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You can turn the tables on Obama by Fundamentally Transforming America back to what it was before his shadow was ever cast on the White House

Turning the Tables on Obama and the Dems

By —— Bio and Archives--June 8, 2012

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Barack Obama is not seeking 2012 re-election for posterity’s sake.  Obama is not waiting for his daughters to some day immortalize him in another book called “Dreams From My Father”.  Obama is not seeking re-election for any reason other than to grab the four more years necessary to complete his messianic Fundamental Transformation of America.

Nothing that has ever been done before will come along to tear America from the voracious jaws of Obama.  This is a man who was propelled from within the foul ranks of street activism to the highest office in the land; the socialist community activist who hid his true face from the American people with the help of a book based on “conceptual” relationships.  This is the man who came from nowhere; did nothing to earn his lofty perch and who sealed off all those documents that would tell who he really is.  This is a man who changed his name from Barry Soetoro to what he perceives to be the more royal and more substantial sounding ‘Barack Obama’.

The Big Lie now lives and we are mired down in teeming propaganda.

Thinking that anything about these times is normal is both dangerous and naive. 

Believing that recent joyful events in Wisconsin would stop Obama in his tracks would be akin to believing that a child with a pea shooter could stop a raging bear.

“With five months until Election Day, Barack Obama faces a grim new reality: Republicans now believe Mitt Romney can win, and Democrats believe Obama can lose…”, Mark Halperin wrote in Time Magazine.  “Last week’s anemic job-creation and economic growth data was sandwiched between two Bill Clinton specials: in one television interview, the 42nd President lauded Romney’s business record as “sterling”; in another he veered from the Obama line on the extension of Bush-era tax cuts…The failure to unseat Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker in a recall election was another bad sign for Democrats since it will rev up conservatives nationwide, including the kind of millionaires who gave big bucks to Walker’s effort..Veteran Democratic strategists from previous presidential bids and on Capitol Hill now wonder if the Obama re-election crew is working with the right message…”

Bill Clinton has veered for his lifetime, Mr. Halperin.  It was big heart from Tea Party members more than “millionaires’ big bucks”  that returned Walker to where he already was before union recall.  Obama’s re-election crew has a plethora of what they think is the “right message”, and virtually dominate every known form of today’s communication.

Veteran Democratic strategists don’t want conservatives revved up nationwide.

What the veteran Democratic strategists do want is for the USA voting population to believe that they don’t have to get out and vote as Obama is destined to lose.

Given what Obama has done, is doing and wants to finish after November 6 makes it dangerous thinking believing that he is finished.

Halperin also points out: “Another danger for the President: the media freak show.  Stalking that circus’ center ring is Matt Drudge, whose caustic website continues to help drive the news cycle with an emphasis on negative, mocking items about Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and their wives.  The latest sign of Drudge’s potency: Ed Klein, the author of the virulently anti-Obama book The Amateur, was barred from major TV appearances and mostly ignored by the mainstream media, but the book’s prominence on Drudge’s website propelled it to the No. 1 slot on the New York Times nonfiction list.”

The Drudge Report is not the Halperin-described “caustic website” that continues to “help drive the news cycle with an emphasis on negative, mocking items about Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and their wives”.  It is THE news.  It is the news site that untold millions turn to every morning to discover what is happening in the USA and beyond.  And it got there with something rarely seen these days in the indolent, fawning mainstream media: Delivering The Scoop.  Matt Drudge earned his place in the news world when he courageously broke the story on Monica Lewinsky.

To all patriots working so hard to save their country: Don’t believe for a nano second that veteran Dem strategists are now thinking Obama will lose the presidential race.

It is part of the propaganda to get him re-elected.

Don’t leave anything to chance.

The voter turning out on election day is the only antidote to getting rid of the poison called Obama.

If elections aren’t suspended by Executive Order,  you can turn the tables on Obama by Fundamentally Transforming America back to what it was before his shadow was ever cast on the White House by making your own Hope and Change. 

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