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Un-American, anti-American, seemingly emasculated individuals who presently make up our government

I am ashamed of our government today.  I am ashamed of our inept, corrupt, do-nothing Congress

By Donald Soos —— Bio and Archives January 21, 2013

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I am a military veteran, entered the service during WWII, served through Korea and Vietnam eras, retiring from the U.S. Navy .  I am an American Patriot, a vanishing type of creature which is quite rare these days among the so-called “leadership” in Washington, D.C. The only Patriots I can find are in the military hospitals, at the DAV headquarters, the USO, the Vietnam Vets Club,  at the American Legion, the Fleet Reserve Club and other service facilities

I am proud of my service. I never had to be ashamed of a decision made during my career.  I always acted in the best interests of my Service and my Country. I love my Country.  I proudly salute the U.S. Flag at every opportunity.  I still tear up during Taps, when I think of all my shipmates who have passed.

Someone please explain to me the actions of all the un-American, anti-American, seemingly emasculated individuals who presently make up our government.  How can the members of the U.S. Congress be so un –American and anti-American in their every day actions and decisions?  In my world, according to my reading and understanding of our Constitution,  many of their actions actually border on treason..How can they live with themselves; how can they ever look in the mirror?  Their actions reflect a disdain for MY COUNTRY, MY FLAG, and MY HERITAGE!  Many in government today seem to hate our nation, our way of life, and all we stand for.

Many individuals of government have committed serious crimes, which should lead to both impeachment and imprisonment. Some members of congress have been convicted of a felony but are still permitted to serve, without honor or dignity.  These people would never have been tolerated in years past!  Where are the real Americans who will stand up and be counted?  The members of the House Of Representatives have ample evidence to bring charges many times over; they can refuse funding for the illegal and nefarious schemes which seem to almost daily be entered into the record. Are there not a few good men, a few real Americans, a few American Patriots who are willing to stand up and act with honor and integrity…and do what is best for their country regardless of personal privilege and wealth, or the loss thereof?

Is money that important?  Is the heady power that comes with being in public office all that important? Is it all worth sacrificing your integrity, your self-respect and your character?  Does it not matter that your children and family will be ashamed of you forever?

I read and re-read our Constitution, which is now being shredded and denigrated every day by those who have no respect for our Nation, but think only of themselves and the power and wealth they are building as a part of the future ruling elite.  I think of our Founding Fathers who were PATRIOTS, willing to give all for the sake of their nation.  They gave up their businesses and their very lives to go to Washington to serve and then return home to try to pick up their lives where they left off.  They sacrificed all for their country. They did not receive a fantastic salary, they did not have all the “perks”, they did not receive a huge retirement after voting “present” for a few years.  No, they were PATRIOTS who gave of themselves because it was the right thing to do!

We are hated and detested around the world. I took part in a diplomatic mission some years ago, visiting many different countries where my personal duties involved liaison with local consulates, embassies and offices of foreign government. Classified reports sent to Washington after each visit were always identical:  “They gladly take our money, they welcome the supplies and support, but, they hate the U.S. and all we stand for”. Why do we insist on bankrupting and sacrificing our young American men and women to support dictators and despots?  My great country as I knew it is gone forever! 

We are rapidly descending to 3d world status.  Starting at this very moment it would take 30 to 40 years to even partially regain our former status and stature.  Is the N.W.O. the oil and the money and power really all that important?

I am ashamed of our government today.  I am ashamed of our inept, corrupt, do-nothing Congress. I am ashamed of the illiterate, stupid individuals who keep these people in office only for the easy money and myriad benefits they receive as payment for their support.  I daily think of and pray for the millions of past patriots and heroes who fought for this great Nation, and who so willingly gave up their very lives for what they thought was a just and honorable cause.

I want just ONE member of congress to stand up and reply to the above. I want just ONE member of congress to justify their deplorable, illegal and disgusting actions.

However, I would rather have just a few AMERICAN PATRIOTS, if there are any such to be found in our present congress, to stand up and be counted.  Yes, you will be ostracized and almost definitely not be re-elected… BUT, you will have the enduring respect and admiration of those of us who still love and honor our country, and you will certainly win a place in history with all those great heroes and patriots who have gone before.

Donald Soos is a retired U.S. Navy veteran.  Don enlisted in the Navy during WWII, served during Korea and Vietnam conflicts and retired in 1971.  A small business owner for many years, he recently retired once again and currently resides in Florida

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