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Could You Spot a Potential School Shooter?

- Apr 23, 2015
There is no one way to prevent school shootings-- Most school shooters leave a trail of warning signs that are either not noticed or not responded to

The White House is Lying About Climate Change and Health

- Apr 22, 2015
What can be done to ignore a government determined to lie to everyone about a “threat” that does not exist? Not much.

The Environmental Insane Asylum

- Apr 21, 2015
Climate Change: A self-created political fiasco

The Prison Called Cuba

- Apr 20, 2015
Cuba: Utterly failed economic and social system that can only stay in power by jailing or executing anyone who resists

What Today’s American Politics Tells Us

- Apr 19, 2015
America is at risk of becoming a place where our founding morals, values, and traditions are being cast aside

A Thousand Ways to Die

- Apr 16, 2015
Death by Climate Change: In the five thousand years of human civilization, there has never been, nor will ever be, a way to “prevent” climate change

The Climate Change War Heats Up

- Apr 15, 2015
Failed “global warming” hoax is a war on our entire economic system, capitalism

We’re ALL Out of Africa

- Apr 14, 2015
Everyone is African: How Science Explodes the Myth of Race

Living in an Era of Decline

- Apr 13, 2015
“Old fashioned” virtues of a marketplace economy free of a tax code no one can comprehend; environmental policies that slow and kill development; a federal government grown too large to do anything well—remember ObamaCare

Avoiding Hillary Misery

- Apr 12, 2015
We have enough time to ask ourselves if we live in a republic where merit, integrity, and honesty are still the standards by which we select our President.

Obama Keeps Telling Renewable Energy Lies

- Apr 9, 2015
Neither the science, the cost, nor the recent history of “renewable energy” provides a single good reason to force Americans to pay for this “green” failure.

Using the Global Warming Hoax to Destroy America

- Apr 8, 2015
Carbon dioxide: Human contribution pales in comparison to volcanoes

Only Fools Trust Obama or the Iranians

- Apr 7, 2015
When Iran tests its first nuclear weapon, Obama should return his Nobel Peace Prize.

Defending New Jersey’s Politicians

- Apr 6, 2015
The White House clearly could not permit a prominent Democratic senator to tell the Israelis and the world what a bunch of jackasses they were.

A President, Not a Potentate

- Apr 5, 2015
Our Lost Constitution: The Willful Subversion of America’s Founding Document

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