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Kick the bum out of the White House on Tuesday, November 6

Obama: Don’t write him up, write him off

By —— Bio and Archives--September 24, 2012

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In the White Noise surrounding the presidential election race,  some doomsayer, raise-the- white-flag crowd members can be heard singing an off-key September Swan Song.

With national polls showing that the race between Mitt Romney and President Obama is essentially tied, thumb-sucking conservative pundits are out there dissing Romney, and therefore putting at serious risk, the only hope for taking back America.

Specifically,  former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan recently wrote that it’s “time for an intervention” in the Romney campaign.  Votes trump pretty speeches in any election, including this one, Peggy.

William Kristol, a touted conservative who is the editor of The Weekly Standard Magazine, fired off the words “arrogant” and “stupid” to describe Romney’s comments about the “47 percent” of Americans who won’t vote for him.

“Arrogant” and “stupid” are the exact words the many without the privilege of their own magazine use to describe Romney’s opponent, Bill.

If ‘conservatives’ within the latter day media don’t rally around Romney when the race is neck and neck, when will they rally?

Here we are with the election almost upon us, and the talking heads and pundits are still spending the lion’s share of their time psychoanalyzing Obama and imposing their tiresome opinions on people looking for the way up and out of the darkest of deep holes.  Almost four years on and you’d think the media meisters had run the full gamut on why Obama does what he does.

It’s not psychoanalyzing that is needed for Obama, but a good and sound drubbing at the voting booth.

Make that drubbing good enough and it may be a long time before another community organizer/activist decides it’s time to take the White House.

The fine art of psychoanalyzing behind a computer may be a good way to stave off boredom or to keep the office rent paid up, but it’s not as good as living in reality, the reality being, “There’s a Marxist squatting on the White House.”

And as frustrating as it is wading through a Noonan or Kristol piece,  they’ve got nothing on the loud whines of the doomsayers who say “They (the politicians) are all alike”, or that “Romney is part of the same system and will be just as bad as Obama.”

It’s safe to say that nobody is as bad as Obama.  Just look around you at the destruction his policies are having on an undeserving America.

If Obama wins on November 6, it is not just the end of the United States of America, but the end of the Free World.  Many countries besides the northern one next door are dependent on the U.S. for economic survival.  Without America there really is no Free World.

The chat room chattering doom sayers, still sore because there is yet no third party for them to turn to, and who smugly claim “I’m sitting this one out” would sit many things out if they didn’t get their way. 

They don’t fool anybody but themselves with the pious claim that Romney will be just as bad for America as Obama.

Let’s just suppose for a minute that they are right and Romney once elected doesn’t represent the values of those who elected him,  which is as far fetched as it is doubtful.

An elected Romney will only be on his first rung, climbing up the ladder of political power.  Should he show signs of going in the same direction of Obama and his Czars, It will be much easier pulling him off.  Obama, on the other hand, whose unabashed mission is the Fundamental Transformation of America,  is already on the top rung, waiting to lob the bomb of serfdom at the masses.

For the past four years, Obama, who by his own narrative is a Nowhere Man from Fill-in-the-Blank,  has been an uninterrupted one-man wrecking ball on America ruining all possibility for your children and grandchildren to live in the freedom in which you were raised.

Psychoanalyzing and cursing Obama doesn’t get you a better life and really doesn’t change anything for the better. 

There’s only one way to get even with Barack Hussein Obama:  Kick the bum out of the White House on Tuesday, November 6 and lay the responsibility on his replacement to ensure he and his kind never come back again.

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