  After slapping myself in the head while having a V-8, I realized that the reverse is true.  Obama and the Communists are the lap dogs of the dons of the media who are members of a larger mafia of malfeasant miscreants within the Bilderberg elitists and their related, narcissist cabals.  They control the narrative, so they can ignore/deflect rightful concern and criticism of issues like Ft. Hood, Fast and Furious and the Benghazi massacre while generating attacks against those who stand for morality, ethics and principles.   

Once you realize who wags the dog, everything falls into place.  It is not an accident that all members of the traditional media are charter members of the Bilderberg elitists, including Fox News and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).  Fox News and the WSJ may not be as invested in the destruction of the U. S. as the other hood rats, but they play their roles well.  They also provide needed cover for all of the alphabet anarchists (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) who protect their own while gutting anyone with the temerity to believe in God, respect our constitution and cherish all of the positives that have made the U. S. the envy of the world.  Their allegiance is to themselves, not to our country, and certainly not to the American populace.

The same people who are intent upon destroying the U. S. are those who have been surreptitiously infusing sustainable development/U. N. Agenda 21 across the globe for twenty years.  This agenda is wholly unconstitutional and encompasses all of the attacks being waged upon the American citizen and taxpayer.  They have infiltrated and corrupted both major political parties, our Federal government, electoral process and legal system.  Several dons are American traitors, others are just greedy narcissists from Europe and elsewhere who get their jollies by controlling and hurting others.  They have teamed with equally greedy and narcissistic middle-level sellouts (U. S. President, VP, members of Congress and the SCOTUS, union thug management and lobbyists).  Together, they use the unwitting, low hanging fruit within society as pawns to ram their perdition upon the distracted proletariat on the global chessboard.

These puppeteers are doubly dangerous.  They hate people and they work in the shadows in pushing people’s buttons and pressing their agenda.  Each crisis is an opportunity to pour rock salt into the wounds they have inflicted upon us.  People’s faith in God, our constitution, national sovereignty and personal freedoms must give way to a globalist agenda in which self-appointed elitists control the lives of the great unwashed.  They employ their expertise within the media to pull the strings of people’s emotion.  Common sense, morals and ethics are overpowered by people’s emotions purposely aroused by the media.  They don’t build consensus, they impose their myopic consensus by employing the Cold War ruse called the Delphi Technique, along with incorporating the Hegelian Dialectic.

Gun control, indoctrination in lieu of education, attacks upon people’s religious beliefs, degraded healthcare, higher taxes, draconian regulations, open/porous borders, a reduced quality of life, alleged racism, a weakened military, the juxtaposition of patriots and terrorists/traitors, etc., all play prominently in the grand scheme of destroying the U. S., herding us into a global, sustainable, and controlled society.  What an oxymoronic Utopia, but many people buy into the lies of the puppeteers!

But, as Ron Popeil was known to say, ‘There’s still more!’  The elites have mastered ways to offload employee compensation by using taxpayer money to control the masses. 

Unemployment ‘compensation’ has become the ‘new normal,’ buying people’s silence and civility, ‘gently’ tightening the noose of elitist control around the unsuspecting beneficiaries.

Additionally, grant funding allows the stealth diverting of taxpayer monies to fund the elitists’ Communist agenda.  Adding fuel to the fire they have ignited, they know higher tax rates result in lower tax revenues.  This is part of the equation for destroying a thriving economy and free people.  After all, they control how taxes are levied on various sources of income, so they care little about tax rates on ‘earned income;’ that is so not bourgeoisie.  The elitists play the masses for fools, realizing that their media comrades are in place to marginalize anyone who speaks the truth.     

God was invited by our Founding Fathers to oversee our escape from the tyranny of one monarch and the establishment of an entirely different form of governance.  We now live under the tyranny of 546 monarchs and ‘monarchettes’ within our Federal government and their gutless accomplices who lurk in the shadows of society.  It is time for men, women and children of faith, who love our blessed country, to implore Almighty God to provide us with a backdoor escape from the hellish nightmare being foisted upon us by the elites of the world at our expense.

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A.J. Cameron was born in Kansas City, MO, and raised in Prairie Village, KS. He is a graduate of Rockhurst High School and University of Kansas, and is a the former president of the Native Sons & Daughters of Greater Kansas City. Having worked for international and local, start-up companies, A. J. brings a wide range of insight to many of the challenging issues of the day. A.J. seeks to engage readers on key issues with views grounded in time-tested principles and common sense.

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