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The dearth of fundamental details about most of Obama’s life, leads to supposition

Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair:  Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

By —— Bio and Archives August 4, 2009

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I can’t get a bead on Larry Sinclair.  I’ve read his book, Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair:  Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?  I’ve watched his videos on YouTube.  My normally dependable women’s intuition is not sending me conclusive cues about Sinclair’s veracity.  On the other hand, I have no question about Barack Obama’s mendacity.

Sinclair is conspicuously candid about his ignominious narrative.  He conceded his copious incarcerations early on.  Sinclair has been in and out of jail on assorted charges of bamboozlement—including passing bad checks; about which he has been forthright.

The president, however, has yet to release his college records, medical records, law school records, Illinois State Bar application, early school records, his passport or his birth certificate.
It is plausible that Sinclair suffers from some form of psychological disorder.  That alone does not make him a liar,  nor does it mean he is delusional.  In his book, Sinclair cites times spent in custody being denied his medications.  I would conjecture that some of his medications were for a psychological condition.  If that was the case, the anxiety about his meds could suggest he is a patient who is intending to be well and is being medically managed.  We can’t know for certain.  But we have far more knowledge about Sinclair’s past than we do about Obama’s.

Sinclair asserts that he met Obama twice in 1999.  Their rendezvous was orchestrated by limo driver, Jagir Multani.  Sinclair avers that Multani may have been in the United States illegally.  Sinclair alleges that Obama smoked crack cocaine and directed Sinclair to administer a Lewinsky—which Sinclair obliged.  According to Sinclair, the following day Obama materialized at Sinclair’s hotel to solicit supplementary Lewinskyization.  That was the entirety of their affair, per Sinclair.  Expecting to be serviced with no impulse to reciprocate is certainly consistent with Obama’s consummate narcissism.

Sinclair has made capacious efforts to get his story out and his narrative has been unchanging.  It would seem the sole witness who could corroborate the limo story would be the missing Multani.

There is a plethora of grounds on which to discount Sinclair’s chronicle of events.  As a witness, he would be facilely impeached.  But he is manifestly more frank about his life story than Obama has been. As with the birth certificate matter, Obama’s lack of candor cannot but lead to supposition.

If Obama habitually enjoyed these sorts of trysts, we would presume others witnesses would surface.  To date, no one else has gone public with comparable reports.  Maybe the late Donald Young, choir director at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago could have confirmed that Obama didn’t indulge in this type of conduct.  Sadly, Young was murdered on December 23, 2007. 

The forty-seven-year old choirmaster had attended Obama’s church since the age of twelve.

Obama has confessed to using illegal drugs his younger days (Dreams, Pg.  93).  Much of Dreams is unadulterated fabrication, thus, we have no way of knowing how profligate Obama’s drug abuse was, nor has he released his medical records.  John McCain made public more than a thousand pages of medical records during the 2008 campaign.  Obama produced a letter from his physician pronouncing the candidate in excellent health. 

Doctors routinely query their patients about the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, both legal and otherwise. They customarily infer that their patients are under-reporting.
Non-Obamanutz should find Sinclair’s book a worthy read.  Though I could have lived without yet another detailed description of a president’s private parts. 

Nature abhors a vacuum. The dearth of fundamental details about most of Obama’s life, leads to supposition.  Some of it will be cogent, some of it outlandish.  Alternatively, Obama could simply liberate his records and show us who he really is.

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