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Marriage is all about commitment, something even in his desperation to demoralize, Obama can’t possibly change

The icing on Obama’s same sex wedding cake already melting

By —— Bio and Archives--July 1, 2015

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President Barack Obama and his running dog SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage initiative is as phony as Bruce Jenner’s womanhood.

The legalization of same sex marriage in all 50 states is being introduced at a time in the pop culture when commitment is on the wane.  With waning commitment among both straight and homosexual couples, how many of them will tie the proverbial knot?

It isn’t matrimony-bound gay couples belting out ‘Get Me to the Church on Time’, but only Obama and the black robes.  Like most folk in the current jobless economy, they’re more likely humming the song that laments how the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

The world didn’t stop in its tracks after June 26 ‘Gay Day’ came to pass even though that’s what the Obama-led progressives so badly wanted. That’s because the world doesn’t stop in its tracks all because Obama needs it to happen to fulfill his absurd and over-rated fundamental transformation of the West.

So what was with the flooding the White House with gay rainbow flag colours on Friday?

The pure gloating that comes with Street Theatre; the kind of street Theatre progressives always leave behind in order to further demoralize the masses.

How many gay couples notified thousands of churches of their long-held plans for upcoming nuptials now that gay marriage has been legalized in all 50 U.S. states?

Stony silence of countless church pastors

The stony silence of countless church pastors should give you the answer.

Though Obama seems blithely unaware of it, brides and grooms,  straight or homosexual, don’t include thinking of him him on their big day.

That’s largely because, In real life, the Marxists of the world have always been the bridesmaids and never the brides.

The Marxists have been trying to inflict their One World Order Utopia on civil society for decades but even the over-funded United Nations has failed to deliver it for them.

In trying to über radicalize the world as we know it,  Marxism has one big problem:  Their audacious plans always look doable on paper but don’t work when they’re in the up-and-running stage.  (Think ObamaCare and no-boots-on-the-ground fights against ISIS).

When it comes to legalizing same sex marriage, Obama’s like one of his own selfies.  Looks like everything but a leader.  (Think Obama on his girly bike and Putin on his horse).

The icing on Obama’s same sex wedding cake was already melting before it could be presented to guests by the bride and groom.

No matter how Obama wants all of society to think otherwise, not all gays in relationships want to tie the knot just to qualify as ‘legal’.

Like the significant others of straight society, some of them would rather pass up the wedding expense for co-habitation.  Gossips and disapproving parents used to call it “shacked up”. Pope Francis would call it “living in sin”.

Thanks to the relativity of his progressive buddies, we all—including Barry—live in a world world where commitment and loyalty are not considered attributes any more.

The world is not waiting breathlessly for Obama to be best man in some ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’-type of big pooh-bah nuptials.

The only lavish in-your-face weddings today are the photographer-ducking guests-flown-in pretentious ones of movie stars and the children of political hacks.  (Think George Clooney; Valerie Jarrett’s and Hilary Clinton’s daughters).

Bleeding heart Liberals will have a tough time trying to pass off gay weddings as love-stories-with-happy-ending weddings.

That’s because, like Bruce Jenner posing as Caitlyn, politically promoted marriage is a contrived act.

Even if Bruce Jenner posing as Caitlyn gets to tie the knot on Reality TV to some ‘He-Man’ (almost impossible now that the he-man image all but disappeared with John Wayne) most ordinary folk will see straight through the act.

Marriage is all about commitment, something even in his desperation to demoralize, Obama can’t possibly change.

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