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Draconian, unconstitutional health nightmare

Whores…I mean Senators march the Health Bill forward

By —— Bio and Archives--December 23, 2009

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The Health care bill arrogantly moves along dreaming for the day it can be in Obama’s next speech.  It has its designer, socialist clothes ironed and glowing red, ready to shine off the Obama teleprompter.  This health care bill has moved half way home and is primed for the Christmas eve vote in the middle of the night while we are all sleeping or dreaming of wassail and gifts.  So far it seems the waffling Senators have been offered the world for their vote.

It has been a week in Vegas for many Senators….excuse me whores.  Just to name a few pay offs we see Senator Nelson from Nebraska getting 100 million for his state;  Florida got their Medicare program frozen so they wouldn’t get Medicare cuts that the other states would get.  That was a 25-30 billion dollar pay off.  Senator Dodd got 100 million for a hospital in his state, on and on.  The pay offs were everywhere and the whores gave up their meat.  Reid got the 60 votes he needed to shut down debate and move things forward. 

Obama’s negative ratings have never been higher and poll after poll show the vast majority of the American people don’t want this Health Care bill crammed down their throat but who cares what we think?  Obama needs the Health bill, not the American people.  Obama needs cap and trade, not the American people.  Obama needs another cigarette.

Regardless of the last minute tricks and changes,  we can pretty well count on the fact that abortions will be paid for; health care rationing will occur, targeting our seniors;  Doctors will be paid whatever the Government says they will be paid; Insurance companies will be forced to raise their rates and will increasingly not be able to compete against the rigged and controlled prices;  and my personal favorite:  We will all be forced by the Federal Government to have health care or be fined and sent to prison.  They will have the power as well to determine what the right health care will look like so don’t think you can hide behind your private plan.

Understand that this Government, the one that wants health rationing for seniors and to kill babies, will decide how your health care looks…..that is the health care you are allowed to get.  If America is to allow this draconian,  unconstitutional health nightmare to land,  people of all ages will die prematurely,  real health care will have to submit to financially contrived budgets decided by bureaucrats and we will have no privacy left. 

I have talked with several attorneys who have studied the health care bill and are currently analyzing the constitutional betrayal of this bill.  Among these include Michael Connelly  and Steve Eichler  They all have told me on air and off air that should this pass, legal actions, addressing the constitutional breach of forcing health care on the people will go all the way to the Supreme Court.  We think we see clogged courts now, just wait.  The American people won’t take this ethical, legal and constitutional betrayal and violation. 

Perhaps one of the many formal responses to the Government should be a class action suit from the American people.  While we are pursuing legal responses we must make sure and vote our brains out in 2010 and send most of congress home to pursue other careers.  If we can’t impeach this President (which he deserves) we must and can vote him out at year four.  Once he is out and a real patriot is in the White House we must cut off all funding for unconstitutional health bills and neuter them.  We must explore ways to repeal,  unfund,  challenge with other legislation and demand that un-American bills not stand against the American people.

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Dr. Laurie Roth Just Who is this Annie Oakley of the airwaves?

Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in counseling and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is happily married and currently resides in Washington State. She is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit.

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