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Boy Scouts Board Member ‘Shamed’ at Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament

By --February 11, 2013

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FOREST, Va., Standard Newswire—AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was publicly confronted yesterday at the PGA golf tournament in Pebble Beach, California for his role in pushing homosexuality on the Boy Scouts of America.

Family Policy Network contracted an aerial advertising company that flew an airplane banner with the words, “SHAME ON YOU, RANDALL” over the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am on Sunday morning from 11 a.m to noon, local time.

AT&T was the main corporate sponsor of the tournament. Randall Stephenson is the Boy Scouts of America National Executive Board member who is pushing to remove Christian virtues from the scouting experience.

FPN President Joe Glover said, “Randall Stephenson’s support for open homosexuality in the Boy Scouts of America is an affront to the values of the institution. It would be impossible for a scout to be ‘morally straight’ while simultaneously rejecting God’s prohibition against same-sex behavior.”

Glover added, “Homosexuality, like any other sin, should never be embraced as an identity. It leads to devastating emotional, physical and spiritual consequences. Therefore, individual scouts should urge friends trapped in its snare to repent and seek God’s forgiveness through the Lord, Jesus Christ.”

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