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Latest American News
Senator wants State Department investigation of Huma Abedin | Hero cop in Boston Marathon bombing in coma after being shot in face | Indiana Democrat Says GOP Colleague’s 18-Month-Old Son Is Racist

Latest News On ISIS and Radical Islam
ISIS Increases Child Recruitment | France Calls for Islamic State to Be Referred to ICC | Canada: Three Muslims charged with sexual assault of 14-year-old girl |

Latest World News
Eskom denies planning for a national blackout | Zimbabwean Civil Rights Activist Itai Dzamara Missing, Feared Kidnapped, Tortured or Dead | Powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea |

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  1. Latest American News
    By News on the Net -- --News Headlines
  2. Latest News On ISIS and Radical Islam
    By News on the Net -- --News Headlines
  3. Stray dogs showed up at a funeral to pay respects to the kindly lady who used to feed them
    By News on the Net -- --Video
  4. It’s not too late to wake up, USA . . . but let’s get to it already
    By Herman Cain -- --American Politics
  5. President Sisi To The Rescue
    By Guest Column -- --World News
  6. Deal, Old Timer
    By Jimmy Reed -- --American Life, History, Education
  7. Indiana looks to ‘clarify’ religious freedom act
    By Dan Calabrese -- --American Politics
  8. Welcome to a surrealistic world run by Google
    By Judi McLeod -- --Cover Story
  9. Marxist Van Jones Praises Koch Brothers
    By Cliff Kincaid -- --Cover Story
  10. Enough is Enough, It’s Time to Downsize the Federal Government
    By David Coughlin -- --Cover Story
  11. Ted Cruz and the issue of executive experience
    By Herman Cain -- --American Politics
  12. Diet, Gain Weight, Diet, Gain Weight
    By Alan Caruba -- --Cover Story
  13. Cold War? How uncool A “New Generation” Speaks
    By Toby Westerman -- --World News
  14. Latest World News
    By News on the Net -- --News Headlines
  15. Pro-Life Will Help Pro-Marriage
    By Arthur Christopher Schaper -- --Christianity - Religion
  16. Israel: The 2015 Elections
    By INSS -- --World News
  17. Is Climate Change $$ Campaign Working?
    By Guest Column -- --Letter
  18. But What Does the Supreme Leader Say?
    By Alan Caruba -- --Cover Story
  19. Obama does it again
    By Michael Oberndorf, RPA -- --Cover Story
  20. The media chooses to vilify Israel and the Jewish people
    By Diane Weber Bederman -- --Cover Story

Ford Nation

Why hundreds of thousands of Torontonians supported their conservative crack-smoking mayor

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