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As you go about your power-motivated destruction of America’s middle class, understand you are destroying yourselves

An open letter to barack obama and joseph biden

By --July 14, 2011

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Office of the President, barack obama, administrator
Office of the Vice President, joseph biden, administrator
… and other elected officials, federal, state, and local:

Your job titles are capitalized because they represent something to be honored and respected by citizens of a Republic.  Your names are in lower case because that’s where you belong… lower case.  In short, you are unworthy of an upper case designation.  No honor given.

There are a lot of you… starting with the socialist bureaucrats appointed to office who, because they are fear-motivated security seekers (and are perfectly willing to trade freedom for security), they think the risks involved in making a capitalist machine work equate to risk taking (rather than risk management).  You hate capitalism because, to you, it represents risk taking.  You don’t know the difference between taking risks and managing them!  What a sorry lot!

Perhaps the only thing sorrier than you is the people who continue to elect you to represent them.  No one ever taught them that their greatest citizenship responsibility is not voting, but to find the best possible candidates to put on the ballot.  Many are learning about it.  You worry about the impact they will have on your ability to make a career of politics – and you should.  Serving the people was never intended by the founders to be a career.  It was intended to be a personal sacrifice.

Most of you have been in office far too long.  You have built protections you think give you free rein.  You think you can ignore the Constitution and proceed to pass laws that violate it.  You play games with the filing of judges’ Oaths of Office and place fringed Maritime Law flags in our courts thinking we don’t notice.  We have noticed.

Some elected officials think they are immune to repercussions from treasonous behavior.  They are not. 

Will it be a judgment from God that knocks your support system from under you?  I have no idea.  I’m far too small in the workings of His universe to have any insight into what God thinks.  Those who know God’s mind are too arrogant for me.  We are put here to serve Him, not He to serve us.  I must admit it gives me comfort to know that as small as I am, you are smaller. 

Whenever negative/malignant energy gains almost total political power, history tells me it implodes on itself.  And you are malignant energy.  Don’t take my word for it.  Look at the results of where your political power games have taken the world… how we hang over a precipice which, if we fall into it, means total economic destruction.  It takes no prophet to see that clearly.

Why do you abuse your power so badly?

Why do you abuse your power so badly?  Perhaps it’s because you are powerless little people who managed to charm the electorate into putting you in a power job.  You are still powerless little people.  Only your title has changed – and it is temporary.

If you think you have things under control – or, perhaps better said, if you think you will continue to exercise power over the mess you’ve created – you are sadly mistaken.  It’s said the world’s politicians think they can all but destroy international currencies, and then save them from failing with a World War in the Middle East.  Since we all know Roosevelt’s socialist agenda didn’t stop the Great Depression but World War II did, this story resonates.  It certainly explains mysteries like our congressionally unauthorized military involvement in Syria, Egypt and Libya, doesn’t it?

We can speculate all day about what will cause you to lose the protections you’ve created for yourself, but here’s what I think:  People who have the deepest insecurities in life – powerless people like you – are attracted to positions of power because it is the way they find security.  Big is good because big is safe… government, multi-national corporations, etc., offer a haven of protection.  Because of your insecurities, you try to force everyone into safety cocoons like yours. 

You never went through metamorphoses, gained your wings, and learned to fly.  No butterflies at your house!  Instead, you protected yourself by pulling your cocoon more tightly about you.  Everything you have achieved in life was done by risking the assets of others, not your own.  You try to run government the same way, using taxpayers as assets and their labor as collateral.  You don’t understand that to create jobs, independent businesses must evaluate risks to their capital and determine if the risks can be managed or not.  You have created an environment of “cannot.”  Perhaps that’s what you want:  “Cannot.”  It appears that you seek failure.

Those who gain their wings and learn to fly exercise muscles you don’t even know exist, muscles that create wealth and jobs.  You’re surprised, actually, that “those idiots out there” (meaning me) “don’t realize we’re trying to save them from themselves.”  Or, perhaps your reason is more sinister… unlawful profit from the people’s purse.  Whatever it is doesn’t matter.  The outcome is the same.  You will fail.  The world may fail with you, but you will fail.

One ball in play is power versus control.  Too many people don’t understand the difference, but they are precise opposites. 

Control occurs behind one’s own nose; power occurs behind the noses of others.  Political hacks rely on power to achieve objectives, but must have penalties for disobedience as a threat to control others.  So laws – like tax codes that imprison people – keep them in line.  People, however, now realize that when a gun is to their heads to make them obey government demands, no agent/citizen representation between citizens and elected officials exists.  If there is no agent/representation, there is no constitutional Republic.  If there is no Republic, there is no need for you.

You will lose because eventually there will be nothing left with which to threaten them.  You will have taken it all. When that happens, you will you’re your power base.  Don’t confuse power with control or temporary success with victory.

