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Trump declines to join world leaders at G-7 in affirming Paris climate accord

May 27, 2017 — News on the Net

President Trump on Saturday at the G-7 Summit in Italy declined to join six other leading nations in their pledge to uphold the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump posting on Twitter earlier in the day that he would make a final decision next week about whether the United States would remain in the deal, in which the major countries agreed to cut back on the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants believed to be increasing the earth’s temperature and harming the environment.—FoxNews…

More Obama Holdovers Flushed Out of Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department

May 27, 2017 — News on the Net

After both the director and deputy director of the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) resigned Friday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions named James McHenry acting director.

Director Juan Osuna and Deputy Director Ana Kocur, both appointed by former President Barack Obama, announced their resignations Friday in an email to all EOIR employees, according to a report in Politico. No reason appears to be given for their resignations, but the pair reportedly will depart the agency, which oversees all the Department of Justice’s immigration judges, at the end of the month.—More…

De Blasio employee arrested for child pornography

May 27, 2017 — News on the Net

A leading young Democrat and de Blasio administration employee has a secret taste for sickening kiddie porn that involves baby girls as young as 6 months old, court papers revealed Friday.

Jacob Schwartz, 29, was busted for allegedly keeping more than 3,000 disgusting images and 89 videos on a laptop after downloading the filth from the internet.— More…

Harvard Law Journal: Unborn Babies are Constitutional Persons

May 27, 2017 — News on the Net

“Harvard law journal: unborn babies are constitutional persons.” So reads the surprising headline on the press release from the student-run Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. In a provocative article, law student Joshua Craddock fires a challenge not only at pro-choice orthodoxy but at mainstream pro-life thinking. He declares both “constitutionally unsound.”

Edited by Harvard Law School students, the journal describes itself as “the nation’s leading forum for conservative and libertarian legal scholarship.” New Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch’s article on assisted suicide first appeared there. Ted Cruz was an executive editor.—More…

ICE Cracks ‘Sanctuary’ California: Arrests Nearly 200

May 27, 2017 — News on the Net

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted widespread raids throughout the greater Los Angeles area – 90 percent of those taken into custody had prior criminal convictions.

A five-day operation conducted by ICE – targeting at-large criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, and immigration fugitives – concluded on Wednesday with the arrests of 188 foreign nationals with 90 percent having prior criminal convictions, according to a statement from ICE.—More…

Manchester bombing suspect Salman Abedi reportedly linked to former Ottawa extremist imam

May 27, 2017 — News on the Net

TORONTO — The bomber who attacked a Manchester pop concert has been linked to an extremist imam from Ottawa whom Canadian intelligence officials had warned was “promoting violent jihad” in Libya.

Quoting a senior American official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, The New York Times reported that Salman Abedi “had links to a radical preacher in Libya identified as Abdul Baset Ghwela.”—More…

Judge Censors Video Exposing Planned Parenthood Doc Laughing About Aborted Baby’s Eyes Popping

May 27, 2017 — News on the Net

A judge has forced a pro-life organization to take down a new video that catches Planned Parenthood executives discussing gruesome abortion procedures and the sale of body parts from aborted babies for profit.

The video shows top Planned Parenthood staffers attending meetings of the National Abortion Federation in 2014 and 2015 and it is the latest in a series of over a dozen videos from the organization showing the Planned Parenthood abortion business and others engaging in potentially illegal sale of body parts of aborted babies.—More…

Why the constant earthquakes? Iceland is slowly being torn apart

May 26, 2017 — News on the Net

In an average week Iceland’s national monitoring seismic network detects around 500 earthquakes. If one of the volcanoes is hit by an earthquake swarm this number can be even higher.

The reason for this seismic activity is the location of Iceland on top the Atlantic ridge, the divergent boundary between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates: As the two plates drift in opposite directions Iceland is in effect slowly being split apart. The rate of spreading along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge averages about 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) per year, or 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) in a million years.—More..

26 people killed, including children, as masked gunmen open fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians

May 26, 2017 — News on the Net

26 people killed, including children, as masked gunmen ‘dressed in military uniforms’ open fire on a bus carrying Coptic Christians

At least 26 people including children are dead and dozens more injured after masked gunmen opened fire on buses carrying Coptic Christians in Egypt, it has emerged.

Up to 10 masked attackers dressed in military uniforms stopped a convoy in Minya province, 140 miles south of Cairo, as the group was heading towards Saint Samuel the Confessor Monastery in Maghagha to pray.—More…


Thousands Drop off Food Stamp Rolls in Georgia After State Implements Work Requirements

May 26, 2017 — News on the Net

Thousands of people have dropped off the food stamp rolls in Georgia as a result of the state implementing work requirements for food stamp recipients.

More than half of the 11,779 people enrolled for food stamps in 21 counties, an estimated 7,251 people, have dropped out of the food stamp program—a drop of 62 percent, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.—More…

Chicago ACORN Affiliated Group Connected to Barack Obama Shuts Down

May 26, 2017 — News on the Net

A liberal activist group connected to both the disgraced and now defunct group ACORN and Barack Obama is closing its doors in Chicago, citing troubles raising funds.

In a public notice, Chicago’s Project Vote informed supporters that it would “suspend operations indefinitely” starting May 31.—More…

The Media Try Blaming Donald Trump for Gianforte in Montana

May 25, 2017 — News on the Net

Republican Greg Gianforte alleged assault on UK Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs on Wednesday would appear to be utterly indefensible.
There is little room for doubt about what happened in Montana: there were multiple eyewitnesses, and Gianforte was charged with assault that day. If Gianforte loses Thursday’s special election in Montana, he will deserve to lose it.

At the same time, nothing justifies the mainstream media’s effort to blame President Donald Trump for what happened. And the media’s hypocrisy is evident in their failure to blame President Barack Obama when Democrats used violence in similar cases.—More…