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The Leftist shadow state

The Leftist shadow state
The American Left, their subordinate Democrat Party, and their media outlets, the mainstream media, have been wholly functioning in the tradition of Pravda and Communist Party centralized decision-making for several years now.

And the defeat of the Democrats in holding onto the White House by the election of Donald Trump to the White House has now revealed the extent to which the Democrats have gone to try and abolish a multi-party system and replace it with a government wholly run by one Party.

By Rolf Yungclas - Monday, February 19, 2018 - Full Story

The 51st State: Denial

The 51st State: Denial
Denial is not a river in Egypt. Denial is a psychological condition where the person or persons suffering from it refuse to acknowledge that a problem or reality exists. Alcoholics are really good at this. They don’t have a drinking problem. It’s the rest of the world that has the problem. But over the past 30 or 40 years, Americans of all sorts have entered into what amounts to a state of national denial.

For instance, the majority of Americans are patriotic capitalists, but we have allowed the Ministry of Leftist Propaganda, aka, the “mainstream” media, to convince us that we are a minority. This, in spite of election after election empirically indicating otherwise. And on the flip side of this, in spite of election after election having the candidates who claim to be conservative, patriotic capitalists that we put into office, almost immediately upon taking said office, vote with the communist/fascist cabal to spend, spend, borrow and spend, and take away our God-given freedoms. There’s a reality that exists here, a genuine problem, that we seem unable to admit to ourselves. Denial.

By Michael Oberndorf, RPA - Sunday, February 18, 2018 - Full Story

Here’s the real sordid skinny on the FBI

Here's the real sordid skinny on the FBI

In a recent column published in Canada Free Press “This Is Your FBI”, I posited the notion the FBI enjoyed an undeserved favorable reputation fabricated by the entertainment media that produces fanciful stories for public consumption attesting to spectacular exploits of its agents. It’s all BS! The truth is the FBI has since its founding been mostly a political institution with a sideline of fighting crime.

By Bob Christie - Saturday, February 17, 2018 - Full Story

Trump Hating Romney Still Wants to be President

Like his father, Mitt Romney has a burning desire to become President
In 1968, Michigan Governor George Romney failed in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. The ambition to serve as our nation’s Commander-in-Chief was shared by his son, Willard “Mitt” Romney, who attempted to win the presidency four decades later. In 2008, Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts, lost the GOP nomination battle to U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), who was subsequently destroyed by Barack Obama in the general election.

By Jeff Crouere - Saturday, February 17, 2018 - Full Story

Two Americas: Freedom or ‘Safety’

Two Americas: Freedom or 'Safety'
We live in two Americas. One cherishes freedom, the other demands safety and is willing to give up freedoms to achieve it.

Recent surveys have shown a stark difference between the Left and Right on issues of patriotism and government’s role in our lives. The Left wants and depends on big government, almost to a point of religious fervor. Liberals feel government is the only entity that can control the malevolence of mankind. The Right sees government as a necessary evil. Controlling the hostile tendencies of men and women belongs both to government and religion.

By Ray DiLorenzo - Saturday, February 17, 2018 - Full Story

Harvard’s new rule replaces free thinkers with goose steppers

Harvard's Intolerance
RALEIGH, NC— Harvard, like many elite universities, has become increasingly intolerant.  It has sought, through a series of administrative decisions, to substitute its own values for the individual moral consciences of its students and to punish those who stray from the university’s narrow dogma.

Most recently, Harvard moved to ban all exclusive social clubs, including fraternities and sororities, by 2022.
Despite Harvard’s promises that student rights are of primary importance on campus, the proposal would deprive students of their fundamental right to freedom of association, enshrined in the First Amendment.

By Jenna A. Robinson - Saturday, February 17, 2018 - Full Story

NY Abortionist - “Taking Life” Empowers Women

NY Abortionist - Taking Life Empowers Women
BROOKLYN, NY - Merle Hoffman, president and CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Clinic (Choices) in Jamaica, New York, who was questioned under oath yesterday by Liberty Counsel, has said that the “act of abortion positions women at their most powerful” because abortion gives women “power-and the responsibility-of taking life” so that they may control their own lives. “Merle Hoffman has acknowledged the obvious—that abortion is the taking of human life. What is shocking is that she believes killing a helpless child empowers women by enabling them to achieve their selfish goals,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

By Liberty Counsel - Saturday, February 17, 2018 - Full Story

Is CA Senate Rigging Report In Harassment Probe of Sen. Tony Mendoza?

