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President Trump now Colluding with Carbon Dioxide

Colluding with Russians takes a back seat to the environment for getting rid of Trump

By —— Bio and Archives--June 2, 2017

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Just as the progressive left was coming up with a way to tax all of society for the very air that it breathes, President Donald Trump cast aspersions on the credibility of man-made climate change by pulling America out of the United Nations initiated Paris Climate Accord.

Deafening screams of outrage will be heard all the way down to the bottom of the same oceans that will one day soon come to claim human life that never made it to high ground,

‘Save the Environment’ will now become the fulsome battle cry for the “Impeachment of President Donald Trump’.

“We’re doing it for the children”

Yesterday the impeachment of Trump went international as Western leaders came up with the “Planet First, Not America First” chant.  Get ready for massive international protests already being orchestrated.

Saving the Environment , the main pillar of piety for the far left, is the bumper sticker of the day, because it’s the easiest one with which to fleece society of its money, under the catch-all phrase: “We’re doing it for the children”.

If you didn’t know before that Barack Obama, Al Gore, Mitt Romney,  (yes, Mittens!), Al Franken, Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Moore et al care, “really care”  more about the protection of future generations than a riff raff taxpaying society, the deplorables and useless eaters, you’ll know it for sure by the end of next week.

How credible are politicians and entertainment industry public figures,  who, by and large could care less about the present generation when they claim to live to protect upcoming ones?

The progressive left are the self-acclaimed pious, confirmed n their belief that Al Gore and not the Almighty is in charge of the Environment.

As of yesterday, we are now staring straight into the face of why the progressive left want rid of Trump

Unfortunately, the head of the Catholic Church, who devoted his —- encyclical on saving the environment seems to have thrown in with them.

Among the first screams of protest of those outraged because Trump pulled the rug from under the feet of the rigorously pious,  was the Vatican which described his decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Accord: “a slap in the face”.  Never mind the slap in the face for the faithful who worry about how quickly their Sunday pastors were willing to replace the Gospel of Jesus with ‘Save the Environment’ homilies—many beefed up during the 2016 election campaign after then President Barack Obama had declared climate change a bigger threat than radical Islamist terrorism.

As of yesterday, we are now staring straight into the face of why the progressive left want rid of Trump.  The Democrat charge that he’s colluding with the Russians was only the warm up, while Saving the Environment is their never-run-out-of-cash main money machine.

Get ready for the global warming/climate change denier smear campaign since they will do everything possible to protect their golden goose when that’s where their biggest money potential is.


Continued below...

Obama and Pope Francis were not the first to claim that climate change is a more dangerous threat then terrorism.  Al Gore proclaimed it back in July of 2008.

“I think that the climate crisis is, by far, the most serious threat we have ever faced,” Gore told ABC News.

Obama, who was to repeat the same mantra some 23 times by 2015 , said in a presidential campaign speech in 2008 that the “immediate danger” of oil-backed terrorism “is eclipsed only by the long-term threat from climate change, which will lead to devastating weather patterns, terrible storms, drought, and famine.

“That means people competing for food and water in the next fifty years in the very places that have known horrific violence in the last fifty: Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. Most disastrously, that could mean destructive storms on our shores, and the disappearance of our coastline.” (Breitbart, Nov. 14, 2015)

“On January 26, 2009, Obama delivered remarks at the White House on the “dangers” of climate change:

The progressive left have no choice but to make you a believer of their environmental propaganda—it’s the only guaranteed way to get your money

These urgent dangers to our national and economic security are compounded by the long-term threat of climate change, which, if left unchecked, could result in violent conflict, terrible storms, shrinking coastlines, and irreversible catastrophe.”

The UN worldwide mission for ‘the-climate’s-going-to-get-you’ was set in stone, and when Pope Francis joined him as the world’s most famous fear monger, there would be no coming back.

Get ready for Armageddon 2017,  which will, in the end, claim more than just a president.

The people of the world will be forced to believe in man-made climate change.  The progressive left have no choice but to make you a believer of their environmental propaganda—it’s the only guaranteed way to get your money.

It is also, to borrow a line from the Vatican, “a slap in the face”.

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