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Muslim Leaders Criticize Israel’s Metal Detectors at the Temple Mount

Last Friday, three Arabs killed two Israeli police officers who were guarding an entrance to Jerusalem’s holy compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary. The police officers were shot with arms that had evidently been smuggled into the compound and stashed there. This latest attack was another in an unending series of terrorist murders of Israelis, but this time the attack took place at Old Jerusalem’s sacred site itself. It also may have been orchestrated by a Hezbollah-run cell, acting on orders from Iran, according to a Debkafile report based on its intelligence and counterterrorism sources. 

“The pro-Iranian terror group has long been suspected of recruiting networks in some Israeli Arab communities,” the Debkafile report stated. “By striking Temple Mount, Iran and Hizballah targeted both Israel and Jordan, which claims religious custodianship of its mosques.”

By Joseph A. Klein - Sunday, July 23, 2017 - Full Story

Israel - a cybersecurity powerhouse

According to the June 15, 2017 Wall Street Journal, six Israeli startups (three in the cybersecurity sector) are among the top 25 tech companies, which may be the global leaders of tomorrow.

According to Forbes Magazine, Israel has become a cybersecurity powerhouse, creating more than 300 cybersecurity startups, exporting in 2016 $6.5BN in cybersecurity products, convincing more than 30 multinationals to establish local research & development centers in Israel and attracting foreign investors. According to Forbes, there are six reasons leading to Israel’s prominence in the world of cybersecurity: the close government-military-business-academia interaction; government support of early-stage cybersecurity startups; Israel’s military as a startup incubator and accelerator, combining research and operation; investing in human capital (e.g., cybersecurity is an elective high school matriculation exam, and operating six university cybersecurity research centers); Israel’s overall inter-disciplined and diverse human factor enhanced through military service and interaction with global giants; Israel’s constant need to defy security and commercial odds.

By Yoram Ettinger - Friday, July 21, 2017 - Full Story

Hungary launches PR campaign against George Soros

The Hungarian government has launched a massive public relations campaign against billionaire George Soros for his stance on immigration. The campaign is the latest attempt by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to maintain his popularity in the country, despite the European Union‘s treatment of Hungary as a reactionary pariah.

The Hungarian government accuses Hungarian-born Soros of encouraging illegal immigration—in particular, posing a “national security risk” for wanting to settle hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern immigrants in Hungary. The government has placed billboards and posters in large Hungarian cities with the slogan “Let’s not allow Soros to have the last laugh!”

In response, a spokesman for Soros accused the Hungarian government of anti-Semitism (since Soros is Jewish and fled with his family before the Nazis occupied the nation). But Soros is not popular with the Israeli government either. Although Yossi Amrani, Israel’s ambassador to Hungary, has criticized the anti-Soros campaign, warning that it “sows hatred and fear” and recalls Hungary’s role in the Holocaust, Israel’s foreign ministry has offered its own clarification of the ambassador’s comment, saying:

By BombThrowers -- Jacob Grandstaff- Wednesday, July 19, 2017 - Full Story

Obstacles to peace: a politically-incorrect diagnosis

Political-correctness suggests that the resolution of the Palestinian issue is predicated upon a dramatic Israeli land-concession and the establishment of a Palestinian state: the two state solution.

Moreover, political-correctness has subordinated Middle East reality and long term national security to the achievement of the holy grail of peaceful-coexistence between Jews and Arabs west of the Jordan River.  In the process, the “holy grailers” have oversimplified the highly-complex, unpredictable, violent, intolerant, fragmented Middle East.  This is the same school of thought, which applauded the 1993 (Oslo Accord) and 2005 (uprooting all Jews from Gaza) sweeping Israeli concessions—which, in fact, escalated terror, war and hate education—and misperceived the Arab Tsunami, in 2011, as an “Arab Spring,” the “Youth Revolution” and the “transition towards democracy.”

