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Doing everything that can be licitly done to frustrate Mr. Obama’s far left agenda

Is There a Birthplace Question?

By —— Bio and Archives--April 20, 2011

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Thanks in a large part to author and gumshoe Jerome Corsi the question about Barack Hussein Obama’s birthplace continues to be a hot topic.

Corsi and others, derisively dubbed “birthers” by the mainstream media - which once employed “McCarthyism”  a derisive term coined in the basement of the KGB’s Moscow headquarters at 3 Dzerzinski Square and fed to a willing U.S media - insist that the President’s true birthplace is not Hawaii, but Kenya, where his alleged father was born and raised.

There’s a lot of conflicting evidence concerning Obama’s real birthplace, mainly because if he was a native born Kenyan, he is ineligible to serve as President of the United States, the Constitution requiring that the occupant of the nation’s highest office be a natural born American citizen.

If he was born in Kenya, sired by a Kenyan holding a British passport, he would be clearly ineligible to hold his present office.

I don’t know where he was born. From what I observe of him and his antics,  I strongly suspect that he was born on another strange and distant planet, or even on the moon when it was full.

Now for the sake of conjecture, let’s assume that Donald Trump’s gumshoes rooting around Hawaii unearth indisputable evidence that Mr. Obama was not born there, but instead in what used to be called darkest Africa. If that is the case, he has no right to occupy the office of President of the United States.

Just what does that mean?  Under the Constitution Senator John McCain would be the rightful occupant of the White House. And the liberal media would go ape over the prospect of one Vice President Sarah Palin being but a mere heartbeat away from the presidency occupied by a guy with a bum heart.

Moreover, not a single one of Obama’s official acts, including the legislation he signed into law, would be valid.  It would be as if he and his legion of appointees and czars had never held office.

Unfortunately, those would not be the only consequences of the removal of Barack Obama from the office he may not be entitled to occupy.

Take a look at the thuggish behavior of the pro-union forces in Madison Wisconsin and multiply it tenfold and you get a slight idea of what would happen should Mr. Obama be removed from office and John McCain installed in his place.

Call it blood in the streets. The thugs would not go easily.

To me, the sensible thing would be to simply leave it alone and wait for another two years until the voters get a chance to dump this demagogue and elect a new and hopefully more sensible chief executive.

This would require Congressional Republicans who control the House of Representatives and have a sizeable contingent of their own in the Senate to begin to act as the loyal opposition and stand like Horatius at the bridge to give battle to the quasi Marxist forces determined to shove a socialist regime down the throats of the American people.

In other words, to hell with bipartisanship – the lethal weapon employed by minority parties to nullify the will of the electorate.

They would have to understand that by so doing they would incur the wrath of the left-leaning media which would aim their poison darts directly at their hearts. But who said it would be easy to stand firm in defense of freedom from an all powerful leftist dominated federal government?

I realize that it’s kind of a heady experience to imagine a world where the likes of Barack Hussein Obama would be banished to distant golf courses and barred from inflicting his socialist agenda upon the rest of us, but let’s face it, it’s not in the cards.

Thus we need to play the waiting game, doing everything that can be licitly done to frustrate Mr. Obama’s far left agenda. It may be painful but whoever said exercising the rigors of self-government would be easy.

Have a blessed and Happy Easter.

Philip V. Brennan -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Monday, Jan. 6, 2014:
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Born in New York City, Brennan served with the Marines during World War II before tackling a series of jobs in the nation’s capital, beginning with a campaign to win statehood for Alaska. —More…</em>

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