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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Pays Tribute to Islam With His Feet

Proving that socks really are for puppets, Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used his as a kind of Islamic flag worn on the feet at yesterday’s Gay Pride parade in Toronto.

The Ramadan socks Trudeau sported, with his official photographer in tow, promote a so-called ‘religion’ that cavalierly throws gays to their deaths from the tops of tall buildings.

“Text on the socks read “Eid Mubarak,” honouring the religious holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, which coincides with Gay Pride this year.” (National Post, June 26, 2017)

By Judi McLeod - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

Leftopaths, the Cycle of Violence Continues

There is nothing new under the sun: Ecclesiastes 1:9

While the above phrase was written over 2,000 years ago, the author of Ecclesiastes composed one of the most profound truisms in history. There really is nothing new under the sun when it comes to human beings and that predictability has often been used by unscrupulous scoundrels to manipulate people. Such is the case in today’s democrats/leftists who are playing into the hands of Leftopathic leaders intent on creating the chaos needed to bring about a new world order.

From their exalted positions in fields ranging from entertainment, politics, business, and news media, malevolent puppet-masters like Arianna Huffington, Beyonce, Whoopi Goldberg, Loretta Lynch, George Soros and Rachel Maddow bang the drums of war and hate to their base turning many of them into useful idiots willing to commit acts of violence, civil disobedience, intimidation, and worse. 

Political violence is nothing new to the Democratic Party. For instance, in 1856, democratic Congressman Preston Brooks nearly beat republican Senator Charles Sumner to death in the Capitol Building over the slavery issue; the Opelousas, Louisiana, Massacre in 1868 in which white democrats killed some 300 blacks and another 35-50 whites; the Wilmington, North Carolina insurrection of 1898 in which white Democratic Party insurgents overthrew the legitimately elected local government, killing between 15-60 people and destroying large sections of black owned businesses/houses; Democrat George Wallace and the Selma March in 1963. The current rounds of violence and anarchy are simply the external workings of the same old Democratic Party that has replaced the support of slavery with the anarchistic methods of Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and combined them with Antonio Francesco Gramsci’s “Prison Notebook” amongst others to create a democratic “no quarter” policy. Thus the “leaders” of the Leftopaths are simply using the longtime Democratic Party’s favorite tactics of violence and intimidation.

By Steven Neill - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

SCOTUS allows most of Trump travel ban to go into effect - will hear oral arguments in the fall

Today, the Supreme court agreed to hear oral arguments regarding President Trump’s travel ban that would impact people entering the U.S. from six predominantly-Muslim countries.  They’ll be hearing those oral arguments in the fall but, in the meantime, they’ve decided that most of the ban can go into effect.  It’s expected to take somewhere in the neighborhood of 72 hours for that to happen.

From the Washington Times:

Justices said the lower court rulings that blocked Mr. Trump’s policy were far too broad, and said the president can begin to enforce his ban against foreigners who don’t already have some ties to the U.S.

By Robert Laurie - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

The “Crime of the Century” is Bad Journalism

The latest propaganda piece from The Washington Post, “Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault,” is based, as usual, mostly on anonymous sources determined to make former President Barack Obama look good. The gist is that Obama tried his best to punish Russia for alleged interference in the 2016 election, but he fell short and left the matter in the hands of President Donald Trump, who has done nothing.

So Trump is blamed for Obama’s failure. How convenient.

The essence of the piece is that “intelligence” was “captured” that somehow proved that Russian President Vladimir Putin gave “specific instructions” that he wanted to “defeat or at least damage the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, and help elect her opponent, Donald Trump.”

By Cliff Kincaid - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

Crime expands according to our willingness to put up with it

The Democrats are a network of criminals who seek to sabotage this past election using the press, various progressive organizations and George Soros NGO’s.  Their deceptive practices are direct assaults on our electoral process and threatens the stability of our republic. Their “Resistance” supported by powerful Democrats and their activists, use inciting rhetoric fomenting violence leading to attempted assassinations of dozens of GOP congressman by Bernie Sanders supporter, James T. Hodgkinson.

Although the Trump-Russia narrative of collusion has been dispelled by lack of evidence, it still makes headlines. Although Lyin’ Chuck Schumer kept repeating a lie, there was never a FBI investigation of President Trump.  The Democrats and their media complex run with fake news in order to run away from the long list of potentially criminal and unethical activities of their friends in the Democrat Party.

By Megan Barth - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

Our point-by-point rebuttal to Obama’s Facebook attack on the GOP health bills

Alternate headline: Guy whose signature legislative achievement was a disaster from the start is furious anyone noticed.

You knew he wouldn’t keep quiet, right? And to be fair, he never gave a George W. Bush-style vow of silence for the benefit of his successor. With Obama it was more like, I’ll only talk if I really want to.