By Yoram Ettinger - Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - Full Story

Iran: Mounting Tension between President Rouhani and the Revolutionary Guards

The tension between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and the Revolutionary Guards that was evident during the presidential election campaign has intensified in recent weeks and evolved into a confrontation that is unprecedented in its openly severe nature. The current confrontation surrounds two main issues: Iran’s missile strike against Islamic State targets in Syria, and President Rouhani’s criticism of the Revolutionary Guards’ involvement in the economy.

By INSS -- Sima Shine, Raz Zimmt, Anna Catran- Sunday, July 16, 2017 - Full Story

UN Report Acknowledges Partial Responsibility of Palestinian Leaders for the Gaza Crisis

The United Nations has just issued a report entitled “GAZA TEN YEARS LATER - United Nations Country Team in the occupied Palestinian.” It was written from the false perspective that Gaza is still part of the so-called Palestinian territory “occupied” by Israel, which represents the official position of the United Nations as a whole. However, the report also contains some insights into the destructive pattern of conduct by the Palestinian leadership, contributing significantly to the misery of the people of Gaza.

If Israel were truly the “occupier” of Gaza, 12 years after its unilateral withdrawal and 10 years after Hamas’s violent takeover of Gaza from Palestinian Authority control, Hamas would not be ruling Gaza, let alone remaining free to use the territory as a launching pad for terrorist attacks against Israel. Indeed, the UN report itself demonstrated some cognitive dissonance on the question regarding who actually runs Gaza. In one breath the report asserted that Israel is the occupying power in Gaza because of “the control that Israel retained on Gaza’s air space, sea space and external borders continuously.” However, the report also noted the “exercise of government-like functions and territorial control” by the “de facto authorities in Gaza” – i.e., Hamas. The report described how “Hamas has increasingly tightened its grip on power” since seizing control and “was able to sustain its de facto authority and build up its military strength.”

By Joseph A. Klein - Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - Full Story

Miguel Cabrera in Instagram video: ‘Communism in Venezuela has to come to an end’

Miguel Cabrera loves his homeland, and there is much to love about it. Venezuela is a wonderful nation filled with wonderful people.

But right now, it’s being held hostage by a dictatorial, communist regime. And while he is not the type to spout about politics, today the Detroit Tigers superstar first baseman decided he’d had enough. The video is in Spanish, but we’re going to embed it anyway along with key passages translated below:

By Dan Calabrese - Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - Full Story

Identity erasure: Threat to Copts in Egypt

Westerners dealing with global jihad can heed a warning through examination of the struggles of one of the longest surviving and largest remaining Christian minority populations in a jihadi nation. We see that Islam in the majority is never satisfied until the minority is subsumed entirely by its religious-political system, which includes the Arab/Muslim heritage. 

Covert jihad quietly undercuts the values, principles and customs of non-Muslim cultures through the legislative process, justice system and sometimes brute force. This goes on in Egypt where discriminatory laws, customs and built-in biases deny equal access and block minorities from political power. 
Recently, a bill was proposed in Congress to regulate the civil status of newborn babies by assigning strict guidelines to parents choosing a given name. Consistent with the 2014 Sharia-leaning constitution, the proposal is in line with a current law (Article of Law No. 143) enacted in 1994 and derived from Egypt’s now defunct 1971 constitution (Sadat’s era).

By Dr. Ashraf Ramelah - Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - Full Story

Christian Europe Has Become a Muslim Enclave–US Next!

In the early months of 1683, Muslim hordes had plunged their way through Europe and plundered the cities taking slaves and turning the churches into mosques. Thousands of “Christians” were converted to Islam at the point of the sword. The Ottoman Turks, with an army of 140,000 men, had besieged Vienna for two months. Starvation was imminent.

Arriving at the gates of Vienna in the summer of 1683, King Jan III Sobieski, a Polish Catholic called the “savior of Western European Civilization,” successfully fought off the Muslims. The Ottoman Army had almost taken the city. As the city was about to fall, King Sobieski arrived with 29,000 troops to drive off the aggressive Turks. From that time, the Ottoman Empire declined, decayed, and died.

