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Latest American News

- Dec 18, 2014
Washington D.C. Passes Bill to Force Pro-Life Groups to Hire Abortion Activists | Magazine admits changing title on Michigan professor's column | President Obama Rewards Media Matters with a Political Nomination |

Historic Day for Washington, Havana…and Pyongyang’s Hackers

- Dec 19, 2014
In Moscow, Beijing and Tehran, they must be watching in awe. It's not every day an American president hits a grand slam--for the wrong team.

Islamic State—The Bogeyman Haunting The Lindt Chocolat Café

- Dec 19, 2014
The bogeyman in the Lindt Chocolat café won't go away because Australia's Prime Minister wants to put the term "Islamic State" out of sight and out of mind.

Has America Finally Begun to Despise BOTH Parties?

- Dec 19, 2014
Anything that might change the power structure is bound to be fought by both Democrats and Republicans, using any sleazy, underhanded and destructive means that can be concocted

Senators Vow to Halt Obama’s Castro Odyssey

- Dec 19, 2014
But is Congress a match for the president’s pen and phone?

Latest World News

- Dec 18, 2014
Bots Now Outnumber Humans on the Web | Canada seeks 50 millionaires for test of immigration program | Putin predicts economic recovery but warns West against pressuring Russian ‘bear’ |

America under dictatorship

- Dec 18, 2014
The New Year worry for a watching world is if Obama can open up channels for drastic policy changes in Cuba without the knowledge of the American population and Congress, when will he do the same for Iran?

Obama: Normalize Relations With Congress Before Cuba

- Dec 18, 2014
President Obama needs to restore the proper order of Constitutional checks and balances, and submit to Congress before establishing the next steps for redefining the United States' relationship with Havana

Camelot Would Be Appalled at Obama’s Tyranny and anti-American Decrees!

- Dec 18, 2014
Shame on you, Barack Obama, for moving the Bay of Pigs into the Oval Office!

IRAN: Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s Dramatic Heart Change

- Dec 18, 2014
Persecution and Prayer Alert, Voice of the Martyrs

Liberty Counsel Supports Court Clerks Who Uphold Florida’s Marriage Laws

- Dec 18, 2014
Liberty Counsel will defend-at no cost to taxpayers-any Florida court clerk who is sued for defending natural marriage.

Headed for Another Crash

- Dec 18, 2014
Banks and Borrowers

Coptic Solidarity Launches Advocacy Campaign for Imprisoned Christian Mohammed Hegazi

- Dec 18, 2014

Obama and Pope Francis

- Dec 18, 2014
Yeah, I thought all this influence on the world would be more fun, too.

A Really Bad Day for Freedom

- Dec 18, 2014
If you threaten and bluster, America will fold

Over stressed and frustrated

- Dec 18, 2014
Life should not be this complicated

Can We Send Alan Gross Back to Cuba?

- Dec 18, 2014
First there was the swap of U.S Army deserter and Taliban collaborator Bowe Bergdahl for five members of the Taliban's high command. Not exactly a good deal for America

Obama, Castro and the Pope

- Dec 18, 2014
To the Catholic leaders who wish to help the Cuban people, my prayers, too, that you would realize the evil that has descended upon our country and the Church. Your purpose is to save souls, not to be used as pawns for the Devil

Latest News from Ferguson, Missouri

- Dec 18, 2014
#Ferguson Protest Organizer Awarded Position With Amnesty International as Field Organizer | Bad News for Officer Wilson | Saul Alinsky Lives in Ferguson |

North Korea-set film starring Steve Carell the latest casualty of ‘The Interview’ fallout

- Dec 18, 2014
Cancelled before it was even made.

Vermont’s liberal governor abandons single-payer plan because state couldn’t handle the taxes

- Dec 18, 2014
What? It would cost money?

Interesting Times

- Dec 18, 2014
An old Asian saying specifically warns us with its cryptic irony: “May you live in interesting times.”

Raw Video of Sharyl Attkisson’s Interview With the Man Who Waterboarded the

- Dec 18, 2014
‘We Had to Do Our Duty’

Veterans’ Plight

- Dec 18, 2014
Julian Fantino

Obama’s ‘Operation Choke Point’

- Dec 18, 2014
Why the administration’s crusade against lawful U.S. businesses won’t be discontinued anytime soon

Worrying About China

- Dec 18, 2014
The only constant in international affairs is change

America gives communists best day since the Bolshevik revolution

- Dec 18, 2014
Castro wins recognition; Bowl Cut Jr. rules the cinema.

Media pushes a turbulent world . . . but your world doesn’t have to be

- Dec 18, 2014
What things look like after a short self-imposed news blackout.

Texas theater offering free screening of ‘Team America’ in place of ‘The Interview’

- Dec 18, 2014

Must-Watch: On Senate Floor, Rubio Talks Cuba, Summit, Blinken and Venezuela

- Dec 18, 2014
Senator Rubio Discusses The Future Of U.S. Foreign Policy On The Senate Floor

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