And while he’s no longer president, some things never change. Chief among them the fact that he still believes no one can get anything unless the government a) provides it to them; or b) forces a third party to provide it to them on the government’s terms. That’s the only way to make any sense of what he’s claiming here:

By Dan Calabrese - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

CBS confronts Nancy Pelosi with montage of people calling for her to step down - she goes full-on de

As you’re no doubt aware, I’m a huge fan of Nancy Pelosi. If you’re a conservative writer, or a just conservative in general, you should be praying that her tenure as House Minority Leader continues. From her incredible losing streak to her completely deranged press conferences, she’s the gift that keeps on giving.

A short time ago, on CBS This Morning, Pelosi made an in-studio appearance. Depending on your point of view, it was either a total mess or one of the greatest things you’ve ever seen. It started with a montage of Democrats calling for Pelosi’s ouster.  This visibly displeased the San Francisco Democrat, so the segment devolved into a long, rambling, defense of her abilities.  ...Much of which made absolutely no sense.

By Robert Laurie - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

The Promise of Repeal via Grant-Making

At the Values Voter Summit in 2013, in a video message, then Representative Paul Ryan said, “We can never give up on repealing and replacing Obamacare.

That was then, this is now.

Following the fortunate demise of ‘Ryancare’ (a.k.a. Obamacare Lite) in March, Senate leadership has introduced , this past week, their Republican version of socialized medicine in America with the Senate Healthcare Reform Bill (a.k.a. Obamacare Lite II).

By Dr. Marguerite Creel - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

CIA apparently told Obama in August 2016 that Putin was trying to help Trump win

The latest liberal line on this is, “Why hasn’t Trump expressed his outrage?” I guess that’s supposed to serve as some sort of proof that he must have been in on it. I eagerly await their statements of satisfaction when Trump tweets, “How dare the Russians help me win!”

But really, there’s not a lot here we hadn’t figured out a long time ago. Putin hates Hillary, probably because she’s a liar and a horrible human being, and didn’t want to have to deal with her. He probably also viewed Trump as an amateur he’d be able to roll, but I think it was more about his extreme disdain for Hillary and the expectation that there would be no real way to deal with her because you can’t believe a word she says.

Anyway, if the Post is to be believed (big if, for sure), Obama had detailed information about this 10 months ago, and that included fairly damning evidence that Putin personally ordered it all to happen:

By Dan Calabrese - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

To the BLM, hippies and nudists more equal than ranchers with cattle

No rancher’s cattle straying away to graze the grass on land the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) considers their own will ever get away with it.

While seven ranchers still languish in jail awaiting trial from incidents connected to the 2016 Malheur National Forest Standoff where rancher LaVoy Finicum was shot down under questionable circumstances, up to 30,000 aimless hangers on to the Rainbow Family of Living Light have outfoxed he BLM once again.

A sort of Occupy Wall Street of the Forest, The Rainbow Family of Living Light has been described as “a loosely organised troupe of nudists, hippies and itinerants that meets every summer for a month-long love-in”.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, June 26, 2017 - Full Story

Not so fast, Mr. Scaramucci, CNN anything but classy

An early morning Tweet posted by Anthony Scaramucci, an adviser to Trump during the presidential campaign and a member of his transition team’s executive committee, after CNN removed from its website, scrubbing all links from its social media accounts, a story involving an investigation of a Russian investment fund with potential ties to several associates of President Donald Trump:

@CNN did the right thing. Classy move. Apology accepted. Everyone makes mistakes. Moving on.

By Judi McLeod - Saturday, June 24, 2017 - Full Story

Planned Parenthood’s Desperate Attempt to get Jon Ossoff Elected

If the truth, rather than media propaganda got to tell the story, this is what really went down in Tuesday’s special Georgia election:

Planned Parenthood poured big money in trying to elect Democrat pro-abortion crusader Jon Ossoff to Congress in Tuesday’s special election in Georgia—but ended up instead aborting aborting his election chances.

“With $734,000 in campaign contributions, the abortion giant was the second-biggest spender on the Democratic side of the ledger — only trailing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which poured $4.9 million into the race.” (Washington Times, June 21, 2017)

Nor did the millions sent by Hollywood to the $30-million race find success.

By Judi McLeod - Thursday, June 22, 2017 - Full Story

Democrats trapped in their hate-filled corner

So-called ‘White Obama’ Jon Ossoff’s defeat in the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional district yesterday makes it clear that the Democrats are going down in the water for the third time with no lifeguard coming to save them.

Resistance leaders Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the hordes of entertainment industry celebrities, mainstream media puppets, their hate-spewing and violence are killing the Democrat Party and driving it deeper into exile.

