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Free Stuff Society will be too busy turning in their food stamps or watching reality TV to get out and vote

‘The Free Stuff Election’

By —— Bio and Archives--October 1, 2012

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If the most crucial presidential election of our lifetime could be defined, it would be called ‘The Free Stuff Election’.

There are some 1 million Ohioans out there with a free Obama cellphone.

Imagine the ‘Vote At’ text messages coming through on their Obama phones, and that’s just one state.

The omnipresent Obama team have worked the Free Stuff Crowd up to fever pitch as witnessed in the Ohio woman’s YouTube screed that Obama is not only giving out free cell phones but lots of other free stuff’s coming down the pike.

Who really knew that liberty and freedom could be bought with a cell phone?

Obama knew and has been working almost four years to bring all takers into his ‘grassroots’ tent. 

Impossible to fathom how the one-man, U.S. wrecking ball known as Barack Hussein Obama,  after four years of the most destructive policies on record, could still attract support from 48% of voters nationwide, while they are saying Mitt Romney can count on 46% (Daily Tracking Poll).

Under the most painful circumstances We the People should have been able to count on support for any old Empty Suit to oppose the Empty Suit now squatting on the White House.

Here’s the cliff hanger situation according to Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: “Currently, 43% of voters are “certain” they will vote for Romney.  Forty-two percent (42%) are certain they will vote for Obama.  The remaining 15% are either uncommitted or open to changing their mind.” (Rasmussenreports)

Mind blowing that one of the distinguishing features of these potential persuadable voters is that they don’t see the choice between Romney and Obama as terribly significant.  In terms of impacting their own life, just 28% say it will be Very Important which man wins.

The 15% who don’t know now, won’t know on Election Day either.  Reality for them is, by and large, reality TV.

Reality for people who consider working for a living important and staying on top of the rent or mortgage as crucial, is seeing their historically noble nation sinking beneath the waves.

The 43-42 percent certain and 15 percent uncommitted or open to changing their minds is the sad scenario in the lead up to Jim Lehrer of PBS NewsHour fame hosting Wednesday’s first presidential debate.

The three presidential debates and one vice president one are all being hosted by far left media members.  Every opportunity on time to answer will be given to the long-winded Obama. Questions thrown Romney’s way will be loaded.

But even with deceitful Dems predicting a Romney first debate win, millions of folk will skip the debates.

Thy know that the mainstream media poisoned the campaign long before bogus presidential ‘debates’.

For the millions of Americans hoping for midterm- like results to put Republicans back in control of the Senate?

“State polling shows Democrats are now expected to retain control of the Senate.”  The Rasmussen Reports Balance of Power projections show the Democrats likely to win or hold 48 seats, while the GOP can probably count on 45.  That leaves seven toss-ups.  Republicans would need to win six of the seven to win control (or five of the seven if Romney wins and Vice President Paul Ryan can cast a tie-breaking vote).”

Bleak as the situation looks 36 days before Election Day, with only a 1 percent difference between Obama and Romney prospects, it’s a political crap shoot where anything can happen.

The light will never blink on in the Free Stuff Society, who don’t realize that in the roughly $500 a month in family food stamps and $900 a month in cash shows none of Obama’s promised Hope and Change.  They are living life in the same social misery today as they did four years ago.

Those hoping for relief from Obama’s destructive Marxism on Nov. 6 will go to the voting booths in the hope that the Free Stuff Society will be too busy turning in their food stamps or watching reality TV to get out and vote.

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