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Target for climate alarmists

Australian Tour by Christopher Monckton

By —— Bio and Archives--June 27, 2011

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Christopher Monckton is well informed on all aspects of the climate debate. He understands the details of the science dispute and understands the political agendas. And he is a very effective speaker.

Therefore he is a target for the climate alarmists. They will smear him, protest at meetings, and denigrate those who associate with him.

The PC crowd are now in a lather because of a statement made overseas by Lord Monckton.

Andrew Bolt describes it well:

“What hypocrites. What cowards. And, yes, I’m talking about the witch-hunters now vilifying sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton.

“Beware. These people are trying to shut up not just Monckton, but you — and not just with “jokes” of having you tattooed and gassed.

“True, Monckton, a British mathematician, has made a fool of himself and trouble for his allies by accusing the Gillard Government’s global warming guru, Professor Ross Garnaut, of having “a fascist point of view”.

“His point was that Garnaut was telling Australians to simply trust the authorities — even when some of their key claims about man-made global warming had been proven false.”
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Very prominent alarmists have said that coal company executives should be in jail, others suggest they should be denied freedom to speak, and they continually they use the term “denier” which to many people is far more offensive than “fascist”. This is OK of course.

“Fascism” is merely a word denoting a form of government. There are four distinct philosophies of government:

Anarchy, which means no central government.

  Constitutional government, which is a system where there is a government but all productive property is privately owned and the government is limited by a strong constitution to protecting the life, liberty and property of every citizen.

  Fascism/Nazism, which is a system where there is nominal private ownership of the means of production, but total government control of every aspect of business and life. The government is aggressively nationalist. There is close collaboration between big government and big business. Everything is done via collective organisations. Censorship and controlled media is the norm. Individuals are largely powerless.

  Communism, which is a system where government owns all productive property and has total control of all aspects of business and life. The collective owns and rules everything, including the media. Communists are generally aggressive internationalists.

The carbon tax/emissions trading system promoted by Garnaut, Gillard and the Greens will result in total government control of the “carbon footprint” of every business and eventually of every person. Deals will be done between collectives representing big government, big business and big unions. The tax/subsidy system will be use to manipulate the economy and reduce consumer choice. The constitution gives us no protection from this assault.

So, Monckton is right – it is a philosophy best described as fascism. But if we also hand control of our economy to international agreements like the Kyoto agreement promoted by the UN’s IPCC, it starts to become international fascism, just one step away from the goal of Karl Marx.

We urge people to attend the Monckton functions because the opposition will try to frighten us away with smears and personal attacks on him and his associates. His cause is our cause.

To view all dates and times for Lord Monckton’s Tour please go here:

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Viv Forbes, Chairman, The Carbon Sense Coalition, has spent his life working in exploration, mining, farming, infrastructure, financial analysis and political commentary. He has worked for government departments, private companies and now works as a private contractor and farmer.

Viv has also been a guest writer for the Asian Wall Street Journal, Business Queensland and mining newspapers. He was awarded the “Australian Adam Smith Award for Services to the Free Society” in 1988, and has written widely on political, technical and economic subjects.

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