President Pro Tem Kevin DeLeon, Sen. Tony Mendoza
In an exclusive interview to the Flash Report, a California State Senate senior staffer revealed a behind-the-scenes plot to save, or at least continue the Senate paycheck of Democrat Senator Tony Mendoza (Artesia), who in multiple media reports and news articles is alleged to be a serial sexual harasser of women in his own Senate office.

The Senate staffer, who has worked several years in the Legislature under multiple leaders, requested anonymity for fear of workplace reprisals.

By Katy Grimes - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

Next Discussion on “The View”—Will Joy Behar Hear the Voice of God?

Next Discussion on
After a half century of teaching eschatological doctrine found in the Bible I was not too surprised to hear of Joy Behar’s recent comments about Vice President Mike Pence.

Years ago I began to tell students of second coming doctrines that at the beginning, those who become militant about their secular world view will begin to accuse Christians of mental disorders. The first people jailed under the coming antichrist, will be held for their own protection as mentally deficit.

Not long after that they will be jailed under mandate of the world’s last dictator. By then, using the pretense of “mentally unstable” will no longer be necessary. Elimination is what scriptures say is next.

By Rev. Michael Bresciani - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

Dear Lord, what were you thinking?

Dear Lord, what were you thinking?
What a marvelous evening it was. World-class drummer Tommy Igoe and his Birdland All-Stars treated the George Mason University Center for the Arts audience to a joyous evening of jazz, funk, Brazilian and original music that featured new renditions of classics by David Bowie, The Police, Steely Dan, Charlie Parker and other famed artists. Every high-energy number captivated these jazz aficionados.

It was the band’s third stop on a month-long, 20-city “Art of Jazz” tour. Ten brilliant musicians on brass, guitar, percussion and keyboard, from US coasts and beyond, revved up the tempo for 90 solid minutes. As they played, eleventh artist Jeremy Sutton captured the action on canvas, paper and iPad. With bold, splashy strokes, he brought the players and instruments to life in colorful montages. It was mesmerizing.

By Paul Driessen - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

This Obumer Hangover Just Won’t Go Away

This Obumer Hangover Just Won't Go Away
One of the primary accusations against President Nixon that caused him to resign was that even though he was never shown to be personally aware of any abuses committed in his name,  he fostered an environment that encouraged such behaviour.

The truth is finally seeing the light of day.  And what do we see?  That President Obama was if not personally complicit in the growing list of abuses exposed,  he set the tone and offered cover for his minions as they ran amuck trashing the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, FISA, and any other agency that could advance his transformative agenda, secure the nomination for Hillary, and thwart Trump’s nomination, election, and administration.

By Dr. Robert R. Owens - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

CNN exploits a mother’s grief

This morning, February 16, 2018, CNN sank to a new journalistic low by exploiting the grief of a mother mourning her slain Florida high school-age daughter.

Just after she’d spent two hours making funeral arrangements for Alyssa Alhadeff, the network handed Lori Alhadeff a microphone, and faced her toward their camera where she yelled at President Trump to “do something” to stop this from happening.

This is a new low for a news outlet on a mission to discredit the sitting President of the United States by, in this instance, implying that he was, by some willful inaction, complicit in the murder of the young girl.

It illustrates the appalling depth to which the network is willing to go to attack Trump – by merchandising a child’s death to advance its political agenda.

Has CNN no shame?

By Lee Cary - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

We were given detailed tips about Florida shooter’s guns, desire to kill, shooting plans Jan. 5

FBI statement: we were given detailed tips about Florida shooter's guns, desire to kill, and school shooting plans on Jan 5th. 'protocols were not fol
What in the hell is going on at the FBI.

Yesterday, we talked about how the FBI received a tip regarding a YouTube post supposedly made by Parkland Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz back in September.  In it he claimed he wanted to become a “professional school shooter.” The FBI, allegedly, made cursory inquiries into the matter and then dropped it.