By Judi McLeod - Thursday, June 22, 2017 - Full Story

OFA Organizing for Anarchy Recruitment

Five months after his blatantly hypocritical ‘I-wish-the-new-president-well’  departure from the White House,  Organizing for America is raising money for Obama as Leader of the Resistance poised to take President Donald Trump down.

Organizing for America and spinoff Organizing for Action—one and the same—is the chief fundraiser organization for Obama in private life: renegade rabble rouser for the progressive left’s planned re-takeover of a largely unsuspecting America.

By Judi McLeod - Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - Full Story

America: They’re Coming To Take Down Your President

America: They’re coming to take down your president.  They’re calling it the noble mission of an impeccably honest and above-board ‘special’ investigation, mounted by the Robert Mueller ‘Dream Team’, without anyone saying that the fix was in long before the Big Hunt got underway.

It’s an initiative whose narrative is being written by the full-of-hate Democrats in defeat, disseminated, world-wide by the mainstream media. 

Find your situational awareness and be prepared to take cover because Mueller’s handpicked Dream Team is the nightmare from which it will be impossible to shake yourself awake.

By Judi McLeod - Monday, June 19, 2017 - Full Story

‘Hiker of the Appalachian Trail’ lectures cussing senior citizens

You would think that Republican Congressman Mark Sanford media-dubbed as “hiker of the Appalachian Trail”, would be the last one to blame President Donald Trump for being “partially to blame” for the severe divide in politics currently plaguing the nation.

But you would be wrong.

“I would argue that the President is at least in partially—again not in any way totally, but partially to blame for demons that have been unleashed,” Mark Sanford, R-SC, said on MSNBC. (ABC, June 15, 2017)

By Judi McLeod - Friday, June 16, 2017 - Full Story

Within the passing of a single day: From Baseball Practice to the Interstate

Yesterday it was a hate-crazed, anti-Trump, Bernie Sanders supporter shooting and critically wounding House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise and injuring four others at a baseball practice.

The day before, at 4 p.m. EST, Tuesday it was a truck driver taking shots at a vehicle displaying an American flag and a ‘Make America Great Again’ flag.

By Judi McLeod - Friday, June 16, 2017 - Full Story

“Jihadi Jane” Lands a New Gig—(Kathy Griffin to Entertain ISIS)

“Americans just don’t appreciate good humor these days,” lamented Kathy Griffin in a hastily planned phone interview with Hugh Betcha, Ace Reporter for the StoosViews International Media Conglomerate. Hugh, winner of the CNN award for “Conservative Reporter We Would Most Like to Hang With, 2017,” a reporter respected on both sides of the aisle in Foggy Bottom, who walks with kings and princes—recently returning from the Mideast where he was asked to secretly broker a peace treaty between the Palestinians and Israel—is the go to guy when Hollywood wants publicity.  Just finishing up his review of Al Gore’s newest book, ‘Inconvenient Humans’ © 2017, he had some spare time. Griffin, eager to share her plans with the world and show she is still relevant , explained.

“Obviously a lot of folks did not appreciate the Trump severed head thing. I don’t care who you are, that was freaking hilarious,” she giggled.  “I got a lot of undeserved flack for that one—which disappointed me greatly and just showed that most Americans are uncultured,lack political sophistication and do not enjoy a good bloody head gag. When did we lose our sense of humor?”

By William Kevin Stoos - Friday, June 16, 2017 - Full Story

Progressive Resistance Fomenting for Trump Assassination?

Should the Barack Obama-led Resistance get one of their stoked-up crazies to assassinate President Donald Trump, (God forbid) they’ll be sure to say that their thoughts and prayers are with him —and always were.

There will be no questions from the mainstream media about the 15 times celebrities so graphically envisioned violence against Trump and the GOP. (Breitbart, June 14, 2017

MSM types,  who, like their hero Chris Matthews,  switch over from sympathy for the loved ones of the killed and injured to misplaced sympathy for their would-be assassins in the blink of an eye.  They would metaphorically show up at the funerals of innocents sporting black arm bands as if they had no part in stoking the violence that led to shootings like the one yesterday that left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise fighting for his life.

By Judi McLeod - Thursday, June 15, 2017 - Full Story

It’s Time to Demand the Obama-led Resistance to STOP THE HATRED!

It was only a matter of time before the wishful thinking of the progressive left, who celebrate the decapitation and assassination of President Donald Trump in comedy and ‘art’, manifested itself in real life.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, who endorsed President Trump during last year’s presidential campaign, and has been a vocal backer of Trump’s travel ban, was shot in the hip and multiple Congressional aides were hit by a gunman with a rifle who opened fire at a baseball practice in Virginia Wednesday morning.

By Judi McLeod - Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - Full Story