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Stephen Marche, Globe and Mail

Conservative Fatsos fair game for Fathead Lefties

By —— Bio and Archives--October 16, 2010

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Ford’s Opposition “skinny” George Smitherman.

The schoolyard “Fatty” “Four-Eyes” taunt that sends so many children home in tears, parades proudly in the playground of the political left.

Now that the panicked political left’s attacks on (“Redneck”) Rob Ford have failed from desecrating his campaign for Toronto Mayor, `Canada’s National Newspaper’, the Globe and Mail has jumped back into the fat.

For reasons unknown, you won’t find “Rob Ford’s not popular despite being fat.  He’s popular because of it” on the Globe and Mail online, but you will find it in its printed version. (See bottom of story)

This is what they call journalism in Canada: “The mounds of fat that encircle Rob Ford’s body like great deflated tires of defeat are truly unprecedented in Canadian politics,” writes Stephen Marche today.

“Unprecedented”, Mr. Marche?  There are lots of “fatties” in public office, most of them big fat lefties.

But, hey, it’s okay for a lefty to be a fatty.  Not so for conservatives who dare to come crashing through the glass ceiling.

Former Mayor Barbara Hall, former health minister Elinor Caplan, former councillors Kyle Rae and Howard Moscoe just being a few.

“We have had chunky political candidates before, but the frontrunner in Toronto’s current contest to be mayor is so fat that his belly is invariably the first thing you notice about him,” writes Marche.

This personal assault on Ford puts Marche, a novelist and the “culture columnist” for Esquire magazine right up there with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC’s) Heather Mallick who wrote in 2008 that Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol was a “pram face” and that her mother looked like a porn actress.  (Public outrage forced CBC to remove Mallick’s article). 

Do you know what your man Stephen Marche, a Toronto resident, does when he’s about town, Esquire Magazine?

This left wing obsession with obesity originates from south of the border, where a cheeseburger, french fry-stuffing-First Lady Michelle Obama is on a kick to stamp out childhood obesity.

All of a sudden conservative fatsos—including the children of conservative parents whose obesity leans more on genes than cheeseburgers—are out.

Conservative New Jersey governor Chris Christie may be fat, but the people who voted him in love every pound of him.

The hypocritical left, who have made a visible minority of every species imaginable, are now openly attacking people and children for their weight.

In a perfect world, every fat lefty—including the caboose heavy—Obama should be dragged back into the schoolyard.


Dear Friend,

As you may have already heard, an article was printed in today’s Globe and Mail that I feel is one of the most vile attacks I’ve ever seen in my ten years in politics.  I’ve had a fair bit of mud thrown at me in this campaign, but I never thought I’d see a reputable paper like the Globe and Mail attack me for my appearance and my weight.

I am absolutely appalled, but not entirely surprised.  These personal attacks are coming because of the success of my campaign.  I expected attacks like this for the simple reason that there are still many people out there who are resistant to the change I want to bring to City Hall.

The entrenched establishment of lobbyists, consultants, and insiders who make their living from the Gravy Train will clearly stop at nothing to prevent me from being Mayor precisely because they know that I’m going to clean up City Hall, put an end to this nonsense, and stop the Gravy Train once and for all.

But I can’t do it without your help.

The election is only nine days away, and I need you, your family, friends, and colleagues all to get out to the polls and vote for the change we need and that only I can deliver.

Advanced polls are open tomorrow from 10 AM to 6 PM all across the city.  I encourage you to get out and vote tomorrow so that you can help get out the vote on Election Day.

On Monday October 25th, I am very confident that the people of Toronto will elect me as their next Mayor because they know I am the only candidate who can go down to City Hall, straighten things out, and stop the Gravy Train.

Thank you for your ongoing support.  Please remember to vote and have your voice heard.

Rob Ford

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