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The most dangerous human being to ever walk into the Oval Office is now ignoring the wishes of MILLIONS of Americans.

Obama’s Titanic arrogance and the folly of ignoring the masses on 9/12

By —— Bio and Archives--September 14, 2009

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I was at the 9/12 Rally on the Capital Lawn.  Like a lot of people I took the time, effort and expense to go to the seat of power and be counted with my fellow American Patriots.  I have never seen so many people in one place in my life.  The crowd was shoulder to shoulder all the way from the Capital Steps to the Washington Monument a MILE away, and also covered the side streets feeding into the area. The US Park Service allegedly said it was the largest gathering at the Capitol…. ever.  All protestations of Keith Olberman, David Shuster and Chris Matthews to the contrary.

I heard and saw the Flight of Helos with Marine One carrying the “Dear Leader” off to yet another stage crafted rally. Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times confirmed this. 
Obama saw the outrage, arrogantly ignored it, and whisked himself off to yet another of his endless “Campaigns” and read one of his speachwriter’s diatribes hawking his totalitarian agenda.  The man doesn’t care what we think, or believe. Nor does he appear cognizant of how much we are willing to sacrifice to win The Right to live our lives as Free People, not Servants of his growing Police State.
The most dangerous human being to ever walk into the Oval Office is now ignoring the wishes of MILLIONS of Americans.  For every person who showed up at the Capitol on 9/12,  there were a THOUSAND who felt the same way.
Obama’s cavalier dismissing of us as “Mobsters” and “Terrorists” speaks of a pathologic hubris, seen in political figures like Stalin and Mao Tse Tung.  His malignantly narcissistic Cult of Personality led him last week to attempt the enlistment of the nation’s children into his “Obama Jugen” with the complicity of the NEA which is heavily influenced by one William Ayers with whom Obama claims to be only casually acquainted.   The speech he gave was not the one originally intended.  The original was to be accompanied by Lesson Plans and “Workbooks” so the nation’s children could “help” the president and “serve” his leviathan bureaucracy.

“Shadow Government” with unaccountable “czars”

Any graduate of the US Army’s Infantry School can attest that failing to ignore the Opposing Force’s strength can have catastrophic consequences.  Obama, however is utterly unconcerned with the rapidly growing, REAL movement to regain our Constitutional Republic.  That can only mean one of two things.
He and his cabal of handlers and henchmen are ignorant and don’t see that they have a huge, growing opposition about to oust the Democrats from Congress in 2010.  That scenario is unlikely since Axelrod, Emmanuel, et al are not fools.
Or?  Obama’s agenda is already in place ready to be sprung upon an unsuspecting American people and they are confidant that nothing we do or say can stop them.  They have created a parallel “Shadow Government” with their “czars” unaccountable to anyone for a reason.  There is NO oversight of their actions, and everything is completely secret.  NO President has ever attempted such secrecy, or attempted to seize such power at such a mindbending pace.

Obama and the United Nations

Obama has now also undertaken another unprecedented political move.  This from The Financial Times: “Obama will cement the New Cooperative relationship between the US and the United Nations when he becomes THE FIRST AMERICAN PRESIDENT to Chair the 15-member Security Council.” 
Apparently Obama will enlist the corrupt Third World cesspool and Dictators Club AKA the UN to “help” him with his plans.  It begs the question? What exactly DOES the Dear Leader have in store for us, and what will the “International Community” do to assist him?
9/12 was a great day of which all of us who stood Up for liberty can be proud.  But it’s only the beginning and what lies ahead, and what the statist transnationalists and their bag men like Soros have planned for us will not pretty or in our best interests.  Count on that.
We came together peacefully this time to make it clear that our “Public Servants” have gone way too far down the road to American tyranny.  We need to steel ourselves for what unknowns are likely to come. For come they will.  These people will NEVER again have the opportunity that they have now.
We’ve stood it to tyrants before who mistook our civility for weakness.  They saw our masses last Saturday and dismissed us as “mobsters” and rabble.  That may one day be chronicled as the biggest mistake in history.
A peaceful and righteous citizenry has made it clear that we will not be relegated to serfdom, or be used as an ATM machine for the enablement of our own enslavement any longer.  But let us all be aware that their countermove may have frightening consequences for a once free America, and for our personal freedom as well. 
Obama said on his personal website that any opponents to his Healthcare Plan were “Right Wing Domestic Terrorists.”  That is dangerous language speaking to his chilling mindset when a Obama views all peaceful opposition as criminal behavior. 
If that isn’t evidence of the man’s terrible totalitarian worldview, I don’t know what IS.  “Ruck Up” America, the real battle for the American Soul is yet to come.

George Potts Thompson -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Retired US Army, University Graduate, and Private Detective who does lots of undercover work ( I Did, Narcotics Investigations for Likes Bros. Shipping ) & wishes anonymity for Obvious reasons & therefore writes under a Pen Name.

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