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Canada Free Press 2003 Archives

Exclusive Cover Stories

  1. Over to you Mr. Miller
  2. Miller hypes airport impact
  3. Toronto's biosolids program: Sludging it
  4. The made-by-media mayoral campaign
  5. Don’t let the media vote for you!
  6. The brotherhood of the mainline media
  7. The hypocrisy of David Miller
  8. Colour us red!
  9. UN war crimes court claims first Toronto victim
  10. Barbara Hall: Judge finds grounds to lay charges
  11. Doing the right thing in Scarborough
  12. See Barbara Run
  13. On the way to parliament:
  14. Who turned the lights out?
  15. "Trespassing cows": Hounded on...
  16. Dennis Quixote: Dumping the UN on Toronto
  17. Doctor makes park call
  18. Fibbing in T.O.: Airplane rides, lies and whoppers
  19. Expect the worst: Rasputin comes to Sussex Drive
  20. The White Jays Brigade
  21. Legacy of Environmentalism gone wrong: The return...
  22. Communist for Councillor
  23. Dandelion official flower of SARS-plaguedToronto
  24. Quintessential role reversal: Hollywood's latest bad...
  25. `Lynch-ing' the Toronto Star: A case of mistaken...
  26. The water barons
  27. Memo to pesticide banning city council: Stand up to the threats
  28. The French connection: Who's Who of Canuck politics
  29. Lining their pockets: ‘Rush’-ing in on the...
  30. Friends of Barbara Hall: FLAUNTING THE RULES!
  31. Memo to NDP leader: U.S.S. Oliver Hazard Perry alive...
  32. Friends of America: A rally whose organizers do not take...
  33. Friends of America: Something to believe in
  34. Canada's mainly-mute PM-in-waiting
  35. Get off of my cloud!
  36. Thrown out with the dishwater
  37. Racism by coincidence
  38. Mum on Mold: Nightmare on Nicholas Drive
  39. Computer scandals: Some councillors knew the score
  40. Miller mayoral mayhem!
  41. Beware of council interim
  42. Fighting for China: Man on a mission
  43. The Greening of Arsenic
  44. Our man in North Korea
  45. Finger in the sky

Judi McLeod

  1. Misadventures in bookland
  2. A mayor who sold his soul
  3. Love key in stranded pets surviving all odds
  4. "A pint-sized fighter": Go, Hortencia, Go!
  5. Human nature and the media
  6. The journalist and the politician
  7. Standing in the way of the Toronto Star
  8. Old soldiers never die
  9. True Grit!
  10. Voices in the wind
  11. Welcome to Canada, the New Soviet Union
  12. For Weston girls: Memories indelible even after...
  13. Ten Commandments: Written on the heart
  14. Kerrie and Allen Livingston: Beacons of the beach
  15. The lure of Wasaga
  16. The power of the press
  17. Canadafreepress: The best is yet to come
  18. Tom Jakobek for mayor
  19. Memories of Fergie
  20. Mothers make the best snoops
  21. A special anniversary:Fourteen in 2004
  22. Death of a detective
  23. Amanda comes to stay
  24. Soldier with a spade
  25. 'Tails" of a triple tragedy pooch
  26. The ice-cream loving mayor of Girishk
  27. The bride wore green
  28. Blossoms of May
  29. Tea from an earthenware pot
  30. Bowtie and Bro
  31. Dogs and dolphins
  32. Believing in miracles
  33. The rosary
  34. Greenpeace union bashing ignored by media
  35. Hero in high heels
  36. The pacifists among us
  37. Voice from on high
  38. The longest goodbye
  39. Recovering at the office
  40. Christmas miracle for a gentle giant
  41. Starting over
  42. Missing!

