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Shady accounting practice, Wasted Government money

Should a 7-Day-Long Job be Counted as a ‘Job Created’ by Stimulus?

By —— Bio and Archives July 29, 2009

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Some state governments are playing fast and loose with the stats to “prove” that stimulus money is going to “new jobs” by counting temporary jobs that lasted for as little as seven days as a “new job” credited to the stimulus.

Who cannot agree that counting a temporary job that lasted a mere seven days to the “jobs created” column is a farce? A seven-day -long job is meaningless to job stability and job creation. A seven-day-long job adds nothing long term and barely anything short term to the economy or the nation and is built on a false assumption that the money wasted by government has “done something” for the economy. It is but a shady accounting practice meant to cover Washington’s rear end and nothing more.

In truth, this stimulus money has done nothing but expand government as it is used to fund government programs. It has not stimulated anything but government.

Warner Todd Huston -- Bio and Archives | Comments

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