By Dr. Don Boys - Monday, July 10, 2017 - Full Story

UNESCO’s Hebron Resolution Denounces Israel Heritage

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL—The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Committee passed a resolution last Friday which declares that the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron is a Palestinian heritage site. Twelve of the World Heritage Committee’s 21 member states voted in favor of the resolution, three opposed it and six abstained.

The Hebron resolution, debated as part of the committee’s 41st annual summit in Krakow, Poland, names the Tomb of the Patriarchs as the third cultural site on UNESCO’s List of World Heritage in Danger that is in the “State of Palestine.” The other two are the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem and the “cultural landscape of southern Jerusalem, Battir.” The Palestinians submitted the Hebron motion via an expedited procedure, claiming that the area was “threatened” and that Israel was “vandalizing” the site. The committee will convene each year to discuss them.

By Liberty Counsel - Monday, July 10, 2017 - Full Story

Trump can end Israel-PLO impasse using India’s Vedanta Solution

The first state visit ever to Israel by an Indian prime minister—Narendra Modi—could generate the impetus President Trump needs to end the diplomatic void caused by the breakdown in negotiations between Israel and the PLO since 2014.

The obvious warmth, mutual admiration and friendship shared by Modi and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was clearly evident—contrasting with the hostility, acrimony and venom shown to Israel that has become the norm at the United Nations, UNESCO and UNHRC.

Israel has historically had a long love affair with India’s Vedanta Movement (also known as the Ramakrishna movement)—a worldwide spiritual movement headquartered near Kolkota in West Bengal.

By David Singer - Monday, July 10, 2017 - Full Story

The United Nations Held a Two-day Event to Promote Antisemitism and Advocate the Destruction of the

The UN called it a “Forum to Mark 50 Years of Occupation,” an event at UN Headquarters in New York on June 29 & 30, 2017 dedicated to the destruction of the UN member state of Israel. The promotion of terror, the antisemitism, the hate speech and the incitement to violence were planned, overt and broadcast around the world by a UN webcast.

The organizers were the 26 member states and 24 observer states and other entities that comprise the “UN Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People” (CEIRPP). Not a single Western democracy is among them. The CEIRPP was created in 1975 to implement the infamous General Assembly resolution declaring Zionism to be a form of racism. Though the resolution was eventually rescinded, forty-two years later the UN body created to keep the hate alive is still active.

By Guest Column -- Human Rights Voices- Saturday, July 8, 2017 - Full Story

UK NHS wants “equality enshrined in law” for transgender, but not Charlie Gard?

Disavowing God’s handiwork in order to remake Mankind (irony intended), United Kingdom’s National Health Service is well on its way to transplanting wombs into men so they may have the blessed experience of giving birth.

The obvious question is ‘why?’ Especially when the NHS does everything in its power to curtail the life of an infant whose natural parents are scouring every avenue to find medical answers to his maladies. The European Court of Human Rights refused to challenge the decision to shut down the baby’s life support. Is Charlie Gard not human that he has rights? Misnomers abound in our upside-down world with the NHS calling for “equality enshrined in law” to supply transgender females with wombs but staunchly deny breath to defenseless infants. With more than a million dollars raised to bring the child to the United States to undergo experimental treatment that even President Trump has encouraged, still the UK courts side with the hospital to pull the plug.

By A. Dru Kristenev - Friday, July 7, 2017 - Full Story

Hebron Vote: UNESCO Denies Biblical Christian & Jewish Heritage

GENEVA – UN Watch, an independent non-governmental organization based in Geneva, condemned the “cynical, divisive, and politicized hijacking of UNESCO’s mission to protect world cultural heritage” by Arab states, after the agency’s 21-nation world heritage committee voted 12-3, with 6 abstentions, to accept a Palestinian motion registering the Biblical city of Hebron—including the Cave of the Patriarchs which is revered as the burial place of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Leah, Jacob and Rebecca—as a Palestinian heritage site endangered by Israel. The resolution was introduced by Lebanon, Kuwait, and Tunisia.

Emergency Security Council Meeting Held in Response to North Korea’s ICBM Launch

President Trump vowed that North Korea’s possession of an ICBM capable of reaching the United States “won’t happen.” It just happened.