Arthur Weinreb

  1. The Little Train that shouldn’t
  2. Bye Bye Bar-ba-ra
  3. El Al flights in Canada: None is too
  4. Judge Judy for Ethics Councillor
  5. Welcome to Dalton's Nanny State
  6. Those silly NDPers
  7. The mayor's race - how's your health
  8. A Liberal majority; a mere formality
  9. "Uncle John" Nunziata
  10. Ontario election--what a difference...
  11. Ontario election campaign--the first 10 days
  12. Feds ignore potential terror
  13. Power politics
  14. Battered Foreign Affairs Minister Syndrome
  15. Vested interests
  16. Toronto's economic downturn--is it...
  17. The PM loves PM
  18. The lazy, hazy days of summer
  19. Holly Jones' neighbourhood
  20. Snitch on thy neighbour
  21. Same sex marriage--notwithstanding the...
  22. Jean Chretien--a legacy at last
  23. Dar Heatherington--there's no double standard
  24. Who's Tory now?
  25. SARS--a politically correct response
  26. Canada--the incredible shrinking country
  27. Toronto’s mayoralty race--a preview
  28. Is Canada-bashing necessary?
  29. SARS--it’s politics, stupid!
  30. Racial profiling--the U.K. experience
  31. Thank you Jean and Carolyn
  32. Canadian government cements anti-Americanism
  33. Rally for America--Canadian style
  34. Jean and Saddam--a tale of two biddies
  35. Zero tolerance policy needed to end school violence
  36. The war is over--and the "bastards" won
  37. Damn women Liberal MPs--I hate those bastards!
  38. "Red" Dave
  39. Iraq invades Canada
  40. Different rules for the elite
  41. The state and the bedroom
  42. Lower the speed limits
  43. Liberal backbenchers--they’re
  44. We need MAPP!
  45. Safe Injection Sites
  46. Persons' of the Year

Klaus Rohrich

  1. Media Bias a Real Factor in politics
  2. The left is always right
  3. Psycho Makes Queen’s Park
  4. The nanny state or the nazi state
  5. Where's the Canada I knew?
  6. Is Chretien insane?
  7. New careers hold promise for future: Changing social trends create a wealth of job opportunities
  8. Profile me…PLEASE!
  9. The Decline and Fall of Health Care in Canada
  10. The CBC-Up North
  11. Education: Are we selling short?
  12. Speak no evil
  13. Canada Hangs a Wide Left
  14. Stupid is as stupid does: Rating the national IQ
  15. Canada -- A Terrorist Haven
  16. Racists, Racists - Everywhere
  17. The Holidays are Really Holy Days

Alan Caruba

  1. Anti-Smoking Campaign is Anti-Freedom
  2. Another Green "Victory", the Burning of CA's Forests
  3. Media Spins News of Iraq GI Death Toll
  4. Terrorism or a New World War?
  5. The Decline and Fall of Islam
  6. There is No Electrical Grid
  7. Kiss Your Property Rights Goodbye!
  8. The green enemies of progress
  9. The Dogs of War & the Middle East
  10. Mahogany, Peru & poverty
  11. Who to blame? Who do you think?!!!
  12. The price of freedom. Pay it!
  13. The illusion of national security
  14. Educating for ignorance
  15. "Enlibra": EPA's new wolf in...
  16. Total surveillance equals total tyranny
  17. Notes on the big blackout
  18. The Palestinian roadmap to war
  19. Venona: What My Father Didn't Know
  20. Losing our liberty in the name of...
  21. Confession: I am in love with...
  22. Playing the gay card
  23. The African dilemma
  24. Bang, bang, my baby shot me down
  25. Protecting bears, not people
  26. No'Mo Poet Laureate in New Jersey
  27. Our capitalist economy, our...
  28. Declaring our independence--again!
  29. Immigration is destroying California
  30. The decline & fall of the U.S. economy
  31. Islam versus democracy
  32. The Iranian conundrum
  33. The fatigue of terror
  34. Revisiting the global warming hoax
  35. The decline and fall of Islam
  36. Educating anarchists
  37. Jihad, suicide, murder & lies
  38. The real epidemic: West Nile Fever
  39. Greens and other loonies attack...
  40. Hyping hydrogen: The energy scam
  41. The roadmap to nowhere
  42. The Middle East tar-baby
  43. It is good to be a conservative
  44. The U.S. should occupy Iraq
  45. Greens & socialists unite...
  46. Is Bush putting the skids to the UN?
  47. Iraq (and the world) after the war
  48. What will this war cost?
  49. Damn Americans, I hate those bastards
  50. Even Arabs don't like Arabs
  51. Green Wealth: Funding the Enemy
  52. What the media like about the Bush budget
  53. Thank God for C-SPAN
  54. A Coalition of the willing
  55. The Ten Greatest Threats to Freedom

