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Joseph A. Klein is the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom.

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UN Security Council Allows Iran a Free Hand in Yemen

- Mar 23, 2015
The UN Security Council’s inaction against Iran regarding its blatant arming, training and funding of the Houthis in Yemen, in violation of a prior Security Council resolution, is no accident

Obama May Throw Israel to the UN Wolves

- Mar 20, 2015
If Obama decides to use the UN to help enable the isolation or surrender of Israel, he will have sabotaged the only democratic, pluralistic state in the Middle East while continuing to coddle the repressive Iranian theocratic regime

John Kerry’s Hypocrisy and End-Run Around Congress on Iran

- Mar 13, 2015
In hiding behind the UN, Obama and Kerry will freeze Congress out of the process and jeopardize the security of United States and its allies

Hillary Clinton’s Talking Points Press Encounter

- Mar 10, 2015
In sum, Hillary Clinton tried to use the typical Clintonian evasive tactics, hoping the press and the American people will move on to other matters

UN Ignores PLO Central Council Praise for Intifada

- Mar 6, 2015
Familiar pattern: Israel makes a peaceful gesture. Palestinians respond with unconditional demands, more violence. United Nations gives Palestinians the benefit of the doubt

It’s the Islamic Jihad Ideology, Stupid

- Feb 26, 2015
United Nations Alliance of Civilizations is as clueless as the Obama administration in dealing with the ideological threat posed by Islamic jihadism

UN Security Council Urged to Remove Libyan Arms Embargo to Fight ISIS

- Feb 19, 2015
The Obama administration should be thanking the Egyptian government as well as Jordan and the United Arab Emirates for their military actions, not leveling snide criticisms

UN Security Council’s Feel-Good Resolution Against ISIS

- Feb 12, 2015
Unless unrelenting and overwhelming force is used to wipe this scourge from the face of the earth – something that the Security Council would never authorize – nothing the Security Council can say or do will make any difference.

UN Secretary General Tells Saudis What They Want to Hear

- Feb 9, 2015
Secretary General told the Saudi leaders what they wanted to hear about their own commitment to human rights and counter-terrorism, rather than the cold hard truth about their abysmal record.

The United Nations Balks at Jordan’s Response to ISIS Brutality

- Feb 5, 2015
We can only hope that ISIS’s brutality will backfire, creating a wedge within the Sunni community and increasing support for the U.S. led coalition

UN Session on Anti-Semitism: Words Versus Actions

- Jan 23, 2015
The Secretary General, while well-meaning in his general condemnations of anti-Semitism and of hate speech generally, lost a prime opportunity to put his money where his mouth is

Jihadists’ Sword Proves Mightier Than Freedom’s Pen

- Jan 12, 2015
Not defining the jihadist enemy in terms that are clearly based on their own self-professed Koran-based ideology is political correctness gone mad

Palestinians’ Machinations at the United Nations Continue

- Jan 2, 2015
Imposing deadlines for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on Palestinian terms, including full Israeli withdrawal from all “occupied” territories within three years

UN Security Council Debates North Korean Human Rights Abuses

- Dec 25, 2014
The North Korean people will continue to pay the price, suffering heinous abuses at the hands of a paranoid totalitarian regime

A United Nations Timetable for Israel’s Surrender

- Dec 15, 2014
Netanyahu: Islamic extremists to the suburbs of Tel Aviv and to the heart of Jerusalem. We will not allow this. We will rebuff this forcefully and responsibly. Let there be no doubt, this will be rejected

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