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Poll: 80% oppose sanctuary cities, majority support Trump immigration orders, including travel ban

80% is a yuge number. In polling terms, that’s almost astronomical. 80% of the American people almost never agree on anything.  Yet that’s the number of respondents who want to end sanctuary cities in favor of local law enforcement reporting illegals to the feds.

That’s the top line of a new Harvard–Harris Poll, which contains some very good news for Trump and some very bad news for Democrats.

80% believe that cities which arrest illegals should be forced to turn them over to the feds.

By Robert Laurie - Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - Full Story

Chuck Schumer, the nomination game is over

BombThrowers:Earlier this month, Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer went to work yet again to impede Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court — and he seems certain to again needle the nominee when his confirmation hearing begins March 20.

Sen. Schumer, in his attempt to discredit Judge Gorsuch’s judicial independence, remarked that Gorsuch “avoided answers like the plague” after the nominee endured what must have been a vexing onslaught of pervasive and politically charged questions.

By Guest Column -- Kameron Gonzalez, BombThrowers- Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - Full Story

President Trump Reverses Obama’s Lawless Bathroom Directive

WASHINGTON, D.C. - President Donald Trump is expected to revoke the Obama administration’s lawless directive that sought to impose a so-called transgender or “bathroom” directive on public schools. The Obama directive would have forced schools to allow boys to uses the bathrooms and locker rooms with which they subjectively self-identify rather than their biological sex. Obama’s directive threatened school funding if schools did not comply.

By News on the Net - Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - Full Story

Regulatory red tape is strangling economic growth

OAKLAND, California — The regulatory burden on business — much of it unwarranted — has been increasing for decades. 

One way to help restore America’s once robust competitive edge is to clean out the executive branch’s Augean stables from which heavy-handed regulations issue nearly every day.

Complying with regulations now costs individuals and businesses, both large and small, about $4 trillion every year, according to economists at George Mason University’s Mercatus Center.  That’s about $13,000 per person.

By Guest Column -- William F. Shughart II- Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - Full Story

Do the Trump-haters even know what they’re against?

The “Not My President” protests on Presidents Day were further evidence that liberals are simply against anything and anybody Trump!

When Tucker Carlson asked a protester on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to name one specific thing they were protesting against, he shifted the subject to other protests that had occurred. His apparent point was that a lot of people are anti-Trump, but he could not name one serious policy he’s against, other than the fact that Trump has not released his tax returns.

By Herman Cain - Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - Full Story

Make corporate welfare great again?


If President Trump is serious about “draining the swamp,” then he can’t go soft on a government agency like the Export-Import Bank that benefits big business and their lobbyists and regularly generates a plethora of campaign cash for both Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

The Ex-Im Bank provides loans to foreign governments wanting to purchase products from U.S. companies. It also offers U.S. companies insurance on those loans (loan guarantees). The rates on those loans and loan guarantees are usually lower than those in the private sector. It is sometimes referred to as “Boeing’s Bank” because the aviation giant is the bank’s biggest beneficiary.

But watching the White House smokestacks isn’t terribly helpful on this issue.

By Guest Column -- David Hogberg, Bombthrowers- Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - Full Story

Former President Obama and his Paid Thugs Trying to Topple Trump

The violent thugs who disrupted Rep. Tom McClintock’s recent town hall meeting in Roseville, CA were clearly organized and had a plan. There was nothing organic about that town hall riot, or any of the other town hall meetings held by Congressional Republicans around the country, ending in violent protests.

“From California to Florida, liberal activists are bringing the fight to the doorsteps of GOP lawmakers, marching on the streets of their hometowns and making legislators’ lives miserable as they attend meetings and town halls with constituents,” The Hill recently wrote. “Hundreds of protesters lined the streets of downtown Janesville, Wis., on Saturday—just blocks from the home of Speaker Paul Ryan (R)—to protest President Trump’s executive order on immigration.”

There is a playbook for this: It’s called Indivisible: A practical guide for resisting the Trump Agenda. Written by former congressional staffers who watched the rise of the Tea Party, they have launched an aggressive assault promoting a radical progressive agenda intent on crushing the Trump Administration and the United States of America.

By Katy Grimes - Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - Full Story

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Says it’s Time to End the UN’s Anti-Israel Bias

The Trump administration’s U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has hit the ground running.  She spoke truth to power by strongly calling out the United Nations for its anti-Israel bias and double standards. Her predecessor, Samantha Power, never came close.

After attending her first regular meeting of the UN Security Council devoted to the Middle East, including the Palestinian-Israeli situation, Ambassador Haley remarked to reporters, “The first thing I want to do is talk about what we just saw in there.” Calling the meeting “a bit strange,” Ambassador Haley noted the Security Council’s obsession with singling out Israel for condemnation.

By Joseph A. Klein - Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - Full Story

There’s no defending Milo Yiannopoulos, but that doesn’t justify the Berkeley riots against him

Today we know that Milo Yiannopoulos is a very disturbed individual who has been involved in, and advocated, detestable things. That’s why the Conservative Political Action Conference rightly revoked its invitation to him to speak. It also appears to have cost him his book deal with Simon & Schuster, and may cost him his job at Breitbart as well.

Tough stuff, but given what we now know about the guy, there is simply no defending him. (And if you’re inclined to try, you might want to check this out first. If you’re still inclined to try, please leave

As to the larger question of whether Yiannopoulos’s known opinions prior to this qualified him as a real conservative as opposed to some sort of alt-right provocateur, I’ll just say this: Conservatives sometimes make the mistake of thinking that anyone who enrages the left must be their friend, and that more enraged the left is, the better the friend. Yeah. That’s a mistake.

By Dan Calabrese - Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - Full Story
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