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Old Letters to the editor

Jul 17, 2016 — News on the Net

Old Letters to the editor
Letters from before 2008.

Fusion GPS paid journalists, court papers confirm

Nov 22, 2017 — News on the Net

Newly filed court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company mostly responsible for the controversial “Trump dossier” on presidential candidate Donald Trump, made payments to three journalists between June 2016 until February 2017.

The revelation could be a breakthrough for House Republicans, who are exploring whether Fusion GPS used the dossier, which was later criticized for having inaccurate information on Trump, to feed anti-Trump stories to the press during and after the presidential campaign. The three journalists who were paid by Fusion GPS are known to have reported on “Russia issues relevant to [the committee’s] investigation,” the House Intelligence Committee said in a court filing.— More…

States Sue to Overturn New Trump Rule and Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortion Drugs

Nov 22, 2017 — News on the Net

The Trump Administration issued new rules protecting Little Sisters of the Poor from having to pay for abortion-causing drugs in their employee health care plans. Now, two states have filed suit to force the organization of Catholic nuns to pay for abortion drugs.

As LifeNews reported, President Donald Trump signed a religious liberty executive order that would protect Christian organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor from being forced to pay for abortions.—More…

Trudeau Liberals plan to give China $500 Million to build infrastructure in Asia

Nov 21, 2017 — News on the Net

The Liberals are giving a half billion dollars of your money to help the world’s wealthy profit off building infrastructure in Asia. Tom Kmiec

Google collects Android users’ locations even when location services are disabled

Nov 21, 2017 — News on the Net

Many people realize that smartphones track their locations. But what if you actively turn off location services, haven’t used any apps, and haven’t even inserted a carrier SIM card?

Even if you take all of those precautions, phones running Android software gather data about your location and send it back to Google when they’re connected to the internet, a Quartz investigation has revealed.—More…

Source of “extremely high” radiation in Russia a mystery

Nov 21, 2017 — News on the Net

MOSCOW—Russian authorities on Tuesday confirmed reports of a spike in radioactivity in the air over the Ural Mountains.

The Russian Meteorological Service said in a statement Tuesday that it recorded the release of Ruthenium-106 in the southern Urals in late September and classified it as “extremely high contamination.”—More...

ISIS Calls for Assassination of Barron Trump

Nov 21, 2017 — News on the Net

Pro-ISIS internet channels are calling for the assassination of President Donald Trump’s son, Barron, and have shared personal details of the child’s life on its social media networks, including the address of his school, according to a media monitoring organization.

ISIS supporters, on a well-known Telegram channel, shared the name and address of Barron Trump’s school and are calling for backers of the terrorist organization to assassinate him, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.—More…

You can’t fire a revolutionary leader, says Grace and Mugabe’s son

Nov 21, 2017 — News on the Net

While Grace and Mugabe’s children have been keeping a low profile and are understood to either be at a R43 million Sandhurst mansion where their half brother resides or back home in Zimbabwe at their blue roof mansion in Harare, the youngest, Chatunga has spoken out about his father’s dismissal from Zanu-PF.

In a post on Facebook, Chatunga wrote that ‘you can’t fire a revolutionary leader.’—More…

FCC Relaxes Limits on Owning Newspapers, TV Stations

Nov 21, 2017 — News on the Net

Federal regulators have weakened rules meant to support independent local media.

Now, one company can own newspapers and broadcast stations in one market, undoing a ban in place since 1975. Thursday’s decision by the Federal Communications Commission also makes it easier for one company to own two broadcast TV stations in one market and coordinate operations with stations owned by others.—More….

No, you’re not being paranoid. Sites really are watching your every move

Nov 20, 2017 — News on the Net

If you have the uncomfortable sense someone is looking over your shoulder as you surf the Web, you’re not being paranoid. A new study finds hundreds of sites—including,, and—employ scripts that record visitors’ keystrokes, mouse movements, and scrolling behavior in real time, even before the input is submitted or is later deleted.

Session replay scripts are provided by third-party analytics services that are designed to help site operators better understand how visitors interact with their Web properties and identify specific pages that are confusing or broken. As their name implies, the scripts allow the operators to re-enact individual browsing sessions. Each click, input, and scroll can be recorded and later played back.—More…

Watch: Off-duty policeman shoots dead two gunmen as they rob a pharmacy by blasting his pistol with

Nov 20, 2017 — News on the Net

Shocking video has emerged of an off-duty police officer shoot and kill two suspects during a raid on a pharmacy while holding his baby boy under one arm.