Media Reports

  1. Those pesky "militants"
  2. Confusion about media bias
  3. Follow ups
  4. Bias in a miniseries
  5. The great mayoralty debate
  6. The bias that backfired
  7. Tory bashing after the election
  8. There's bias--and then there's bias
  9. Wonder what side of the debate they’re on
  10. Anti-American Toronto Star's "tribute" to 9/11
  11. Mainstream media--they love them Liberals
  12. Al Jazeera--but what about Fox?
  13. CNN hits new low
  14. Where the media was when...
  15. Those ethnic meat sellers
  16. Media bias against the church
  17. SARS-stock
  18. Who's at fault on Gilligan's Island?
  19. Payment by the media
  20. "Star Watch"
  21. Toronto Star slams Blue Jays GM--team "too white"
  22. Never say anything good about the Tories
  23. Only in the U.K--pity
  24. Barbara and Hillary and Larry, and OJ
  25. That'll teach you, Tony
  26. Anonymous sources
  27. Media distortions
  28. Conspiracy theorists go mainstream
  29. That's all we need
  30. The media that devoured Toronto
  31. The most trusted name in news?
  32. The post war media
  33. Unilateral vs. Multilateral
  34. Blame the media
  35. War is hell!
  36. The compliant media
  37. Jean Chrétien--a victim?
  38. Creating crises
  39. It's not a freedom of the press issue
  40. Israel and the media
  41. Live from the networks--it's Saturday night!!!
  42. And speaking of blithering
  43. The media and the pig farmer
  44. Kyoto--how quickly we forget
  45. The Media and the Chief
  46. Paul Martin: Person of the Year

Henry Lamb

  1. New Civics means Global Governance
  2. Manipulating data for political gain
  3. The real 'world series'
  4. Restructuring the U.N.
  5. The UN Loses Its Luster in the US
  6. The attack of the aliens
  7. The United Nations--irrelevant and dangerous
  8. Restructuring education for the global village
  9. We should be...Enlightened by a blackout
  10. Global snake oil salesman
  11. Indicting the United Nations
  12. Are you ready to pay..
  13. Congress lets down U.S.
  14. Light'm up until the UN says you can't
  15. Fighting words: "Bring'm on!"
  16. International criminal court or international...
  17. U.S.-U.N. struggle moves to ICC
  18. Dancing with the globalist devil?
  19. U.N. influence in Alabama
  20. The government says you're fat
  21. Globalist assault against America now...
  22. Beware the siren call for UN...
  23. The real battle ahead
  24. The UN: United in opposition to the U.S.
  25. The rule of international law
  26. No U.N. in Iraq's future
  27. The UN's power path: Greening the globe
  28. Blix more worried about global warming...
  29. Undoing the U.N.
  30. Kofi Annan's arrogance
  31. Let the U.N. die
  32. Deja Vu--World on brink of war
  33. Marching toward Oblivion
  34. Overdue Disclosure


  1. Chipangano members fighting over Zanu-PF payouts
  2. Soldiers occupy Charleswood in Chimanimani
  3. Police dismiss recruits because of M.D.C.
  4. UNDP accepts GOZ `assurances on food aid
  5. Police officers burn ex-farm workers...
  6. General concerns of lawyers on arrests so far
  7. MDC member beaten and tortured by police
  8. A tribute to Zimbabwe farmers
  9. Beatings and lootings in...
  10. African civil society groups take...
  11. A letter from Roy Bennett MP
  12. Police take over school at Charleswood...
  13. JAG open letter forum
  14. 72-year-old farm manager and family...
  15. Statement by Senator Russ Feingold
  16. Post the Evian G8 NEPAD African begging...
  17. Illegal laws
  18. Open letter to President Robert Mugabe...
  19. Mugabe policies doing "enormous damage"...
  20. Rule of law
  21. Confrontation or collaboration?
  22. Temba Mliswa and thugs beat...
  23. Zimbabwe's land acquisition...
  24. Assault on farms, farmers, and...
  25. The lesson from the geese
  26. A Pre-requisite For Development
  27. Letters from Zimbabwe
  28. Genocide watch report on Zimbabwe
  29. Justice for Agriculture open letter
  30. Congratulations Flower and Olonga...
  31. Zimbabwe's "Agrarian Revolution" is..
  32. Where will the food come from?
  33. Mugabe Must Not Be Granted Amnesty
  34. Sport and politics: Temba Mliswa involved...


