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Keep the Faith

No matter how low in popularity, Obama keeps his stranglehold on America

By —— Bio and Archives--November 12, 2013

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It doesn’t matter how low President Barack Obama falls in popularity polls, he is still there, running roughshod over the Little People.  No matter how low he falls in popularity,  Obama still gets to hold the USA in an airtight stranglehold.

No one is stepping forward to loosen that deadly grip.

It doesn’t matter how often you read or hear the words, “Impeach Obama”, it will never happen.

What does truly matter is that everyday people must—somehow—survive the next three years, because unless he decides to leave Dodge on his own, or natural causes overtake him, Obama will will go on being the most brutal Commander in Chief of all time.

Facing the reality of our times is never a pleasant undertaking.

The millions hurting under the Obama regime should know by now that no other political party; no media outlet will be coming over the hill to save them from manmade political disaster.

Rule Number One for just getting by is getting prepared mentally by hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

Being under Obama’s brutal control is going to take a huge toll on even the bravely patriotic; indeed it will be harder on the patriot than on anyone else in the masses Obama continues to herd like so many cattle.

Prepare yourself, not just by storing extra food and water.  Preparing yourself mentally will be just as important if you want to get by.  Watching Obama ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America can be likened to watching the murderer of your children walk away free from a court of law.

It doesn’t require a genius or a visionary to know that Obama will gloat his way through the next long three years.  When people are dying because of the deliberate destruction of their health insurance, Obama will be playing golf, traveling in style, Tweeting and FaceBooking like the ‘Nowhere Man Who Pops Up Everywhere’.  Michelle Obama will be playing with Hollywood wastrels at the White House and touted on the Internet as the world’s most admired, heading-for-50 Fashionista.

It’s going to take Faith, and the kind of unique resolve that can only be found in strong minds for survival.

Don’t expect instant relief from 2014 midterm elections.  Even if more candidates fielded by We the People find election success, it will take decades to turn back the tide. Dozens of small-c candidates were elected in 2010 midterms.  Barack Obama was reelected in 2013.

Alternate media outlets who promise one group after another as the one that will lead us out of the mess that came to be on November 4, 2008, are building up hopes that later will come crashing to rock-bottom ground.

Rehearsing in your mind whether the next president will be Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie is a time waster.

The powers that be brought Obama into power because they knew he would deliver mission accomplished on the wrecking of America   They will foist on the masses the same kind of candidate in 2016.  They perfected the power game of presidential elections after the departure of Ronald Reagan, America’s last thoroughly pro-America President.

Obama has given us his worst, and there’s even more of his worst to come.  But no matter what happens,  the next three years yawn before us like forever.

Even so, it is a comfort to remember that all politics, like all of life,  is circumstantial.  Defeating evil in the past has happened as much along the lines of chance encounters, chance happenings than it did on more planned or deliberate events.

It was a lone, bearded, Russian, Orthodox monk who drove then Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev fleeing like a scalded cat off the platform at Red Square May Day celebrations in 1990.

The words that saw Gorbachev flee?  “Mikhail Sergeyevich! Christ is risen”! (Canada Free Press, December 25, 2005)

Those mighty words repeated by the crowd only after the courageous monk uttered them a third time,  were the ones that brought about the beginning of the fall of Communism.

Today Communism is as rampant in North America as it is in Russia,  and Gorbachev is nothing more than one of the many figures peopling the Lady Gaga-led celebrity cult.

The reality of life on earth is that nobody but your Creator and you can really save you from despair.  No matter how hopeless things become, gather your loved ones and friends around you .  There is still a little hope if the fates allow and like the words in the Judy Garland song,  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas go,  “somehow we’ll muddle through”.

More mere mortal than magician, Obama won’t last forever, but the next three years with this Marxist ideologue at the helm, will seem like forever.

That’s why no matter what Obama does; no matter how nightmarish things become,  above all else it will be so important to Keep the Faith.

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