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“Economy for the 21st century” imposed by her number one protégé Barack Hussein Obama is not helping women but only killing America

Obama’s Obeisance to Cult of Vain Valerie

By —— Bio and Archives--July 2, 2014

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Obama’s Obeisance to Cult of Vain Valerie

You don’t need to see an image of black-suited male figurines bowing to Valerie Jarrett’s White House picture to know that Valerie Jarrett is a cult in her own mind.

The real life cult is that Jarrett, the power behind the current White House president, cultishly bows down to Barack Hussein Obama—and that Obama cultishly bows down to Valerie Jarrett.

“An NBC package over the weekend shows an odd display. (BuzzFeed, July 1, 2014) “On NBC on Sunday, Meet the Press had a segment on Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett.

“Our Cynthia McFadden was granted unique access and spent a day behind the scenes with Valerie Jarrett at the White House,” host David Gregory said introducing the segment.”

The Jarrett NBC segment reminded all that 36 White House staffers work for Jarrett, who receives full-time Secret Service protection, and has 24-7 access to Obama White House living quarters.

“Strangely, inside her office is this photo with figures bowing before a picture of Jarrett,” reports NBC.

In what has to be the most nondescript fashion, of all time, NBC described the three figurines bowing before a framed picture of Jarrett as….”figures”.  The three figurines—one of them prostrate—paying obeisance to Jarrett’s picture are all male.

Current Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough should worry.  Chiefs of staff don’t last long on Jarrett’s watch.  Already gone are Rahm Emanuel, Pete Rouse (acting), William M. Daley and Jack Lew. 

“The unspoken White House Rule: “Don’t cross Valerie Jarrett.” (BizPac Review, Oct. 28, 2013).

“…Jarrett has outlasted almost everyone who was in Obama’s original White House team — from chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to political guru David Axelrod to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. All are known to have crossed her, and all are gone.” (National Review, Oct. 25,  2013). As one former Obama aide once told me: ‘Valerie is ‘She Who Must Not be Challenged.’”

So as not to leave their viewers nonplussed about the Big Picture Mystery, “We’ve reached out to the White House for comment,” claimed courageous NBC.

A major television network did not “ask directly”, “check back”, but “reached out”?

NBC was sure to add that “Jarrett responded on Twitter, calling it a “gag gift”, which, in essence, gave Jarrett more leeway to carry on with her self-described, more arrogant than funny “gag”.

This is Jarrett’s Twitter response.

There you have it in TwitterSpeak: “Us” strong women don’t need worship—just an economy for the 21st century”.

About “worship”, a word usually connected to the Creator, Jarrett should speak for only herself.

The “economy for the 21st century” imposed by her number one protégé Barack Hussein Obama is not helping women but only killing America.

“Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world, and their glory. And he said to Him, “All these things will I give you if you fall down and worship me.” - Matthew 4:8-9

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