  1. Endorsing candidates with no intentions of sticking it out
  2. Time for Star to lay down police hatchet
  3. The poppy forever
  4. Strangest election race of them all
  5. Bribery or public mischief
  6. Message from Moscow
  7. Hidden agendas and the GG
  8. The holes in the Municipal Elections Act
  9. The crocodile tears of Paul Martin
  10. Reality polls
  11. John Adams on Oct. 2: The only social...
  12. Kofi Annan: A monopoly on peace
  13. Paul Martin's new world
  14. DEET here to stay
  15. Blueline hostility
  16. J. C. and the United Nations
  17. UN benign as cancer
  18. Council pay hike: Honk if you're happy
  19. Down at the MFP inquiry
  21. A bridge 50 years in the making
  22. The good, the bad and the rowdy
  23. City elections: Fighting back
  24. Truth gets the boot at Toronto City Hall
  25. Vision TV Osama bin Laden CIA theories:
  26. Big talking Joe
  27. Tenant activists hit campaign mode
  28. Jumping on the SARS bandwagon
  29. All the pretty horses
  30. The loneliest outpost
  31. Start with the PM, Mr. Mills
  32. Mosquitoes will return
  33. Out of town by sundown
  34. Saving Private Libby Davies
  35. Taking out the garbage
  36. Warring trustees
  37. Integrity can't be legislated
  38. Hoy let taxpayers down
  39. Declaring Toronto a corruption-free zone
  40. Too little too late
  41. The continuing largesse of your average...
  42. Our man in North Korea
  43. The Jack-off-to Ottawa campaign
  44. Councillors lining up: Barbarians at the gate

True Green Reports

  1. Mary had a little hare
  2. Shortchanging chickens
  3. Greens to launch new scare...
  4. Rats before human life
  5. Out of the kitty litter into the fish...
  6. 18 owls living on 1.2 million acres
  7. Students unknowingly funding Ralph...
  8. The new bioterrorists
  9. Electric car of the future driven to the...
  10. Carbon dioxide blasting chickens more...
  11. Debut of the food fascists
  12. Pap fiction
  13. Rainbow Warrior stuck in Spain
  14. Controversy-a-minute Paul Watson...
  15. Destroying in style
  16. Ecoterrorists have a burning ambition
  17. Dirty diaper decor
  18. Harry Potter saving ancient forests
  19. Greenpeace Accused of Violating Tax Law
  20. Another organic soap opera

Jeff Goodall

  1. War medals
  2. Rebels and Reindeer
  3. Rebel candidates
  4. Dysfunctional democracy
  5. Eves must go!
  6. The no-fault quagmire
  7. Terrorist front group?
  8. Judicial subversion?
  9. Onslaught of tyranny
  10. Older and olderer
  11. Oddities of war
  12. A greater good
  13. Squishing the truth
  14. Hobbies and indulgences
  15. Reflections
  16. Ruminations
  17. Curiouser and curiouser
  18. "Sid Ryan comes to town"
  19. Wild cards?
  20. Too much Pavlov
  21. The winds of war
  22. Mysteries of the Past
  23. The Writing on the Wall
  24. The Great Pretender

Other Writing

  1. Meathead Style Anti-Americanism
  2. Roe vs Wade like North vs South
  3. The ungrateful generation
  4. The house committee on un-Canadian activities
  5. Urges government to set ambitious tax relief schedule
  6. Antsy In Toronto
  7. The White Star
  8. Martin hired by United Nations
  9. Dumping the UN on Toronto

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod