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Jaguar heads 2014’s class of TechnoFile’s most interesting vehicles

 By Jim Bray

It’s hard to find a bad car these days, such is the nature of technological advance in a highly competitive automotive marketplace. That said, some cars are better than others for a particular individual, depending on that person’s personality, budget, taste, etc. and sometimes a vehicle will just rub you the wrong way for whatever reason.

Dodge Journey and Honda CR-V: very different takes on the Crossover theme

 By Jim Bray

The Dodge Journey and Honda CR-V are both good examples of the SUV/Crossover beast, though executed in very different ways. And after a week with each, I came away thinking that despite the good things about both models, I think I’d look elsewhere were I to be shopping.

Mazda3 Sport continues its winning ways

 By Jim Bray

Last year’s award-winning Mazda3 enters 2015 mostly unchanged, and that’s just as well because the 2014 version was an outstanding car that needed little work. Heck, I named that car my “TechnoFile Car of the Year” last year.

Road test: Toyota Prius Plug in

 By Tim Saunders

Forty per cent of AA call outs are for battery related issues.

Tesla’s cousin, the TOMAHAWK!

 By News on the Net

MONTREAL- The Tomahawk is ready to revolutionize the world as the first and only all electric sports car offering an extended range. Where mechanics and software unite and function continuously in perfect unison, creating a new generation of green cars. The much awaited 2 + 2 seater AWD will include the best automotive technologies driving the latest software applications to complement the ecstasy that awaits. Furthermore allowing programs to update and detect or troubleshoot problematic issues in real time.

New Hyundai Sonata smooths its creases and sharpens its image

 By Jim Bray

The “fluidic” design is mostly gone, but what Hyundai has left in its new generation of Sonata is a simpler-looking yet still handsome sedan that, in the company’s tradition, offers a lot for the money.

ES 350 a solid entry into the luxury niche

 By Jim Bray

It began life as a Camry-based entry luxury sedan meant to expand the young Lexus line beyond its game changing flagship LS 400, but some 25 years later it has evolved into an extremely compelling Camry-based entry luxury sedan in its own right.

VW’s hot hatch GTI is back - and better than ever!

 By Jim Bray

Ah, the GTI. Sure, it’s basically a Golf, but an outing in this Golf is sure to achieve a hole in one in the hearts of driving enthusiasts. Not that I’m advocating having a hole in your heart!

A versatile people carrier

 By Tim Saunders

Sliding doors are a great benefit.

I’ve never considered this until now. But as we’re crammed onto a cross channel ferry where unless you’re really scrawny you are unable to access your vehicle, such doors are a distinct advantage. While others have to patiently wait for other cars to move so that they may gain entry to theirs we simply pull the rear doors of the Mazda 5 and smile. We’ve already had a long difficult journey with our two young daughters, who are understandably fed up so late at night, especially after they have had to endure unexpected delays. But thankfully they can get into the back of the car and soon they are fast asleep.

Canadian Car of the Year TestFest discovers the best of the best

 By Jim Bray

NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO - They came from Canada, the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea, all duking it out for the titles of the 2015 Canadian Car, Truck and SUV/CUV of the Year. Some 49 worthies showed up and strutted their best new stuff before an assembled multitude of Automobile Journalists Association of Canada members who were there to put them through their paces.

Porsche Panamera e-hybrid offers amazing frugality for a big sports sedan

 By Jim Bray

The words “Porsche” and “fuel efficiency” may not be the closest of kissing cousins in many peoples’  minds, especially when you’re talking about a big, four door sports sedan. You may be surprised, however, to find that you can get better gas mileage with the Panamera e-hybrid than with many smaller, supposedly more efficient gas-only cars.

Subaru enhances its Legacy and upgrades its Outback for 2015

 By Jim Bray

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Subarus have earned a loyal following for their tradition of offering all wheel drive vehicles that can take you virtually anywhere at any time. And for 2015, two of the company’s top models have been tweaked to make them an even better choice for those susceptible to the brand’s charms.

Road test: Kia Sorento

 By Tim Saunders

What’s the best way of transporting six people in comfort?

The Kia Sorento, of course.

Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 4Matic a fine sedan

 By Jim Bray

It isn’t the smallest car Mercedes-Benz sells in North America, but the CLA-class “four door coupe” is a very nice vehicle that, despite big time turbo lag, moves its passengers along smartly and in great comfort.