It's Illegal & Immoral to Run a Mentally Incompetent for Public Office


By Kelly OConnell


It’s illegal to run a mentally incompetent candidate for office since it’s a nomination based on fraud, a bait and switch, for someone who can’t lead. If Joe were nominated, he’d be removed before the vote. Therefore, the Democrat Party will choose his replacement. Currently, the DNC is run by the farthest Left radicals, so will choose a far leftist replacement, unelectable in normal times.  But Joe is not competent to even run a Scouting troop. So why do Democrats insist he’s fit enough to lead America? 

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Election 2020, the Democrats’ Final Coup d’état

By Judi McLeod

Resistance Leader Barack Obama Coup d'etatMore than anything else, Election 2020 is the final coup d’etat in ‘The defamed and dramatized Russians-Stole-the-Election Series’;  the still alive and kicking Big Lie of the Democrats and the Media.

When November 3 comes to pass,  it will be plain to see that there was no such thing as Election 2020—because Election 2020 is, in surrealistic Democrat reality, Election 2016 Re-scheduled.

U.N. Agenda 21 is Close to Full Implementation

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

U.N. Agenda 21 is Close to Full ImplementationWhen I first became aware of U.N. Agenda 21, two decades ago, I started reading everything I could find and the more I read, the deeper my searches took me – the large octopus using the environment as an excuse was stretching its tentacles far and wide across the globe. I could hardly believe it myself as I found long documents, conferences, videos of politicians, presidents, and famous people pushing this globalist agenda and passing executive orders to implement it by fiat at all levels of government.

To the President: Let’s Open the Churches!

By David Martin

To the President: Let's Open the Churches!Mr. President:

In your interview with EWTN anchor Tracy Sabol, you lamented the injustice that protesters may crowd the streets and malls with no COVID-19 restrictions while churches are forced to shut down. Clearly you see that the radical-left is using COVID-19 as a political tool to lock down on religion, so why can’t an executive order be issued that would make Americans immune to state orders to close the churches? With discrimination cited as your grounds, you’d put the enemy to shame.

Biden the Ultimate Risk – Are Votes Tools in the Hands of the Free, or Weapons in the Hands of

By Rev. Michael Bresciani

Biden the Ultimate RiskThe attacks on statues, people, policemen and conservatives by Antifa activists, are proof that the fine line that exists between ideologues and idiots, has been egregiously breached.

But rioting has the effect of keeping crowds in the mindless mode and while they think they are woke, they have been lulled to sleep by a false unifying purpose.

The ranting and destruction are the products of the walking dead, mindlessly trying to get their pound of flesh. But, no amount of nutrients from the living, can keep any dead person, purpose, or cause alive.

The Coming National Crisis

By Jeff Lukens

The Coming National CrisisWith the 2020 election only months away, it is reasonable to wonder whether the election could spark widespread violence nationwide.  With a probable hung election and accusations flying left and right, we may be approaching the time in 1860 when the election became a choice of whether a divided country could stay united.  This election could trigger full-scale violence beyond anything we have seen so far.  No, this won’t be just another election.  It may be our Fort Sumter.

Both left and right detest each other, and with no resolution in sight, things could get ugly.  With China on the march, COVID in the air, and racial unrest in the streets, the mix could not be worse and may finally boil over.  What has been a cold civil war up until now could very well go hot.

Is AOC A Bigot In League With The Devil?

By Judi McLeod

Is AOC A Bigot In League With The Devil?From the signature crimson-lipsticked trout pout called N.Y. Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC’s) foul mouth:

“St. Damien was a “colonizer” and his statue’s inclusion in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall is “what patriarch and white supremacist culture looks like!”

Is Joe Biden’s Lack of Cognitive Skills a Democrat Diversionary Tactic?

By Judi McLeod

Is Joe Biden’s Lack of Cognitive Skills a Democrat Diversionary Tactic?During much of the 2016 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton fell up and down stairs, including losing a shoe when she was tossed into a waiting van when she was purportedly overcome by heat while attending a Sept. 11, 2016, 9/11 Memorial event.

“During the presidential campaign, cameras caught Clinton leaving the 9/11 memorial in Manhattan and collapsing into the arms of Secret Service agents as she got into a waiting van. She later announced she’d been diagnosed with dehydration and pneumonia.” (RealClearPolitics, Sept. 11, 2016)

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