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The Liberal Extremist Steps to the Devolution of Canada

The Architects of Canada’s Devolution

By —— Bio and Archives--March 19, 2012

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The Liberal Party of Canada is struggling to identify itself. They know the Conservative Party of Canada is not what Canadians really want.  After all only 39.6% of Canada’s voters voted for them.  They seriously contemplate resurrecting their former coalition with the National Democratic Party (NDP).  They even reach in desperation for Bob Rae that tired old NDP loser as their messiah of resurrection.

They talk about getting back to “where the people really are;” their natural Center in the Right–Left spectrum of Canadian politics where they long ruled.  The truth is they never were in the center of Canadian politics, at least not since McKenzie King lead the Party longer than any other Prime Minister of Canada.  The only Center this mob ever occupied was a deadly third dimensional (3D) quicksand trap that traitorous P.E. Trudeau and his cronies led them into in his desire to divide and conquer English-speaking Canada.

How these Liberal artifacts, the inheritors and residue of Trudeau’s “Architects of Canada’s Devolution,” can even dare to think they can pull themselves out when they are up to their necks and going down, merely demonstrates their arrogance. They have learned nothing. They have totally squandered the publics trust. What an incredibly difficult chore Mr. Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) are now undertaking to rectify the damage to Canada that these radicals have left behind.

The Liberal Extremist Steps to the Devolution of Canada

Trudeau’s Liberals, with Pearson’s earlier encouragement divided us by language and culture, English and French – the Quebecois and the Rest of Canada.  They even had the temerity to persuade parliament to declare Quebec a Nation.

“The Liberal Party of Canada supports without any conditions the recognition of Quebec as a Nation.”  Denis Coderre, Liberal Member of Parliament.

The Liberals rode roughshod over Western Canada and dictatorially destroyed Alberta’s oil industry when they passed the infamous National Energy Policy of 1980, thus alienating Alberta and the other resource based provinces of western Canada.

The Trudeau Liberals allowed the FLQ of Quebec to violently break every law of the land before refusing to step in until the very last moment, when he did so in order to prevent then from interfering with his plans for the surreptitious takeover of Canada by Quebec.  They also failed Canada again by allowing Quebec to honour these murdering revolutionaries as “Patriots” after their return from exile in Cuba.

The Liberals deliberately failed to protect all Canadian citizens from Quebec’s illegal language laws and crass language police, causing half a million plus English speakers to sell out and flee Quebec.  This injustice and flagrant insult to the fathers of the Confederation of 1867 is never mentioned by any Liberal 3D “Centrist” radical. 

The Liberals passed new wide open door Immigration and Refugee Protection Acts beginning in the 1960’s that permitted every person under the sun (culturally adaptable or not) into our country and gave Quebec the right to control its own immigrant intake. 

They well knew that Quebec’s culture would change without Quebec controlling its provincial intake. It was again an accommodation designed to allow their elitist partners in Montreal to prevent known violent radicals from upsetting their hidden agenda – the “French” rule of all Canada; 

“Given these facts, should French-speaking people concentrate their efforts on Quebec or take the whole of Canada as their base?  In my opinion, they should do both; and for the purpose they could find no better instrument than federalism”, Pierre Trudeau, Page 31 “Federalism” (1968).

Four out of five Immigration offices in Great Britain our historic source of immigrants, mostly to the Rest of Canada, were closed.  Offices across the third world and in French speaking countries were opened.  Only 12% of immigrants settle in Quebec; 60% pile into Ontario alone.  Adding to this mess was the total laxity of immigration and refugee authorities.  Abuses were ignored and even encouraged by the Liberals, especially in Ontario and British Columbia, the latter taking about 25%. 

Hundreds of thousands poured in with no identification, visas, passports or other papers (flushed down airline toilets) or falsely declaring themselves refugees. The rest of the world approves 15% of Refugee applicants; we took 40 to 55%.  The Liberals allowed the declined refugees to appeal forever and finally lost track of them. Few were ejected.

Blind to the dangerous path Trudeau was taking them, they passed the Multicultural Act of Canada, declaring all cultures in Canada the equal of each other.  Nice eh!  So the latest backward third-world illiterate coming from some brutal dictatorship arrived in Canada and instantly became the cultural equal of a free, well educated citizen of Canada. A citizen with a deep 1000-year heritage of a hard won culture of free speech, freedom of the press and a vibrant democracy of the rule of law.

Through the new mechanism of Human Rights Kangaroo court tribunals (they also established) they took to punishing journalists, police, teachers or any other luckless outspoken Canadian that had transgressed some ethnic taboo or was said to have commented negatively on the behaviour of any identifiable minority.  They insultingly ordered these victims to take sensitivity training classes (run by “expert” minorities). The new designated minorities were never required to take such courses regarding insults to Canadian sensibilities. 

Politically Correct Behavior thus became another disgusting Liberal legacy.  Many non-minority Canadians became frightened to say anything, for fear of offending or running afoul of some rule or regulation and causing themselves or their employer grief.  Today, the term “politically correct” is everywhere and heaven forbid one should ever be called a racist.  Some are so terrified that for them their society seems like walking on glass.

