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Obama propaganda steals 'peace' prize

Agenda 21’s New World Serfs

By —— Bio and Archives--October 9, 2009

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imageSo Mr. Obama went to the prom before he even graduated.

Nominations closed for the Nobel “Peace” prize on Feb. 1, 2009.  Obama was inaugurated Jan. 20, 2009.  Like the fireworks and glowing orbs at Grant’s Field, the Noble prize was already part of the prom props.  Only no one knew it back then.

Prepare yourself for a blitz of media comment, including—if not especially—from the right, on Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Are the piercing screams from the media really helping? Or they are just adding to the Propaganda of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Dare I caution Glenn Beck that Free World advocates led by courageous American patriots need encouragement and hope?

Would that be hateful, Mr. Beck?

Most thinking folk know by now that the White House has been taken over by the revolutionaries; that instead of Barack, Michelle and their full stable of czars pursuing altruism, they are kicking up the dust in the faces of the innocent.

But the scariest thing about the revolutionaries is that with a cowed mainstream media in tow,  they are sometimes still being presented as incompetent or in over their heads.

Barack Obama is not only out to destroy America, but out to destroy the Free World.

So far nothing seems to be stopping him from getting on with his giddy path of destruction.

Barack Obama is the now the leading agent of a One World Government originated and manufactured down to the last detail by the United Nations.  He works for an elite who lives by the lie that they have found the real enemy and that the real enemy is humanity itself.

While the common man and woman spent their time paying their bills, worrying about the rent and mortgage and sending their young off to school, the United Nations had pervaded every aspect of life on earth, including how you eat, travel and communicate.

In other words, while the masses were busy just getting through from sunrise to sunset, the global elite, without a single shot fired or a black helicopter effectively ushered in The Age of the 21st Century.

Welcome to the return of the serf.

Agenda 21 & the Club of Rome

It’s not just America but the whole world that is in transition.  To be successful the globalist elite had to take down the superpower whose main ideal was freedom and liberty.  The one country that the Free World counts on for its existence.

There has now been a major shift in the priority of governments, not only in America but worldwide.

It’s called UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, and just two of its cornerstones are the elimination of private property and vehicle ownership.

Making you sustainable means wiping you out. No meat, no air conditioning and so many no more other things for the Middle Class. (Maurice Strong)

They’ve got the eraser and the little guy is like the stick people on the page.

Journalists and showmen who sincerely want to help and prepare the masses, should go wading through all the noise and try to explain to the people what is happening to them.

Truth can be explained in two words.  And those two words are Agenda 21.


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