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Blueprint to usher in socialist government worldwide

Obama the wolf in sheep’s clothing on Fabian Window Coat of Arms!

By —— Bio and Archives--August 22, 2009

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Touted as The Messiah, President Barack Hussein Obama is in above all else The wolf;  a ravening wolf.  And the wolf is panting on the doorstep of the Free World.

Obama is The Wolf that’s come to life from the Coat of Arms wolf in sheep’s clothing on the The Fabian Window, treasured symbol of the Fabian Society restored to display in the Shaw Library at the London School of Economics in 2006 after its disappearance by a mysterious theft in 1978.

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The Fabian Society, top noted socialist organization,  will celebrate the first-year of Obama’s election as a blueprint to usher in socialist government worldwide on November 7.

From the Fabian Society’s homepage: “As we approach the one year anniversary of Obama’s electoral victory, the Fabians plan to use this moment to hold a major half-day conference to discuss how we can create a progressive movement for change in Europe.” (See bottom of page.)

Speakers for the The Global Change We Need Conference include Foreign Secretary David Millbrand MP, former Clinton White House Deputy Press Secretary Jennifer Palmieri; outgoing European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Joaquin Aluminia; European Commissioner for Trade Baroness Catherine Ashton and former Prime Minister on Denmark and current PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.”

imageAs Canada Free Press columnist William Kevin Stoos wrote here yesterday.  “The Fabian Window is a beautiful, if sinister, thing.  Although it currently hangs in London, it should be hanging in the White House, for the message in the window is an eerie reflection of what is happening in the United States before our very eyes.  Built to commemorate the founding of the Fabian Socialist Society, the Fabian Window contains images that are clear, unapologetic and, as a friend of mine once said..brazen.  It is one thing, as Lenin said, to howl like wolves in order to live among wolves; however it is quite another to advertise the fact that you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Yet, the socialists who constructed the window had no qualms about advertising the fact that they had a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda when it comes to reshaping the world.”

The wolf at the door is not a Made in America problem.  It is a made in the Free World problem.

The Fabian Society casts all doubt aside about what Obama really is: He’s the quintessential Socialist wolf in sheep’s clothing being used to shape a new world.

Crafted from the the same stained glass that is admired in the best cathedrals of the world, the sinister Fabian Window depicts the image of two men—society founders—hammering the globe (from the top down no less) with sledgehammers—imposing their will on the world so to speak.

What Stoos describes next should run chills down the spines of decent people everywhere.  “More ominous still—the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Amazingly, the Fabian Window contains an image—just above the fellows hammering the world—that is as clear as it is foreboding: the socialists are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I often wonder why they did not choose a less ignoble animal.  What about a courageous lion? A proud bull?  A vigilant hawk? A noble horse”  No, they chose a wolf—a cunning, ravenous. devious, and scary critter—and cloaked him in a sheepskin.  Why?  Because, as Lenin taught, if you want to operate in a capitalist society you must disguise yourself.  Put the sheepskin on and you can easily mingle with the flock.  Until, you decide to shed the skin and consume the flock.  The most frightening thing about the image is that the socialists make no apology about being wolves and living among sheep.”

There can be no mistaking what the Fabian Society wants.  Its blunt mantra is “pray devoutly hammer stoutly” for the New World Order.

We owe it to the bold Fabian Society and not America’s fawning mainstream media for showing us the furry clothes their latest emperor is wearing.

For all of his charm, for all of his hype and for all of the Marxist dialectic coming from his trademark TelePrompter, Obama is the wolf in sheep’s clothing on the global doorstep; a clear and present danger to freedom everywhere.

His raiment would more naturally be tar and feathers.

And right now the wolf is vacationing, finding quiet moments to strategize his next move on America.  The wolf is sniffing Martha Vineyard’s ocean breezes, just a boat-ride away from the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port.

Can you hear the howling of the wolves?

August is fast fading into September and it’s getting louder every day.

Fabian Society:

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