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Restoring Honor Rally

“Predominantly white” media portrays Beck rally as “predominantly white”

By —— Bio and Archives--August 29, 2010

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imageWhy would you determine that a vast crowd attracted by Glenn Beck to Washington, DC’s National Mall and assessed by NBC at the 300,000 mark,  was “predominantly white”?

Because that’s the mainstream media’s premeditated story and they’re sticking to it.

Many expected the MSM to minimize the crowds at Beck’s Honoring America rally by number and that’s what they’re still doing.

Mr. Smith only went to Washington.  With passion and ringing sincerity, Glenn Beck turned America back to God.

That’s a story in anybody’s books.  Unless you’re the media where God doesn’t count.

First on the “predominantly white” attack came Politico (within hours on the Drudge Report and the see-only-whites AP).

“Meanwhile, many in the predominantly white crowd bent over backward to insist that they are not racists that the crowd was courteous, despite heat and density.” (Politico).

“Bent over backward to insist they are not racists”? 

That was paragraph 41 in Politico’s 48-paragraph story that appeared post rally on Drudge.

In a cursory check by Canada Free Press (CFP), of the roughly 144 “predominantly white” Politico reporters, editors and office staff from 104 pictures taken from their About Us page,  only 13 could be categorized as representative of minorities.

Politico was only first off the mark in the “predominantly white” charge.  On a hat tip from Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit, a screen shot for a Google news search taken around 11 p.m. (EST) on Saturday night showed 10 media weighing in with the same charge. 


Though you’d never know it from media accounts, courtesy of Beck, God was center stage at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday with 240 clergy of various denominations on stage when Beck told Americans looking for answers that “God is the answer.”

It’s good that CFP posted a live thread from the Restoring Honor Rally courtesy of UStream yesterday morning because people could see and hear the event for what it was, proving the lies, and even wild claims, of the mainstream media.

“Recognize your place to the creator,” Beck told cheering throngs.  “Realize that he is our king.  He is the one who guides and directs our life and protects, he said asking people to pray more.  “I ask, not only if you would pray on your knees, but with your door open for your children to see.” 

Politico found it more important that “about halfway through the three-hour rally, Beck ditched his necktie” and that “two hours and 20 minutes in, Beck choked up—as he often does on his show—while talking about bringing his kids to see the monuments this week.”

“Signaling how choreographed and state-managed the production was, the giant screens cut away to a video from inside the memorial.”  This from a media that tripped all over itself when another choreographed stage-managed event cut away from a vast crowd showing a guy running for president from a faux Greek Temple.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t with the media’s accusatory words ringing in their ears that so many people left the Washington Mall yesterday.  They left with the vision of a better tomorrow with the haunting strains of the bagpipes playing Amazing Grace.

“I once was lost but now am found; was blind but now can see.

And the chant from everyone in attendance that followed Sarah Pain, other than the media, is still “USA!”  “USA!”

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