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Democrats simply don't care about the rule of law

Obama Campaign Helps Voter Vote in Two Different States

By —— Bio and Archives October 10, 2012

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Guerilla videographer James O’Keefe of Project Veritas unleashed a damaging new expose of an Obama campaign staffer helping a voter sign up to vote for president in two different states today.

This staffer knowingly helped O’Keefe’s undercover operative attempt to sign up to vote in two different states. has a great piece on this, too.

O’Keefe’s cameras didn’t just catch one Obama operative knowingly assisting in vote fraud, either.
Here is a follow up video of yet another one:

Along with the story of Obama’s campaign website being purposefully set up to accept illegal foreign campaign donations, this all just proves that Democrats simply don’t care about the rule of law. All laws are to be ignored, violated, and outright broken if it helps get Democrats elected.

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