Ozone Technology Designed As a Solution to Prevent Salmonella Outbreaks

Aquentium, Inc.  announced today that the company’s ozone technology is designed as a solution to prevent salmonella outbreaks. The Aquentium line of ozone equipment provides a natural, non-chemical process for food processing.

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French youths clash with police

Lille - Dozens of French youths clashed with police in a town in northeast France overnight, burning cars during a rampage triggered by the killing of a 22-year-old man, an official said on Sunday.

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Mother Nature and Man’s Foolish Games

Anyone who has spent any time outdoors knows that Mother Nature is a cruel mistress. She can be awesomely beautiful and astonishingly cruel. This no doubt accounts for the way early man concluded that prayers, rituals, and other efforts to cajole, flatter, and influence nature were necessary to explain and avoid the many ways nature will find to kill you if you are not prepared.

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From “Green Conservatism” to Black Gold

Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich has been on Fox News and Sean Hannity’s radio show promoting oil drilling in the U.S to help solve our energy crisis. He’s got a “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” campaign drawing hundreds of thousands of names to one of his websites. But this is a new tune.

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Barack Obama throws a billion Muslims under the bus


As noted here yesterday, Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik says that the candidate has a “Muslim background.”

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John McCain’s “Anger” About Oil: Epiphany or Senior Moment?

As an independent conservative who refuses to salivate and or worship at the feet of any politician simply because an R is attached to his name, I was nonetheless momentarily tempted by a headline concerning the GOP liberal running for the presidency.

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Why Is Government Forcing America to Switch to Digital Television?

Apparently the sticky problems confronting our nation, including wars in two foreign nations, the very real threat of terrorism, gasoline near $5 a gallon, rising inflation and unemployment, spiraling health care costs, record federal deficits, old, declining infrastructure, and massive illegal immigration from the third-world, are not enough to keep Washington bureaucrats busy.

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Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir proves Dubai Does not run the show

Hamid Mir, GEO TV, Capital TalkIslamabad - Renowned Geo anchor Hamid Mir once again moved his famous show “Capital Talk” to the road here on Friday after the programme was stopped from being aired by Dubai authorities under pressure from the presidency.

Instead of watching the show on TV at home,  a huge crowd watched it on the street as people thronged the Parade Ground, the final destination of the long march. As it happens, the Geo office is just a few yards away from the Parade Ground.

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Memories of a justice system gone wrong

Last week, Ontario Superior Court Justice David McCombs ordered the taped interview of schoolgirl killer Paul Bernardo released to the public in its entirety.

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Are American Voters as Stupid As Democrats Bank On?

I’d love to be able to say that American voters are far too intelligent to ever fall for the socialist drivel currently peddled by the New Democrat Party, aka - the Democratic Socialists of America. But that would be a lie…

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Obama-Sebelius ‘08

I have reason to believe Barack Obama will pick a woman to be his running mate.  It just won’t be Hillary Clinton.

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Overrun and Overwhelmed By Illegal Aliens

Most, if not all of the problems of America can be solved with fairly simple solutions, if it wasn’t for the fact that those problems were obfuscated and clouded by an agenda of a special interest, or a bunch of politicians looking to pander to some group for votes, money, or an easy path to re-election.

Direct Election v. Electoral College

The constitutional amendment process is a complicated and lengthy affair. This is because we cannot be certain what consequences might arise from a seemingly minor alteration of the Constitution. To be sure, exchanging the electoral-vote system for direct election would adversely impact the entire constitutional and political structure of the United States.

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The residential school money pit

By Don Sandberg, Aboriginal Policy Fellow, Frontier Centre for Public Policy

The residential school years were, without doubt, a terrible experience for some native students. One can only imagine the torment of being unable to escape one’s abusers. Today many still suffer the effects of being molested by those who preached right and wrong. But not all students suffered; some gained much by being able to attend these institutions.

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A World Afloat on an Ocean of Oil

Considering how much untapped oil is known to exist, not just in the United States, but worldwide, one would think that its current price was some kind of anomaly and it is. It is more the result of speculation than anything else.

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Democrat leadership is undemocratic

When George Bush won the presidency despite Al Gore’s half-million popular vote margin, the Democrats cried foul, and vowed to get rid of the Electoral College.  But it’s perfectly alright for Obama to get the nomination, despite Hillary’s winning more popular votes. The presidential election is governed by the Constitution-enabled Electoral College; the Democrat Party is governed by its own rules.

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Barack Obama and the Audacity of a Loaded Gun

Until now, presumptive presidential nominee Barack Obama has come across as a bit of a wuss, a bloke without the cojones that any American president must have to gain and maintain the upper hand against blood thirsty terrorists and brutal dictators.

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The Tunguska Tree Termination

Within seconds a century ago, at 7:14 a.m. on 30 June 1908, something destroyed 80 million trees. And not a single environmentalist protested. There were no environmentalists in the modern sense. Scientists and seers started theories on what caused greatest explosion in recorded history.

By Wes Porter - Sunday, June 15, 2008 - Full Story

Rights of Addicts, And Rights Of Cancer Patients

Should the injection site for addicts in Vancouver be closed? Proponents argue that one million injections in Vancouver have saved lives and decreased the risk of HIV infection. Others contend injection sites send the wrong message and should be closed. But in this heated debate, why don’t both sides and our government attack the root cause of this cancerous problem.

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I Am Voting Democrat

After two years of listening to and watching hundreds of debates and town hall meetings, I have finally reached a conclusion.

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