The Liberals pushed the glories of a Mosaic of Cultures.  The delights of colourful dresses (don’t dare call them costumes) new foods, music and dance were the “in” thing. True, we enjoy such experiences.  However, we are consigned to the dustbin of cultural history when our culture is equated with a tiny piece of coloured tile. 

The Liberals then told their new voters that Canada was a “Blank Slate,” we had no existing culture (other than Quebecois) and it was up to these new immigrants to help write a new Canadian culture for we amorphous nobodies. 

That is how the Liberal third dimension (think depth) quicksand “Center” of Canadian radical politics destroyed our British derived culture and devolved that culture into a pale image of its former self.  All this while busily devolving and extolling the introverted failing “French” culture of the Nation of Quebec.

Radical Extremist Liberals Rule not Govern
Notice the Liberals (and unfortunately the so-called Red Tories under Clark and Mulroney) never use the word “govern.”  They use the words “power” or “rule.”  They don’t see themselves governing responsibly.  So they then proceeded to “rule” again by backing Trudeau’s badly flawed Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982). 

That Charter is the deepest part of the quicksand trap into which Trudeau led his Liberal followers.  The Charter so abuses our great existing English common laws and principles that the deceived novice and legally untrained person sees it as, “a wonderful document guaranteeing my freedoms.” It is in fact a total reversal of the rule of law that has been forced upon unsuspecting Canadians. Are my statements correct?  Here are some facts; 

First, no government has the right to dictate to you what your freedoms are.  Their job is to defend our freedoms.  Second, they inserted group rights into the Charter (special laws for special groups of people), an anathema to our British derived principle that, “Every individual person is the equal of every other individual person before and under the Law.”  Third, they gave carte blanche to nine unelected judges of the Supreme Court of Canada (and every other senior judge in Canada) to use the Charter to dictate new law to Canadians, thus by-passing Parliament. There is much more effrontery to Canadian freedoms in the Charter menace, the above is but a small sample.

Trudeau’s Hidden Agenda

Yes, Trudeau had an Agenda, but not at all hidden from his Liberal English-speaking Canadian enablers.  So why did they follow him into this deadly path of quicksand?  The answer is they felt privileged to sit around the cabinet table with charismatic Trudeau, that international star of false intellectual superiority, and bathe in his public spotlight.

These dullards convinced themselves that, “We, the Liberals know better than the public, so we will do what’s right, regardless of their opinion” (Sergio Marchi, a former Minister of Immigration) and a classic example of the Liberal mindset of power and rule versus responsible government.  Some however, were duped into believing it was all about keeping Quebec in Canada when precisely the opposite was underway.  It was as we have seen, all about Quebec ruling Canada.

They were also bought and paid for.  They voted themselves huge salary and pension benefits and other emoluments.  Not the least of which was the certainty of future appointments to the Senate, foreign economic and cultural ambassadorships, corporate boards, university presidents etc. Rewards aplenty! 

No wonder the current crop is now dreaming of regaining power.  It doesn’t bother them that the takeover of Canada by Quebec and their French language regime is in the cards.  Again, here is verification that the sinking Liberals know the Agenda;

“My roll as Secretary of State of Canada is first and foremost to ensure that my French compatriots in Canada feel with deep conviction, as I do, that this is their country and that it reflects their image”. “I too had some difficult years as a politician; I’m still having them, in fact, because everything we undertake and everything we are doing to make Canada a French state is part of a venture I have shared for many years with a number of people”. “You know the idea, the challenge, the ambition of making Canada a French country both inside and outside Quebec — an idea some people consider a bit crazy is something a little beyond the ordinary imagination” – Serge Joyal, Secretary of State (quote from J.V. Andrews book “Enough).”

The Official Languages Act (forced bilingualism) This is perhaps the cruelest Liberal construct of all. Passed by Liberals and Red Tories and now bought into by all Parties excludes 95% of all English speaking Canadians from ever being employed by their own governments.  It is an ongoing cause for civil unrest.  It must be destroyed.  Such inequity cannot be justified.  All Parties need to return to the original 1867 Act of Confederation.

The sinking misled good old Liberal Anglo Boys should have rebelled but no, they walked blindly behind Trudeau, Chrétien and all the others that followed, almost disappearing beneath the quicksand and dooming the Liberal Party forever.  Their current chances of getting out of that 3D Centrist deep and deadly trap are nil to Zero, especially if Rae becomes their tainted forlorn hope.

A Final Comment: Test a Liberal, see if he has learned anything. Ask him, “If you take over government, will you get rid of these abominable Human Rights Kangaroo Courts that trash every law and principle of our once proud and free society?” My guess is that he will glibly respond, “I see your point, help us out and I’ll guarantee when we are back in power we’ll look into it.”  Yeah Sure!

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Dick Field, editor of Blanco’s Blog, is the former editor of the Voice of Canadian Committees and the Montgomery Tavern Society, Dick Field is a World War II veteran, who served in combat with the Royal Canadian Artillery, Second Division, 4th Field Regiment in Belgium, Holland and Germany as a 19-year-old gunner and forward observation signaller working with the infantry. Field also spent six months in the occupation army in Northern Germany and after the war became a commissioned officer in the Armoured Corps, spending a further six years in the Reserves.

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