Another ball you have in play involves energy:  Malignant versus positive energy.  Let’s call the energies good versus evil because that’s what they are.

You never became a butterfly.  You stayed in your cocoon.  You never experienced metamorphosis, exercising the muscles required to survive in a world where nature – not me, nature – says the fittest survive.  It requires muscles to hold a spine upright, to stand tall when the going gets tough.  You’ve never exercised your risk management muscles – never took a chance on yourself. 

Based on your inability to create jobs, it’s apparent you don’t understand that taking a chance on yourself is what independent businesses do every day. Remember independent businesses… it’s that part of America that provides new jobs.  Being an entrepreneur doesn’t involve taking chances with the money of others – taxpayers, stock holders, investors, or partners.  It involves taking a chance with your own money.  And few who hold political office have ever done that and succeeded.

In our crisis economy, there is no “other people’s money” available from taxpayers, stockholders, partners or investors

In our crisis economy, there is no “other people’s money” available from taxpayers, stockholders, partners or investors.  Thus, the union thugs, corporate executives, administrators, and others who don’t understand risk management – those with whom you’ve surrounded yourself – can’t solve the problem.  They only know how to succeed using other people’s money… and the state of the world economy dictates that there is no more “other people’s money.”  Well, there is – but you will let the world starve before you make the source known.

“Well,” you may reply, “we won’t lose our power base but you will lose your capitalist society.”

This one simple concept – understanding change – is at the heart of success or failure of governments throughout history:  powerless people who hold public office to gain access to power have no insight into the risk management philosophies of which their lifeline is made.  Because they don’t recognize the lifeline, they ignore it, thinking it insignificant.

And that’s why you will fail.  That’s why people like you have failed throughout history.

You think the alternative to risk management-based capitalism is socialism or fascism.  Any government-controlled form of social order satisfies the risk averse.  Democrats, it appears, want world government based on socialism.  Republicans appear to prefer fascism (the military-industrial complex under government control).  Both political parties (excluding very few individuals members) want world government.

Why does an oligarchy – a group of elitists who want to dominate the masses – appeal to the insecure?  Simple answer:  You are inwardly aware of your weaknesses.  You know you are less than those you want to dominate.  You fear them… you fear competition with them because you will lose and must then face the truth that you are less than the people you want to rule.  You want to rule so you can protect your inadequacies.  Shakespeare wrote about such things.  Think Danish.

You might want to ask yourselves what happens when you lose the middle class you’re working so hard to destroy.  You might want to ask why China cannot progress much beyond where it is as a nation without a middle class.  Why couldn’t communist Russia build a middle class?  Why does Cuba have the same problem?  Why do all tyrants who run third world countries and hide their inadequacies behind the Wiz’s curtain have this same problem?

Answer:  You can’t have the oligarchy while the middle class exists, and your insecurities drive you to establish so a protected elite class can dominate a labor class.  Economically, no nation can survive without a middle class to purchase the products its citizens create.  When a nation’s economy is totally dependent on international trade to survive – which, without a middle class, it is – such a nation is susceptible to inflation.  And, the nations that buy your products can crash your economy by closing the doors of international trade when they choose.

Yet, the socialist dream of redistributing wealth is one way the American government is currently destroying its middle class to achieve Marxian nirvana.  It makes no sense.  Are you so greedy you don’t see that?

People’s creative drive is tied to freedom.  It is tied to personal achievement and self respect and self pride.  To have an idea that creates a new technology or a miracle cure requires – guess what? – risk management.  Change (sometimes progressive, sometimes not) requires giving up what you have today for the hope of something better tomorrow – and that defines risk management very well.  In turn, risk management defines capitalism very well.

Socialism rewards conformity, not creativity

Socialism rewards conformity, not creativity that goes outside of the government’s defined box of acceptable behavior.  Thus, in communist countries the creative gene gets bred out of people.  The same thing will happen here.  The world will be dependent upon your and your elitist class for positive change – and none of you know how to manage the risk of change.  You will fail because this isn’t taught behavior.  It is lived.

In a communist/oligarchic society, change is punished, not rewarded.  Change requires risk management.  Innovation requires risk management.  Survival requires risk management because nothing survives without ongoing, positive change.

As you go about your power-motivated destruction of America’s middle class (which includes our independent business community and the banks that support it), understand you are destroying yourselves.  Without us, you won’t survive long.

What irony!  What a unique – but drastic – form of political genocide!

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Marilyn Barnewall received her graduate degree in Banking from the University of Colorado Graduate School of Business in 1978. She created the first wealth creation (credit-driven) private bank in America in the 1970s. Prior to her 21-year banking career, she was a newspaper reporter, advertising copywriter, public relations director, magazine editor, assistant to the publisher, singer, dog trainer, and an insurance salesperson and manager.

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