Clifford Kincaid

Cliff Kincaid is president of America's Survival, Inc.

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Obama-backed “Progressive” Candidate linked to international communism, terrorism, Islam

Oct 22, 2013 — Clifford Kincaid

A press conference on Thursday, October 24, in the Big Apple, will blow the lid off the “Marxist power couple” running for mayor of New York City. That’s how veteran journalist and event organizer Cliff Kincaid describes Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray, who took their “honeymoon” in Cuba in violation of the law and are considered the front runners to occupy Gracie Mansion when the NYC mayoral election takes place on November 5.

Fox News Goes Gay

Aug 14, 2013 — Clifford Kincaid

As part of a national journalism conference on Tuesday, August 20, America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI), a public policy organization, is officially releasing a new report on radical changes at Fox News that should cause great concern to pro-family conservatives.

Anderson Cooper Kisses “Boy Scout” to Offend Traditional America

Mar 18, 2013 — Clifford Kincaid

The headline says it all: “Anderson Cooper Kissed Madonna, Dressed In Boy Scout Uniform, at GLAAD Media Awards.” The CNN host did something that was sure to offend the millions of parents who are resisting the homosexual campaign to force homosexuals into the Boy Scouts of America as Scoutmasters or leaders. But in today’s media world, when even some conservatives are losing the will to resist and throwing other conservatives under the bus for standing strong in defense of traditional values, this extremely offensive stunt will be treated as amusing or funny.

Romney Must Blame Bush to Win

Oct 1, 2012 — Clifford Kincaid

There is no question that Barack Obama is getting a lot of support by “blaming Bush” for the bad economy and other problems. Conservatives can complain all they want about media bias in favor of Obama but there is no doubt that the record of George W. Bush’s two terms as president has left a sour taste in the mouth of the electorate.

Why is the Marxist Beating the Capitalist?

Sep 27, 2012 — Clifford Kincaid

It sounded to some Republicans like a good match-up and one they could win. In order to defeat a Marxist president, run a successful businessman or capitalist against him. The battle has been described as Bain Capital vs. Das Kapital. Bain Capital is the name of Romney’s private equity firm and Das Kapital was a critique of capitalism by Karl Marx. So far, it looks like Marxism is winning.

Why is Romney Trying to Lose?

Sep 24, 2012 — Clifford Kincaid

Billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros said that, if Mitt Romney wins the presidency, there will be “little difference” between him and Barack Obama in the White House. As if to prove the point, Romney on Tuesday will speak to the Clinton Global Initiative sponsored by the disgraced and impeached former president.