The United States confirmed that North Korea successfully test launched an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time, said to be capable of reaching as far as Alaska. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un said the missile was “a gift” to “American bastards” for the July 4th Independence Day celebration.

The first instinct of every U.S. administration, including President Trump’s, has been to go to the United Nations for what U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called “global action” against North Korea. Although increasingly stringent UN sanctions against the North Korean regime and its leaders have not worked in the past to change the rogue regime’s behavior, Secretary Tillerson is looking for even “stronger measures” from the UN Security Council. However, the Trump administration’s patience with the UN is running out.

By Joseph A. Klein - Thursday, July 6, 2017 - Full Story

North Korea’s Fireworks

While Americans were celebrating Independence Day, North Korea test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile, with a potential range that some experts estimate could reach the United States. As The Wall Street Journal reports, in an editorial headlined “The North Korean Missile Crisis”:

Tuesday’s missile, dubbed the Hwasong-14, has an estimated range of 6,700 kilometers, which puts Alaska within range. America’s lower 48 states may still be out of reach, but the test shows the North has overcome most of the obstacles to a long-range missile.

Enough, already. There is no safe way to end the North Korean menace, but the threats from Kim Jong Un’s regime are amplifying at a clip that suggests it is even more dangerous to allow the Kim regime to carry on. While the world has watched, for years—and while the United Nations Security Council has passed one sanctions resolution after another—North Korea has not only been carrying out ballistic missile and nuclear tests, but enriching uranium and reprocessing plutonium to amass ever more bomb fuel. As the Journal editorial also notes, North Korea by now “has an estimated 20 nuclear warheads as well as chemical and biological weapons.”

China none too happy as Trump sells $1.4 billion worth of arms to Taiwan

For decades, U.S. presidents of both parties have given lip service to the idea that we support Taiwan’s security, as we are legally obligated to do. Actual concrete action has been another matter, as these same presidents have been nervous about offending the communist Chinese. As a result, Taiwan has had to make do with aging ships, submarines and munitions while the ever-present threat of a Chinese attack looms.

President Trump is taking a decidedly difference stance toward China, starting with the fact that he expects much more than China has delivered in terms of reining in their buddy Bowl Cut Jr. and North Korea. He also believes in a more general sense that if China is going to act in a manner contrary to America’s strategic interests, it should be treated like a country that does that.

This is good news for Taiwan, which is about to receive $1.4 billion worth of arms upgrades from the United States, despite the predictable protests from Shanghai:

By Dan Calabrese - Monday, July 3, 2017 - Full Story

Trump must reject Abbas claims at UN on size of Palestine

President Trump cannot begin to resolve the Jewish-Arab conflict unless he first rejects the claims made by Mahmoud Abbas at the United Nations in 2012 and 2013 concerning the territorial dimensions of former Palestine.

Abbas told the United Nations on 27 September 2012:

“The two-State solution, i.e. the State of Palestine coexisting alongside the State of Israel, represents the spirit and essence of the historic compromise embodied in the Oslo Declaration of Principles, the agreement signed 19 years ago between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Government of Israel under the auspices of the United States of America on the White House Lawn, a compromise by which the Palestinian people accepted to establish their State on only 22% of the territory of historic Palestine for the sake of making peace.”

By David Singer - Monday, July 3, 2017 - Full Story

Not worth a Penny

Specifically, I’m talking about official “Bank of Somewhere” notes, redeemable for whatever, and so forth. The world of highfalutin financial systems seems to have found new high and low points.

Just a few years ago, the government of the sovereign state of Zimbabwe thought it could create money out of nothing. What difference does it make to simply add a few zeros here or there, as long as it’s “FREE?”

Wouldn’t you like to be a TRILLIONAIRE, owning a few of those pretty picture bank notes printed on real paper? Like the one from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, that minted plenty of 100 TRILLION (Zimbabwe) DOLLAR notes, a reverse side picture of one is nearby.

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser - Saturday, July 1, 2017 - Full Story