Sergeant Rafael Souza entered Bifarma in the centre of Campo Limpo Paulista in Brazil with his wife and their young son to buy medicine on Saturday afternoon when armed gunmen rushed in.—” rel=“nofollow”>More…

WATCH: Student radio hosts yanked from air, suspended after using the word ‘tranny’

Nov 20, 2017 — News on the Net

The University of Minnesota-Morris has threatened a student radio show with cancellation after one of the hosts used the word “tranny” on-air, with campus officials offering several shifting reasons for pulling the show from the airwaves. The College Fix has obtained exclusive video of the moment when the students were pulled from the air during the middle of their show.

“Deplorable Radio” is a weekly show on KUMM hosted by students Brandon Albrecht and Tayler Lehmann. Albrecht told The College Fix in an email that the programming is “a mix of politics, music, and some random musings about current events locally and around the world.”—More…

Keystone XL Day of Reckoning Comes to Nebraska After 9-Year Pipeline Fight

Nov 20, 2017 — News on the Net

After nine years, two presidential decisions, multiple lawsuits and environmental protests, TransCanada Corp. is about to learn whether it will receive the final state permit needed to build the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

The company will find out today if its Keystone XL pipeline is finally, after months of indecision, able to traverse Nebraska when state regulators give a final thumbs up or down on whether the project is in the state’s interest. If it’s a yes, the decision could spur new legal action by foes; if no, the company may appeal in the courts. A third option, approval but with an adjusted route, could open further complications.—More…

German coalition talks trip over immigration stumbling block

Nov 20, 2017 — News on the Net

Berlin (AFP) - Tough talks to form Germany’s next government collapsed Sunday as the four parties in talks failed to bridge a yawning gap over immigration policy.

Here are some of the thorniest issues that led to the failure.— More…

Special Counsel sends wide-ranging request for documents to Justice Department

Nov 20, 2017 — News on the Net

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating whether President Donald Trump sought to obstruct a federal inquiry into connections between his presidential campaign and Russian operatives has now directed the Justice Department to turn over a broad array of documents, ABC News has learned.

In particular, Mueller’s investigators are keen to obtain emails related to the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the earlier decision of Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the entire matter, according to a source who has not seen the specific request but was told about it.—More….

Nigel Farage unveils George Soros corruption with EU

Nov 19, 2017 — News on the Net

Watch: Zimbabweans celebrate the expected fall of President Mugabe

Nov 19, 2017 — News on the Net

Zimbabweans celebrating the expected fall of President Robert Mugabe, marched towards his residence in the capital Harare.

Emotions ran over on Harare’s streets as Zimbabweans spoke of a second liberation for the former British colony, alongside their dreams of political and economic change after two decades of deepening repression and hardship.

Mugabe boys’ party days are over

Nov 19, 2017 — News on the Net

The hard-partying sons of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe went to ground this week as their parents were besieged in their Blue Roof mansion in the exclusive Harare suburb of Borrowdale.

Close friends and confidantes of the young men – Robert junior (25) and Chatunga Bellarmine (21) – say they have been holed up at the mansion in the exclusive Johannesburg suburb of Sandhurst, which a company owned by their half-brother, Russell Goreraza (33), bought for R43 million in February.—More…

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: “Al Franken is a Leader for Women”

Nov 18, 2017 — News on the Net

U.S. Senator Al Franken is in hot water for forcibly kissed a woman and later groping her as she slept during a USO trip in 2006. Franken, who was not a senator at the time, issued an apology statement.

On Thursday, a woman named Leeann Tweeden accused Franken of forcibly kissing her and later groping her while she was asleep during a 2006 tour to entertain U.S. troops, the BBC reports. Tweeden also produced a photo of Franken smiling as he appeared to be groping her breasts while she was asleep. Franken was a comedian at the time and did not enter politics until two years later.—More…


Nov 18, 2017 — News on the Net

HARARE - After a military takeover in Zimbabwe this week, President Robert Mugabe’s own party has now turned against him.

All 10 of his party’s provincial committees on Friday called on him to resign.—More…