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The Sad Hard Facts

Exactly How Biased is the American Media?

By —— Bio and Archives--August 21, 2008

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The average American voter is starting to come to grips with the fact that those who control the flow of their information, “the media,” are neither independent nor unbiased.

In a September 2007 Gallup survey of American voters, 45% said the media is too liberal, compared to only 18% who said the media is too conservative and 35% who said the media is about right.

The results of that survey demonstrate how far left 18% of Americans are today, and how uninformed another 35% are. Only 45% have a good sense of just how biased the media really is, before they follow the money and confirm their suspicions.

It’s the information age, so the media is made up of several sectors today. American thought patterns and political sentiments are influenced almost entirely by a combination of all of these sectors, collectively referred to as the media.

The Media Sectors and their to-date 2008 Political Investments

Computer & Internet - $24,255,207 (62% to Democrats)
Books, Magazines & Papers - $12,187,548 (78% to Democrats)
Computer Software - $8,922,053 (61% to Democrats)
Motion Picture Industry - $7,523,136 (88% to Democrats)
Cable & Satellite TV - $6,303,046 (63% to Democrats)
Music Recording Industry - $2,983,755 (79% to Democrats)
Television Production and Distribution - $2,322,587 (86% to Democrats)

These numbers are 2008 total individual and PAC donations coming from the people who make up these media sector industries. But the picture is even more convincing when we begin to look at individual organizations.

Ever wonder why our education system is slanted hard left?

Here are some of the biggest publishers of educational materials.

Reed Elsevier Inc. - $135,250 (69% to democrats) - Publisher and information provider, operating in four core segments: science and medical, legal, education, and business.
Houghton Mifflin - $132,000 (97% to democrats) - Major publisher of textbooks, reference works, fiction, non-fiction, and educational software and video.
National Geographic Society - $79,463 (95% to democrats) - provides free maps, photos, videos and daily news stories.

Ever wonder why the news media has a hard left bent?

General Electric/NBC/MSNBC/CNBC - (88% to democrats) 
Disney - (86% to democrats) - Walt Disney Studios, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, and Miramax; owns television interests including ABC, the Disney Channel and ESPN; runs dozens of local television and radio stations.
ABC News - (99% to democrats)
BBC International - (62% to democrats)
CBS News – (99% to democrats)
CNN News –  (99% to democrats and Ron Paul)
Newsweb Corp - (100% to democrats) - a publisher of ethnic and alternative newspapers in the United States, based in Chicago, Illinois.
Cox Newspapers - (100% to democrats) - Publishers of sixteen local newspapers in Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Ohio.
Time Inc - (66% to democrats) - the largest magazine publisher in the US.
News Corp - (95% to democrats) – Rupert Murdoch’s global vertically integrated media company includes properties in film, television, cable.
(Donor facts provided by Open Secrets)

Think the internet is more fair and balanced?

Guess who manipulates search engine results (aka online headlines)?

Google Inc. - (81% to democrats) – Biggest search engine and online news source.
Yahoo! Inc - (86% to democrats) – Search engine and online news source.
MSN – (91% to democrats) - Search engine and online news source.

In case you think the money trail doesn’t prove anything… a glance at the last 18 years of political funding will change your mind!

Abortion is alive and well at the expense of a million innocent children a year because the pro-abortion lobby has spent $16,497,110 since 1990, 81% of it with Democrats while the pro-life lobby has spent only $5,906,234 during the same period, 94% of it with Republicans. Ever heard that the squeaky wheel gets the oil?

Americans still have the right to keep and bear arms thanks to the gun lobby spending $19,746,376 since 1990, 85% of it with Republicans while the gun control lobby has only spent $1,739,542 during the same period, 94% of it with Democrats.

Our public education system is still a mess because the teacher union lobby has spent $146,422,869 since 1990 to keep it that way, 71% of it with Democrats who are protecting union thugs instead of protecting students, many of whom can’t even read their high school diploma. But teachers who won’t teach have tenure…making sure they can continue to turn out illiterate voters who will undoubtedly become reliable leftist adults.

Health Care professionals have spent $418,899,866 since 1990 trying to improve health care in America, 57% of it with Republicans.

But trial lawyers eager to reach into the deep pockets of health care providers and their employers spent $935,326,123, 73% of it with Democrats, making sure that the right to sue supersedes the right to affordable quality health care.

Our children are indoctrinated with leftwing secular socialist garbage 24/7 from every direction they turn because the entertainment industry (TV, Movies and Music) has spent $231,936,767 since 1990 to buy their right to fill our kid’s heads with secular socialist hogwash, 69% of it with Democrats.

And those nasty lobbyists that everyone loves to hate, continue to influence peddle for a mere $143,792,645 since 1990, 52% of it with Democrats who claim to oppose lobbyists.

Ever study Hedge Funds? Do so and find out why Hedge Fund managers like George Soros, who almost single handedly bankrupted the British currency a few years ago, have invested $30,716,248 in American politics since 1990, $12,025,977 in 2008 alone, 70% of it with Democrats.

The average American voter relies upon his “eyes and ears” (the mass media) for the information he/she will use to make decisions about the future of their country. Public sentiment is developed by the flow of information and he who controls the flow of that information, controls public sentiment and in a democratic republic, public policy.

The fact that the American mass media is made up of leftwing nuts who control the news room, TV, Movies, Book and Magazine, Computer and Internet industries, should explain to every American why the majority of Americans no longer support the concept of victory in the ongoing war on terror. After seven years of media coverage limited to seven years of doom and gloom body counts, who could possibly support that?

49% of Americans say they believe the mass media is in the bag for Barack Obama as opposed to the 14% who think the media is pro-McCain. How perceptive! But what will average Americans do with this new found information?

Will they use the knowledge of an overly biased mass propaganda system to fight against the tide of a leftist media establishment, or will they follow along like blind sheep on their way to slaughter?

Above all else, the 2008 election cycle will provide the answer to this question. Barack Obama, the most under-qualified individual to ever seek the Oval Office is quite clearly the chosen one of the American mass media establishment. Even the Clintons found this out the hard way.

Now that American voters know who is controlling their information, what will they do with this information?

Ignorance is the absence of information. But stupidity is the possession of information and the refusal to use it wisely.

Just in case you still need more hard evidence, here’s the latest Media Research Center study on campaign coverage for the 2008 election.




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