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Defeating vulnerable Democrat incumbents, Alcee Hastings, Ron Klein and Alan Grayson

The Need to Unite Behind Rick Scott and the Stakes for US Congress

By —— Bio and Archives--August 26, 2010

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Any discord among party members must end after the primaries.  This is especially true in the all important gubernatorial race in Florida in this congressional redistricting year.

Republicans across the board are spending time, energy and resources on defeating vulnerable Democrat incumbents, including Alcee Hastings (whose district boasts an abysmal voter turnout and who has all but lost the critical Haitian vote), Ron Klein and Alan Grayson. 

We need to keep in mind that a Democratic governor in a redistricting year could not only preclude Republicans from holding these seats in the future, but could in fact lead to the election of yet another Alcee Hastings, Ron Klein and Alan Grayson, on top of those already in place.

Whoever you may have supported in the past, one thing is clear.  The election of a Republican governor within the State of Florida, where the Governor holds veto power over redistricting, is crucial to the future of our statewide congressional caucus.  Rick Scott is our nominee and his election will determine the future of three or four congressional seats, which may at times be the margin of control in the US House.

On top of that, it cannot go without saying that Republicans in Florida have elected a fine slate of state and local across the board.  This is especially true in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Senate nominees Ellyn Bogdanoff and Lizabeth Benacquisto are both people of exemplary public service, as is House nominee Pat Rooney.  House nominee George Moraitis is a former officer of the United States Navy, a brilliant mind and a true community leader and Tami Donnally’s background in improving education speaks for itself.  All in all, Republicans in Palm Beach and Broward counties can say “Job well done.”

Yomin Postelnik -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Yomin Postelnik is a noted conservative writer and political strategist for many conservative federal and state campaigns as well as the author of a Financial Literacy program for at-risk teens.

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