Is it possible that the sudden appearance of the swine flu is no accident?

By —— Bio and Archives May 5, 2009

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There has been a lot of speculation, of late, that has come to my attention regarding the possibility that the H1N1 Virus, also known as the Swine Flu, is not a product of nature. After all, the virus is made up of components from the human flu virus, avian flu virus, and swine flu virus - a combination not possible, according to some scientists, in the natural world. There are no cases of swine being infected with this particular virus, either. The origin, in essence, is a complete mystery.

According to Time Magazine, this is not the first outbreak of the swine flu. In 1976 there was an outbreak of a swine flu similar to the current swine flu strain at Fort Dix in New Jersey. A nineteen year old service member died, and hundreds of other soldiers were stricken ill by this virus, as well. Fearing a nationwide epidemic, President Ford ordered vaccinations, but the vaccine had a side effect. People vaccinated began developing Guillain-Barré syndrome, a paralyzing nerve disease. Once the reports surfaced regarding this devastating side effect, federal officials abruptly canceled the vaccination program in December of that year. The nationwide epidemic they feared never materialized, however, and the swine flu was forgotten shortly after.

How interesting, though, that these first cases appeared on a military base. Could there have been testing going on that got out of control? Was the outbreak an unexpected consequence of the creation of a new virus by the military under the government’s guiding hand?

Some speculation even suggest it is possible, though rare, for the virus to manage to jump from pigs to people. In fact, there is a team in Mexico right now attempting to determine how that may have happened, and if it can happen. A report four years ago declared that this new virus does have the capacity to infect humans, birds, swine, and other animals, and it is possible for the influenza virus to move from one species to another. However, once again, there is no hard evidence of this, and to become infected with H1N1 the current line of reasoning declares that it must be a human to human transmission.

Baxter Corporation has been chosen to head up efforts to produce a vaccine for H1N1. However, this is the same corporation that faced scandal when it was determined their vaccines were contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus, which were then distributed to 18 countries last December. It was only by sheer luck that the tainting of the vaccines was discovered. In the Czech Republic the batch was first tested on ferrets before being shipped out for injection into humans. The ferrets all died and the shocking discovery that the vaccines were tainted with the avian flu virus was made.

Immediate questions regarding whether or not there was a conspiracy to purposely infect people arose, but no answers were provided, and the inquiries ceased shortly after. Now, since that event, the question arises, can Baxter Corporation be trusted?

Could drug companies be responsible for the swine flu (H1N1) outbreak? After all, a swine flu pandemic would likely benefit these companies when the demand for a vaccine rises from the stricken populace.

As the flu wanes in Mexico, though it is appearing elsewhere, the feared pandemic that Joe Biden made a big deal about has not erupted. However, like the hysteria surrounding man-made global warming, the U.S. Government maintains that mandatory vaccination is still needed, and that the danger of a worldwide pandemic still exists, hence pulling corporations like Baxter into the mix to inoculate the people with a vaccine that, based on past reports, may possibly be tainted.

One thing is for sure, regardless of if this is a naturally occurring virus, or if it was manufactured by the U.S. Government, the threat of the pandemic is turning the attention of Americans away from the other issues at hand, like the massive spending packages, government takeover of the private sector, and the controversies surrounding the “torture” memos and Guantanamo Bay closure plans. If anything, the swine flu has served as an adequate distraction to what else is going on in the world of politics.

Besides, there is nothing like a good ol’ National Emergency to give the government an excuse to start rounding people up, right? It opens up the possibility, anyway.

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