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Bypass Congress, and stop deporting illegal aliens

Another Feckless Attempt to Change the Conversation

By —— Bio and Archives--June 15, 2012

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So, what to do when your Keynesian-cuckoo economic policies are running the country into the ground? Change the subject, certain in the knowledge that our lapdog media will more than accommodate you. And so it is that the Obama administration has announced that it will once again bypass Congress, and stop deporting illegal aliens who come to America at a young age.

Make no mistake: this is classic sleight-of-hand, designed to get the country roiled up about something—make that anything—that will obscure the monumental failure best labeled Obamanomics. It is the proverbial boob bait for the masses, delivered by an administration that desperately needs Americans distracted away from the reality of a double-dip recession, record numbers of people on food stamps, millions of un- and under-employed workers, and no plan whatsoever for dealing with our impending fiscal armageddon, other than blaming Republicans for their failures.

It’s not gonna fly here, Mr. Obama. Not when the last two budgets you personally submitted to Congress pitched a 97-0 shutout in the Senate, and a 414-0 shutout in the House, respectively. That’s two years in a row you couldn’t even get one member of your own Democrat party to jump on board your economic Titanic. That would be the same Democrat party, despite all your attempts to paper it over, that has had majority control of the federal government since 2006, and total control of the government for your first two years in office.

It’s also the same Democrat party controlling a Senate that, much like yourself, has defied the law and not produced a budget in three years.

Smart Americans know why: government spending is completely out of control, and a budget would codify that inconvenient reality. It would reveal to the nation that we aren’t headed towards a Greek-like meltdown, we’re already in a Greek-like meltdown. The only reason we’re not completely there already is based on nothing more than the simplest of perceptions: we suck, but a thoroughly feckless European Union sucks even more. Why? Because while we’re in the Keynesian cesspool up to our necks, they’re in it up to their eyeballs.

Smart Americans also know the stock market is a mirage, where huge upswings are based on nothing more than rumors that the crack dealer known as the Federal Reserve will serve up another dose of crack known as quantitative easing. QE pumps up the market, which theoretically pumps up your re-election chances, as long as most Americans remain blissfully unaware that it debases the currency in the process. That jacks up the price of everything, but that reality is obscured as well, because food and fuel aren’t part of the calculations when the inevitable inflation that has occurred is measured.

So you go right ahead. Give us the pomp and circumstance of illegal aliens being granted immunity, while your hopelessly corrupt Attorney General and his minions at the Justice Department work the inside, suing states that pass photo ID laws for voting, preventing other states from identifying illegals in their midst, and putting the hammer down in places like Florida for daring to clean up their voter rolls. All of it combined is nothing more than Part B of the same strategy designed to steer the conversation away from the economy.

Well guess what? The so-called war on women didn’t do it. Neither did the 47-year old story about Mitt Romney cutting the hair of a fellow student. Neither did the calculated—that’s right, calculated—release of top secret info designed to make you look like Rambo, even as you claim to be “offended” by those releases. That would be the same sense of offense that wasn’t voiced until a full week after the last revealing story was released, along with a mountain of criticism from both parties.

Nothing else will do it either. You can run from the worst economic data since the Great Depression, but you can’t hide. People like me and others are going to make sure of it. We’ve got a country to both educate and save from the “wealth spreaders” who would denigrate the greatest engine of wealth ever produced in the history of man, even as they ask those who run that engine to finance their own belittlement.

That’s my idea of stimulus, Mr. President. And reminding people of the woeful job you and your party have done to the economy will keep me “stimulated” right up to election day.

Count on it.

Arnold Ahlert -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Arnold Ahlert was an op-ed columist with the NY Post for eight years.

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