That was bad enough.

By Robert Laurie - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

Evangelical Pastor, Trump supporter, Mark Burns to seek Gowdy’s seat

Evangelical Pastor, Trump supporter, Mark Burns to seek Gowdy's seat
A few weeks ago, news broke that Trey Gowdy would be leaving politics, abandoning his House seat, and heading off to an unspecified career in the justice system.  Yesterday, in an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Gowdy said he misses his old job where, as he put it, “facts matter.”

By Robert Laurie - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

Deputy AG Rosenstein speaks on law enforcement announcement

By Fox News - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

Mitt’s back. Has he figured out that people like money, or does he just want to be the new McCain?

Mitt's back. Has he figured out that people like money, or does he just want to be the new McCain?
The cult of Romney is enjoying its own private rapture this morning, as the thing they’ve been demanding since 2015 is finally happening.  Mitt Romney has returned to the political stage, and has announced his campaign for the Utah Senate seat held by the retiring Orrin Hatch.

By Robert Laurie - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

Cruz: If dreamers get citizenship, there’s a good chance Trump gets impeached

Cruz: If dreamers get citizenship, there's a good chance Trump gets impeached
Yesterday, Ted Cruz appeared on Fox and Friends where he blasted Republicans who are trying to - in his words - gallop to the left o Barack Obama’s immigration policy.  As the Senator puts it, DACA gave work permits to around 600,000 illegals.  That was unconstitutional, and bad enough, but now some Republicans are trying to out-Obama the former President by lining up to support bills that give citizenship to almost 1.8 million illegals.

Host Brian Kilmeade pointed out that it’s simply part of a deal to get other things they want, but Cruz shot back:

By Robert Laurie - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

The infantile reflex to think ‘our leaders’ can put an end to rising evil

The infantile reflex to think 'our leaders' can put an end to rising evil
We’ve been over this before, and there’s no sense writing the same column again when you can read the original. I said then and I say now:

The problem is that no one knows a way to do it, or is even sure if there is a way to do it. We make efforts all the time to prevent people from doing bad things. Schools have assemblies and preach against bullying. Bullies are not deterred. We air public service announcements that express the horrors of drunk driving. Drunks still get behind the wheel. It’s not that we shouldn’t try, and it’s not that no one is deterred. Some may be. But the moral drivers behind abject evil, or simple irresponsibility, usually don’t respond that well to earnest, helpful reminders to do the right thing. The fact that we all have to live with people who would do such things in our midst is a regrettable fact of life, but it has been this way since the dawn of time.

By Dan Calabrese - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

The Clinton Dossier

The Clinton Dossier
There were many damning revelations in the Nunes memo released by a House Intelligence Committee vote. But the most damning of them all doesn’t raise questions about process, but about motive.

The memo told us that the FISA application would not have happened without the Steele dossier. The document known as the Steele dossier was a work product of the Clinton campaign. Not only was Christopher Steele, the former British intel agent who purportedly produced the document, working for an organization hired by the Clinton campaign, but he shared a memo with the FBI from Cody Shearer, a Clinton operative, listing some of the same allegations as the ones in his dossier. That memo has raised questions about whether Steele had been doing original research or just dressing up a smear by Shearer.

By Daniel Greenfield - Friday, February 16, 2018 - Full Story

The United States Constitution vs. Leftists

The United States Constitution vs. Leftists
When leftists don’t get their way, much like a 5-year-old child, they usually throw a tantrum and resort to extreme measures without regard to the consequences. A recent example of this kind of childish behavior is on display where California now wants to secede from the United States because Donald Trump won the Presidential election.  They are calling the movement “Calexit” named closely after “Brexit” where the U.K. passed a referendum to leave the European Union. The California strategy, which is picking up momentum, is planning for California to secede from the U.S. by 2020. But just as an emotional outburst doesn’t lend itself to clear logical reasoning, many questions remain unanswered regarding how California will handle its infrastructure needs, military obligations, and currency, etc. as a separate country.

By Rick Hayes - Thursday, February 15, 2018 - Full Story