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Daniel T. Zanoza of Lincoln, IL, formerly of Chicago, was born into life November 27, 1953, and born into eternity January 6, 2011. He is survived by his wife, Julie, of Lincoln, IL.Dan was a pro-life/pro-family activist, as well as chairman of the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee in Springfield, IL. He was also a journalist and freelance writer.

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Note To Fiscal Conservatives: Fiscal and Social Issues Are Related And Do Matter

Nov 16, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

After State Sen. Bill Brady lost the Illinois gubernatorial race to Pat Quinn, it was no surprise to me.  If the election was close enough, the Daley Democratic Machine would find some way to make sure Quinn had the votes to hand him the election.

Bill Brady’s Loss To Pat Quinn: Was The Illinois Gubernatorial Election Stolen?

Nov 8, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

Let me preface this column by saying I voted for Bill Brady for Governor.  I am the Republican Committeeman for Lincoln West 4 in Logan County.  I distributed literature regarding the Brady campaign, including yard signs, etc.  I know the State Senator from Bloomington personally.  Brady had an excellent pro-family voting record in the Illinois State Senate.

National Org. Believes Doctors & Patients Best Qualified to Make Health Care Decisions, Not Gov

Nov 7, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

Quickly growing association of highly respected physicians believe Health Care Reform Bill was intentionally designed to fail: The purpose of the legislation (Health Care Reform Law) will eventually be used to promote a one-size fits all single-payer system which will drastically decrease the efficiency of the greatest health care system in the world.

It’s Time To Stop The Public Funding Of NPR and PBS: Juan Williams’ Firing Brings Issue To Forefront

Nov 2, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

The flap over the firing of Juan Williams as a news analyst for National Public Radio (NPR) has created a firestorm of controversy. Williams supposedly violated NPR’s policy regarding interjecting personal commentary while reporting on the news. As a political commentator to the FOX News Channel (FNC), Williams, in essence, stated he gets nervous when he sees individuals wearing “Muslim garb” present in an airplane he is traveling on. Though Williams’ comments might have been politically incorrect, he was simply stating how he feels and how other Americans react in a similar situation.

Account Of How America’s Health Care System Often Hastens Death, According To the Fiscal Bottom Line

Oct 24, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

Sarah Palin’s Warnings About Death Panels Way Behind The Curve
Some Health Care Providers Are Literal Purveyors of Death

Note from Daniel T. Zanoza, Founder & Executive Director, RFFM.org:

Approximately two years ago, I became aware of other right to life concerns, including what is taking place in America’s health care system regarding end of life issues. I wrote a story for the Illinois Family Institute, titled “Hospice, Living Wills, Futile Care: Hospice, Hospitals & Nursing Homes Have License To Kill” which was posted on October 5th, 2010.

Obama Makes Tough Budget Cuts On Backs Of Social Security Recipients

Oct 22, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

It seems President Barack Obama has decided to demonstrate fiscal restraint, but his turn towards less federal spending has come at the expense of Social Security recipients in 2010 and, as recently announced, in 2011.

Huge crowd expected at Nativity Scene ceremony in Illinois state Capitol

Oct 10, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

Dear Friends in Christ and Believers in our inalienable rights given to us by our Creator:

Hospice, Living Wills, Futile Care:  Hospice, Hospitals &, Nursing Homes Have License To Kill

Oct 6, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

-Illinois Family Institute

If you think the story I’m about to tell you sounds sensational, it is.  If you think the information provided in this column sounds unbelievable, unfortunately, it is not.  The fact of the matter is:  America’s health care system has gone far beyond the madness demonstrated by Dr. Jack Kevorkian who was convicted of murder in 1999.  “Dr. Death” Kevorkian received a sentence of 10 to 25 years for the role he played in a nine-year crusade which led to the deaths of over 130 human beings.

Who Is Responsible And What Needs To Be Done To Adequately Monitor Illinois Day Care Centers?

Sep 26, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

Sex Offenders Reside In Homes Which Are Licensed Day Care Centers In Illinois

Sep 18, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

Government Bureaucracy Fails To Protect Children

There are many forms of child abuse…verbal, physical and perhaps the most abhorrent is sexual. The stories of teachers who are having sexual relations with their students is a case in point. Just 20 or 30 years ago, such crimes were rare. Today, they are so numerous, many are no longer reported on by the media. Also, children fall prey to sexual abuse from stepparents, foster parents, big brothers, big sisters, even parents themselves (in some cases), and other authority figures. Those who sexually abuse children violate a sacred trust and scar innocent lives.

9/11 Remembrances: NO, WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN

Sep 11, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

Note from the Executive Director:

Every generation can recall an event that is collectively seared into the mind of a nation and its people.  From the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941 to the assassination of John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963 and now including that horrible day on Sept. 11, 2001, individuals can tell you where they were, what they were doing and the thoughts that were permanently seared into their minds on those days.  The most mundane recollections became riveting stories of the human experience, designed to be filed away in an emotional time capsule which will never be lost.

Obama’s Chicago On the Potomac: It’s the Chicago Way

Sep 8, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  I first wrote and posted this column in January of 2009.  Little did I know at the time my commentary about Chicago-style politics and its influence on the Obama administration would be so prophetic.  From the Louisiana Purchase and the Nebraska Corn Husker Kickback, which helped to pass the Health Care Reform legislation, Washington, D.C. has seemingly become a mirror image of how things have been done in Chicago for nearly a century.

Some of the information in this piece came from a book titled “The Outfit: The Role of Chicago’s Underworld in the Shaping of Modern America” by Gus Russo.  Another great read regarding the misuse of unions and corruption is “Supermob:  How Sidney Korshak and His Criminal Associates Became America’s Hidden Power Brokers” also penned by Gus Russo.

New York Ground Zero Mosque Tip Of Iceberg Regarding A Greater Problem

Sep 3, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

With the controversy surrounding the construction of an Islamic mosque near Ground Zero in New York, a myth is being perpetuated on the American people by those who have an anti-faith agenda. Many liberals are critical of those who oppose an Islamic place of worship being built so close to the site where nearly 3,000 people were murdered on September 11, 2001. Americans believe the proposed mosque demonstrates insensitivity by some who practice the Islamic faith. So a new term has been coined by the left, and it’s called Islamaphobia.

Identity Theft, Fraud Targets Seniors: Has Media Dropped Ball Regarding Protection Of Elderly?

Sep 2, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

Today we seem to be hearing about more cases involving fraudulent behavior than at any time in the nation’s past, though the FBI does not have accurate statistics that reflect this reality. This is due to the fact many victims of fraud do not report what has happened to them because of numerous reasons. Some are simply embarrassed to admit they fell prey to scam artists and grifters. But these types of crime are taking place at a staggering rate.

Road Construction: Illinois Contractors Learn How To Play Money Game

Sep 1, 2010 — Daniel T. Zanoza

You are driving down I-57, I-55, I-90/94, I-294 or any other major highway in Illinois.  Suddenly, you see a sign that reads “road construction ahead for next 15 miles”.  The speed limit drops from 65 to 55 miles per hour and traffic begins to back up.  Let’s say you are traveling north on I-55 and you are unexpectedly riding on a road which is graded and unpaved.  The other lane is in its usual condition, in need of repair or not, but there is no construction crew in sight.  In fact, there are no road crews for the entire stretch of highway that is supposed to be under construction.  You might ask why this is the case.  Well, private contractors in Illinois have learned how to play the funding game.  Instead of completing one stretch of road, before tearing up another, you find a patch work of torn up highway, sometimes for over 100 miles or more.